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Fri Mar 21 17:13:51 2014 UTClccn-n992797270.23Through the lens : the original 1907 church history photographs of George Edward Anderson /0.571.00Shaping the stones : Lorenzo Snow's letters to priesthood leaders of the London Conference, November 1842 /63344538Andrew_H._Hedgesn 992797275118247lccn-n80126081Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintslccn-n80149776Anderson, Richard Lloydlccn-n79006976Smith, JosephJr1805-1844np-smith, alex dSmith, Alex D.lccn-n91081976Esplin, Ronald K.lccn-n83194396Jessee, Dean C.lccn-nr2002006629Ashurst-McGee, Marklccn-n84216434Jensen, Richard L.lccn-n79043423Bushman, Richard L.lccn-nr92021459Holzapfel, Richard NeitzelHedges, Andrew H.1966-HistoryDiariesSourcesBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcPictorial worksConference proceedingsChurch historyRecords and correspondenceSermonsChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsMormon ChurchSmith, Joseph,--Jr.,PresidentsMormon Church--PresidentsTheology, DoctrinalSnow, Lorenzo,PhotographersUtahPhotographyUnited StatesImprisonmentAnderson, George Edward,Book of MormonBibleChurch history--Primitive and early churchPrivate revelationsMormon Church--DoctrinesDoctrine and CovenantsPennsylvaniaNew York (State)Frontier and pioneer lifeCarlin, Thomas,Smith, Emma HaleUtah--Ogden ValleyEngland--LondonGeographyFuneral sermons1966199920002001200220072008201020113881315289.3092BX8695.S6ocn6990005442511ocn244067492book0.66Smith, JosephJournalsHistoryBiographyDiariesSources+-+2493355206241ocn608687521book20100.37Snow, LorenzoWithin these prison walls : Lorenzo Snow's record book, 1886-1897HistoryDiaries241ocn562780921book20100.23Hedges, Andrew HThrough the lens : the original 1907 church history photographs of George Edward AndersonHistoryPictorial works211ocn043063239book20000.53The disciple as scholar : essays on Scripture and the ancient world in honor of Richard Lloyd AndersonCriticism, interpretation, etc211ocn043296775book20000.37The disciple as witness : essays on Latter-Day Saint history and doctrine in honor of Richard Lloyd AndersonHistory202ocn755704618book20110.27Smith, JosephThe Joseph Smith PapersHistoryBiographyDiariesSourcesThe journals provide background information about Joseph Smith's life and early LDS Church history and form the foundation for the official history of the LDS Church. Among the key events described in this volume are the creation of the Relief Society; the building of the Nauvoo Temple; and revelations on the nature of God, and baptism for the dead. Three letters from his wife Emma are also included. These journals provide insights about the Prophet Joseph's personality, including accounts of him functioning as mayor of Nauvoo, store operator, and general in the Nauvoo legion122ocn227191626book20080.28Sperry SymposiumThe Doctrine and Covenants : revelations in context : the 37th annual Brigham Young University Sidney B. Sperry SymposiumCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsAcceptance of the Lord -- Discoveries from the Joseph Smith papers project : the early manuscripts -- One continuous flow : revelations surrounding the "new translation" -- The Joseph Smith revelations and the crisis of early American spirituality -- John the beloved in Latter-Day scripture (D&C 7) -- "All things are the Lord's" : the law of consecration in the doctrine and covenants -- "The laws of the church of Christ" (D&C 42): a textual and historical -- Analysis -- Joseph Smith, Emanuel Swedenborg, and section 76 : importance of the Bible in Latter-Day -- Universalism and the revelations of Joseph Smith -- Redemption's grand design for both the living and the dead101ocn052078417file20020.73Regional studies in Latter-day Saint Church historyHistoryChurch history11ocn857287214art20011.00Hedges, Andrew HWhen men and mountains met : pioneer life in Utah's Ogden valleyHistory11ocn368029473art20071.00Hedges, Andrew HBook of Mormon geography in the world of Joseph Smith11ocn233530210book1.00Cannon, Donald QWords of comfort : funeral sermons of the prophet Joseph SmithCriticism, interpretation, etcSermons11ocn367943793art20081.00Hedges, Andrew HThe lady and the governor : Emma Hale Smith's and Thomas Carlin's 1842 correspondenceRecords and correspondence11ocn367576528art19991.00Hedges, Andrew HShaping the stones : Lorenzo Snow's letters to priesthood leaders of the London Conference, November 1842HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+2493355206+-+2493355206Fri Mar 21 15:52:19 EDT 2014batch9132