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Fri Mar 21 17:08:27 2014 UTClccn-nb20020175550.00Softwarové projekty : jak dodat kvalitní softwarový produkt včas /0.580.73Software for your head : core protocols for creating and maintaining shared vision /266198635nb20020175555687931Mac Carthy JimMacCarthy JimMc Carthy JimMcCarthy, James M., 1951-マッカーシー, ジムlccn-no99002277McCarthy, Michelenp-su, feiran蘇斐然lccn-nb2002017899McCarthy, Michele1967-np-xue, yixing薛義興np-mai ka xi$mccarthy jim麥卡錫(McCarthy, Jim)np-mai ke kai se$mccarthy jim麥克凱瑟(McCarthy, Jim)lccn-n2002040869Mourier, Gillesnp-cant, tonyCant, Tonylccn-n98100018McCarthy, Michellenp-mahony, brendan patrickMahony, Brendan PatrickMcCarthy, Jim1951-Handbooks, manuals, etcComputer software--DevelopmentComputer software--Development--ManagementTeams in the workplaceGroup problem solvingSystem designComputer software--Human factorsComputer programmersComputer programming--Management195119951997199819992000200120022003200620116861342005.1068QA76.76.D4744613ocn032746505book19950.56McCarthy, JimDynamics of software development"McCarthy has distilled a veteran's hard-won know-how into 54 memorable, pragmatic maxims - short essays on defining, building, shipping, and marketing software successfully, whether commercially or in-house. With a grown-up wit that's by turns homespun and sophisticated, McCarthy tells you how to maintain your cool ("Don't Flip the Bozo Bit"), organize a crack team ("Get Their Heads into the Game"), analyze the customer and the competition ("Alone? A Market Without a Competitor Ain't"), handle uncertainty and schedule slips ("When You Slip, Don't Fall"), make commitments with integrity ("Be like the Doctors"), and stabilize the product so that you can ship it ("Don't Shake the Jell-O"). McCarthy shows you how to develop a marketing message and how to launch your product too, and in the appendix, he tells you how to hire smart people and keep them happy and productive." "Along the way, McCarthy meditates on software aesthetics and familiar software development phenomena - the "death march to Egghead," burn-out, internecine quarrels, being lost in software, the software dream and successive awakenings, the self-critical customer. McCarthy's preoccupation with the dynamics of the process infected his brother, artist Patrick McCarthy, with a sense of the "rich, deep, psychocultural extravaganza" that is software development, and themes both humorous and dark emerge in the handsome illustrations for the book." "You'll find Dynamics of Software Development as engrossing and exciting as software development itself. This book is destined to be read by software designers, developers, marketers, technical managers, and industry insiders for many years to come."--BOOK JACKET+-+387306100618210ocn047216432book20010.73McCarthy, JimSoftware for your head : core protocols for creating and maintaining shared vision+-+1109516575163ocn813704819book19990.08McCarthy, JimWei ruan tuan dui cheng gong mi jue132ocn815100453book19970.07McCarthy, JimKan wei ruan de 53 zhao : jie gou Microsoft cheng gong de ce lue104ocn035146269book19950.47McCarthy, Jim54 règles d'or pour un grand logiciel : les maximes du manager de Visual C+++-+387306100661ocn050782438book20030.10McCarthy, JimDynamics of software development+-+180886678553ocn223801733book20020.47Cant, TonyDesign Oriented Verification and Evaluation the DOVE ProjectHandbooks, manuals, etc"DOVE is a graphical tool for modelling and reasoning about state machine designs for critical systems. This report summarizes its technical development, and incorporates the user manual."--Abstract21ocn836420865book20060.47McCarthy, JimDynamics of software development : ["don't flip the Bozo Bit" and 56 more rules for delivering great software on time]+-+346871082521ocn044525949book1999McCarthy, JimSoftwarové projekty : jak dodat kvalitní softwarový produkt včas11ocn674810982book1997Sofutōea kaihatsu no dainamizumu11ocn761163048book20110.47McCarthy, JimRuan jian yan fa zhi dao = Dynamics of software development : wei ruan kai fa tuan dui de jing yan fa ze11ocn224887105visu20030.47McCarthy, Jim21 rules of thumbThe Original Classic from Jim McCarthy's 1995 speech on video. Witty aphorisms, useful knowledge, sage advice, funny stories...bizzarre truths about web and other software developers, teams, going dark, and more. Most importantly, re- connect with your passion, rediscover why you got into this in the first place, by listening to this inspiring talk11ocn634567824book19950.47Software engineering classics : best practices for building great software teams+-+6240510825+-+3873061006+-+3873061006Fri Mar 21 15:56:45 EDT 2014batch8513