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Fri Mar 21 17:12:00 2014 UTClccn-n990562560.00A short guide to college writing0.520.53A short guide to college writing /33792929n 990562565043102lccn-n80036725Barnet, Sylvanlccn-n50010545Stubbs, Marcianp-stubbs, marciaStubbs, MarciaBellanca, PatHandbooks, manuals, etcReport writingEnglish language--RhetoricCollege readers200020022005200720082009201020112013566418808.042PE140848113ocn054752792book20020.53Barnet, SylvanA short guide to college writingHandbooks, manuals, etc"Engagingly written by a well-known team of authors, A Short Guide to College Writing is a clear, graceful, authoritative brief rhetoric focused on academic writing. Students can turn to this book for guidance about matters large and small-choosing a topic, writing an analysis, constructing a paragraph, using and documenting sources, punctuating a quotation, and much more. A Short Guide to College Writing covers the writing process from beginning to end, including drafting, revising, editing, and preparing final copy. Students will learn the essential skills for effective college writing-skills they will need not only for first-year composition courses, but also for responding to any college-level writing assignment. A new chapter guides students in writing essay examinations. Book jacket."--BOOK JACKET+-+3419776785812ocn042049188book20000.47Barnet, SylvanThe practical guide to writing : with readings and handbookHandbooks, manuals, etc+-+464875678522ocn061109302rcrd2005Barnet, SylvanA short guide to college writingHandbooks, manuals, etc[This book] offers students practical advice on writing successful college essays from the beginning of the process to the end. The student can turn to this book for advice about choosing a topic, developing a thesis, constructing a paragraph, documenting a source, using a semicolon. The instructor can suggest chapters or passages that the student should consult in generating ideas, revising a draft, editing a revision, or preparing final copy.... The book will be useful not only to students in first-year composition courses but also to those in writing-intensive and writing-across-the-curriculum courses that focus on a particular academic topic. -Pref21ocn444925745book2000Barnet, SylvanThe practical guide to writing : with reading and handbook+-+4648756785+-+3419776785+-+3419776785Fri Mar 21 15:15:54 EDT 2014batch4128