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Thu Oct 16 18:02:04 2014 UTClccn-n992773120.26Cultural autonomy. frictions and connections /0.621.00On national cultures : literary politics in Canada, the Caribbean and Nigeria, 1952-1970 /61787936n 992773125053050Szeman, ImreSzeman, Imre John LouisSzeman, Imre John Louis 1968-lccn-n78091492Groden, Michaeledtlccn-n83073461Kreiswirth, Martinedtlccn-no00032543Cazdyn, Eric M.viaf-37207801Brown, Nicholas1971-edtlccn-no2008188504Faurschou, Gail1957-edtlccn-no2008188503Mookerjea, Sourayan1961-edtlccn-n79018166Bourdieu, Pierre1930-2002lccn-n00084407Rethmann, Petra1964-edtlccn-n85037029Coleman, William D.(William Donald)1950-lccn-no2010081820Kaposy, TimothyedtcreSzeman, Imre1968-Criticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyHistoryTextbooksBibliographyExhibition catalogsCriticismLiterature--Theory, etcLiteratureCanadaNationalism in literatureDecolonization in literatureCaribbean AreaPostcolonialismPostcolonialism in literatureNationalism and literatureCommonwealth countriesNigeriaCommonwealth literature (English)Culture--PhilosophyGlobalizationGlobalization in literatureManners and customsCivilizationCulture--Study and teachingBourdieu, Pierre,Culture and globalizationPolitics and cultureAutonomyCulturePopular cultureInstallations (Art)English languageEnglish language--Foreign countriesIntercultural communicationLanguage and cultureArt--Social aspectsBiemann, Ursula,Video artSwitzerlandWomen artistsCanadian literatureNigerian literature (English)Caribbean literatureLove storiesRomance fictionUnited StatesPopular literature196819941998199920002001200220032004200520062007200920102011201220132014389926109016.809PN81ocn470087945ocn460523099ocn699621634ocn441775304ocn427500490ocn816872325ocn455870684ocn803794147ocn781009640ocn823850670ocn747697539ocn765217139113114ocn054374476book19940.50The Johns Hopkins guide to literary theory and criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyBibliography"The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism has become the indispensable resource for scholars, students, and others engaged in this central field of intellectual activity in the humanities and social sciences. The long-awaited second edition includes 46 new entries and subentries and has been revised extensively throughout, taking account of ten years of rapidly changing thought and the appearance of important new scholarship."+-+1565336535105510ocn070726428file20030.56Szeman, ImreZones of instability literature, postcolonialism, and the nationHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"In Zones of Instability, Imre Szeman examines the complex relationship between literature and politics by exploring the production of nationalist literature in the former British empire. Taking as his case studies the regions of the British Caribbean, Nigeria, and Canada, Szeman analyzes the work of authors for whom the idea of the "nation" and literature are inexorably entwined, such as Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, C.L.R. James, Frantz Fanon, and V.S. Naipaul. Szeman focuses on literature created in the two decades after World War II, decades in which the future prospects for many newly independent former colonies went from extreme political optimism to often bitter political disappointment. He argues that "nation" can be read as that space in which literature is thought to be able to reunite two things that history has separated - the writer and the people."--Jacket+-+885313653538721ocn676728882book20110.77Cazdyn, Eric MAfter Globalization"In lively and unflinching prose, Eric Cazdyn and Imre Szeman argue that contemporary thought about the world is disabled by a fatal flaw: the inability to think "an after" to globalization. After establishing seven theses (on education, morality, history, future, capitalism, nation, and common sense) that challenge the false promises that sustain this time-limit, After Globalization examines four popular thinkers (Thomas Friedman, Richard Florida, Paul Krugman and Naomi Klein) and how their work is dulled by these promises. Cazdyn and Szeman then speak to students from around the globe who are both unconvinced and uninterested in these promises and who understand the world very differently than the way it is popularly represented. After Globalization argues that a true capacity to think an after to globalization is the very beginning of politics today"--+-+794226059632012ocn042391527book19990.79Brown, NicholasPierre Bourdieu : fieldwork in cultureThe work of Pierre Bourdieu, one of the most influential French intellectuals of the twentieth century, has had an enormous impact on research in fields as diverse as aesthetics, education, anthropology, and sociology. Pierre Bourdieu: Fieldwork in Art, Literature, and Culture is the first collection of essays to focus specifically on the contribution of Bourdieu's thought to the study of cultural production+-+53384129353076ocn291908100book20090.66Mookerjea, SourayanCanadian cultural studies : a reader"Poised between historical and metaphorical empires [(Great Britain and France) and a more recent one (the United States)] and operating within the conditions of incomplete modernity and economic and cultural dependency, Canada has generated a body of cultural criticism and theory, which offers unique insights into the dynamics of both center and periphery. The reader brings together for the first time in one volume recent writing in Canadian cultural studies and work by significant Canadian cultural analysts of the postwar era. [This reader Includes] essays by anglophone, francophone, and First Nations writers."