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Fri Mar 21 17:06:28 2014 UTClccn-n980695440.10PUBLIC library materials fund and budget survey, 1998-2000 : Library and Information Commission research report 110.350.66Research bulletin /153786675n 980695444786118Eikoku Toshokan Joho IinkaiEikoku Toshokan Joho Iinkai Joho Gijutsu Wakingu GurupuGreat Britain. Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Library and Information CommissionGreat Britain. Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport. Library and Information CommissionGreat Britain Library and Information CommissionLibrary and and Information CommissionLibrary and and Information Commission Great BritainLibrary and Information Commissionエイコク トショカン ジョウホウ イインカイエイコク トショカン ジョウホウ イインカイ ジョウホウ ギジュツ ワーキング グループ英国図書館情報委員会情報技術ワーキンググループcontainsVIAFID/140082510Great Britain. Department for Culture, Media and SportcontainsVIAFID/144677800Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Librarieslccn-n78020580Capital Planning Information Ltdlccn-no98089570Great BritainDepartment for Culture, Media and Sportlccn-nr00030246Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Librarieslccn-n93014825Streatfield, Davidlccn-n83149425British National Bibliography Research Fundnc-reading partnershipReading Partnershipnc-book marketingBook Marketingviaf-291750507Parry, Davidlccn-n98089701Information Northlccn-n85025349Brophy, Peter1950-Great BritainLibrary and Information CommissionPeriodicalsCase studiesCatalogsGreat BritainLibrary information networksPublic librariesPublic libraries--Data processingArchival materials--DigitizationLibrary materials--DigitizationDigital librariesBooks and readingReading interestsCollection management (Libraries)Knowledge managementLibrary cooperationLibraries and people with visual disabilitiesLibraries--Special collectionsPeople with visual disabilities--Services forInformation scienceEngland--West MidlandsFriends of the libraryInformation servicesPublic libraries--Book selectionAcquisitions (Libraries)Library scienceGreat Britain.--Library and Information CommissionVolunteer workers in librariesPublic libraries--EvaluationLibrariesRetrospective conversion (Cataloging)Library materials--Conservation and restorationPublishers and publishingBenchmarking (Management)Reading promotionLibrary surveysCooperative acquisition of library materialsLibrary science--ForecastingLibrarians--AttitudesLibraries and adult educationLibraries--Study and teachingLibrary financeArchivesLibrary catalogs--AutomationAcquisitions (Libraries)--ManagementLibrary employeesInformation services industry--EmployeesHuman engineeringConsortia--ManagementLibrary resources199519971998199920002001200220031775161272025.00285Z674.83.G7ocn185398991ocn186478460713ocn045337126book20000.24Great BritainReading the situation : book reading, buying & borrowing habits in Britain702ocn040716651book19980.37Information NorthVirtually new : creating the digital collection : a review of digitisation projects in local authority libraries and archives : a report to the Library and Information Commission672ocn040714372book19980.23Great BritainBuilding the new library network : a report to government633ocn038474433book19970.47New library : the people's network572ocn042472871book19990.50Skills for knowledge management : building a knowledge economy451ocn040410767book19980.23Great Britain"New library : the people's network" : the Government's response403ocn043880393book20000.25Warren, Geoffrey RFutures together : accessing special collections in West Midlands libraries and related sectors392ocn042641890serial0.66Great BritainResearch bulletinPeriodicals372ocn045307433book20000.50Evans, Margaret KinnellPublic library services for visually impaired people362ocn044397360book19990.23Outsourcing book selection: supplier selection in public libraries : a report to the British National Bibliography Research Fund by CPI Limited362ocn042274578book19990.25Friends of libraries : a report to the Library and Information Commission341ocn044852431book20000.21Volunteers in library and information services : a report to the Library and Information Commission333ocn044562153book20000.24Best value and better performance in libraries325ocn043031296book19990.33Chapman, AnnFull disclosure : releasing the value of library and archive collections : a report to the Pathfinding Group of the British Library, ...[et al.] on a national strategy for the retrospective conversion of library and archive cataloguesCatalogsChristopher Lott presents information on full disclosure as part of his FAQ on investment. The full disclosure rules, also known as regulation FD, were enacted by the U.S. Securities Exchange Committee (SEC). Regulation FD states that publicly held companies must disclose all information that might affect investment decisions to all investors at the same time293ocn056461109book19990.28Pye, JoLibrary purchasing consortia in the UK : activity, benefits and good practice291ocn047984771book20010.27Thebridge, StellaPartnership in promotion : publishers, booksellers and libraries working together to promote reading293ocn044694976book20000.56Bell, NancyBenchmarks in collections care for UK librariesCase studies274ocn042875697book19990.63Goulding, AnneLikely to succeed: attitudes and aptitudes for an effective information profession in the 21st century272ocn060145235book19980.35Great BritainThe role of libraries in a learning society : a report presented to the Library and Information Commission271ocn655247617book19990.10PUBLIC library materials fund and budget survey, 1998-2000 : Library and Information Commission research report 1111ocn426208879serial0.47Great BritainReportPeriodicals11ocn863472556book0.47Great Britain[Miscellaneous publications]Fri Mar 21 15:48:44 EDT 2014batch14752