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Fri Mar 21 17:03:35 2014 UTClccn-nb20060185020.00South Africa : Communist Party education pack0.610.92Rhodesia : a communist view123410124nb20060185027027044CPB (Communist Party of Britain)containsVIAFID/126699303Communist Party of Great Britainlccn-n50036747Mosley, Oswald1896-1980lccn-n78089033Thompson, E. P.(Edward Palmer)1924-1993lccn-n79018534Labour Party (Great Britain)lccn-no91000398Gallacher, William1881-1965lccn-nb2007003901University of StrathclydeCentre for Digital Library Researchnp-coyle, kennyCoyle, Kennylccn-n93075143Davis, Mary1947-lccn-n85382433Wheeldon, Alicelccn-nr89005307Griffiths, Robertlccn-n88204101Foster, John1940-Communist Party of BritainHistoryConference proceedingsPolitical platformsGreat BritainFascismMosley, Oswald,ScotlandPolitical scienceLabour Party (Great Britain)Communist Party of BritainLabor unionsSocialismLabor movementStrikes and lockoutsDemocracyWomen and communismZimbabweEconomic policyWomen--EmploymentDocksElectionsEqual pay for equal workWomen--Social conditionsWorking class womenWheeldon, AliceWage-price policyShipbuilding industry--EmployeesAutomobile industry workers--Labor unionsForeign workers, ChineseEnglandChain industryApartheidEngland--LondonSex discrimination in employmentProtest movementsConscientious objectionSouth AfricaWorld War (1914-1918)Laundry workersStevedoresWomen--Legal status, laws, etcHarborsLabor unions and communismStrikes and lockouts--Automobile industry and tradeWaterfrontsHours of laborEngland--Black CountryConscientious objectorsWorking classMacArthur, Mary R.--(Mary Reid),Trials (Conspiracy)Gallacher, William,Communist Party of Great Britain1946194719551957197119741988199020022003200520072010201120122013432831305.4HX15161ocn013162812book19470.81Thompson, E. PFascist threat to Britain31ocn500719585book19710.92Rhodesia : a communist view22ocn436973964com20020.47Communist Party of BritainPolitical platformsWebsite includes constituency results and literature, regional results and literature, general party election literature21ocn500314083book19570.47Amendments to the British road to socialism : submitted by party branches and district committees in connection with the twenty-fifth (special) CongressConference proceedings21ocn793079957book20120.47Coyle, KennyAsia : imperialism and resistance11ocn830816235book20120.47Stevenson, GrahamThe Pentonville 5 : dockers in action, solidarity, and the anti-union laws11ocn828239928book19740.47Why the crisis : Walk in-talk in, 1.00 to 3.30pm, 26th January 1974, Feltham Assembly Hall11ocn858123579book20130.47Equal pay for equal work : 1968 Dagenham Ford machinists strike and beyondHistory11ocn778856828book19900.92Davis, MaryWomen and class11ocn858123732book20130.47The Alice Wheeldon affair of 1917 : "Keep the flag flying and when we lose our madness we will meet again ..."History12ocn858123611book20120.47"Rouse, ye women" : the Cradley Heath chain makersHistoryThe battle for a fair wage, culminating in a ten week strike, by the Cradley Heath chain makers and the role of Mary MacArthur, leader of the National Federation of Women Workers11ocn858123657book20120.47Griffiths, Robert HowellCardiff cigar workers and the 'feminine strike' of 1911Robert Griffiths examines the leading role that women would assume in Cardiff as part of the wave of strikes that took place in 1911, involving the docks, launderies and cigar-making companies11ocn797011966book20120.47Alternative economic strategy : London11ocn613874736book20100.47Communist Party of BritainBritain for the people not the bankers : make the fat cats pay! : Communist Party 2010 general election manifesto11ocn500537736bookSouth Africa : Communist Party education pack11ocn779116885book19880.47Davis, MaryEqual pay for work of equal value : a Communist Party of Britain briefing paper11ocn858123747book20120.47Foster, JohnThe 1971-72 UCS work-in revisited : how Clydeside's workers defeated a Tory government11ocn476401425serialCommunist Review : theoretical and discussion journal of the Communist Party of Britain11ocn500303797book1946Pollitt, HarryWhy labour needs communists01ocn437090653book2005Miscellaneous ephemera produced by candidates in Scottish constituencies for the general election on 5th May 2005Political platforms42ocn074814382book19550.47Gallacher, WilliamKe lai de qi yi01ocn769191300book2003Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party election manifesto 2011Political platforms01ocn316656621book2003Communist Party of BritainPeace, democracy and socialism : Communist Party manifesto for the Scottish parliament 2003Political platforms01ocn773365747book2011Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party ephemera produced for the Scottish parliamentary election on 5th May 2011Political platforms01ocn315671120book1988Communist Party of BritainScotland : the fight back01ocn756593474book2010Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party of Britain ephemera produced for candidates in Scottish constituencies for the general election on 6th May 2010Political platforms01ocn445332977book2007Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party of Britain ephemera for the Scottish parliamentary election on 3rd May 2007Political platformsFri Mar 21 15:47:06 EDT 2014batch12016