+-+83489877351915ocn775590857book20120.79Groden, MichaelContemporary literary and cultural theory : the Johns Hopkins guideCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyContemporary Literary and Cultural Theory: The Johns Hopkins Guide is a clear, accessible, and detailed overview of the most important thinkers and topics in the field. Written by specialists from across disciplines, its entries cover contemporary theory from Adorno to Žižek, providing an informative and reliable introduction to a vast, challenging area of inquiry. Materials include newly commissioned articles along with essays drawn from The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism, known as the definitive resource for students and scholars of literary theory and for philosophical reflection on literature and culture1895ocn499430809book20100.86Rethmann, PetraCultural autonomy : frictions and connections"Globalization has challenged concepts such as local culture and cultural autonomy. And the rampant commodification of cultural products has challenged the way we define culture itself. Have these developments transformed the relationship between culture and autonomy? Have traditional notions of cultural autonomy been recast? Cultural Autonomy showcases the work of scholars who are exploring new ways of understanding the critical issue of globalization and culture. By defining culture broadly -- as a set of ideas or practices that range from skateboarding to the work of public intellectuals such as Edward Said -- they trace how issues of cultural autonomy have played out in various areas, including the human rights and environmental movements and among indigenous peoples. Although the contributors focus on the marginalized issue of autonomy, they offer a balanced perspective -- one that reveals that globalization has not only limited but also created new forms of cultural autonomy."--Publisher's website+-+840263922517510ocn499078933book20100.66Szeman, ImreCultural theory : an anthology+-+0735360596324805ocn052459041book20030.66O'Brien, SusiePopular culture : a user's guideTextbooks+-+4992829225324201ocn166380503book20060.94Prieto, WilfredoMute : Wilfredo PrietoCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+8923359436111ocn758372579file20100.26Cultural autonomy. frictions and connections81ocn156098607book20020.27Biemann, UrsulaUrsula Biemann : Remote sensing, Writing desire, Performing the borderExhibition catalogs63ocn040769856mix19981.00Szeman, ImreOn national cultures : literary politics in Canada, the Caribbean and Nigeria, 1952-1970Criticism, interpretation, etc21ocn084739810book20051.00Downey, KristinIrony, ideology, and resistance : the amazing double life of Harlequin PresentsCriticism, interpretation, etcWhile the texts in the series manifest standardized outcomes, they also exhibit recurrent patterns of resistance. The serial form of Harlequin Presents dictates that this tension between separate value sets and ideologies is never fully resolved. The appeal of the romance novel must then lie between these competing demands. Each of my chapters examines the ways that this ironic tension functions within a different intellectual space. In considering how the domestic sphere, the body and the nation are overlayed with multiple, contested meanings, this thesis maps out the scope of ideological resistance and adherence throughout Harlequin Presents21ocn170967529visu1.00Experimental juvenaliaSuggs must die!: Chronicles the narrator's intermittently scientific attempts to justify the imminent demise of his noisy, alcoholic, possibly avocado-molesting neighbor21ocn759872575book20100.53Globalization and culture'Globalization and Culture' addresses culture in the form of global communications, global religions, global-local consumption and ideologies of globalism22ocn816993473book20010.47Szeman, ImreLiterature on the periphery of capitalism : brazilian theory, canadian culture21ocn874193611book20100.47Globalization and culture22ocn494512889book20010.84Anglophone literatures and global culture11ocn765217139book20110.47Cazdyn, Eric MAfter globalization : Seven theses after globalization+-+7942260596+-+8853136535+-+8853136535Thu Oct 16 16:00:16 EDT 2014batch17681