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Fri Mar 21 17:08:50 2014 UTClccn-nb980829870.00The story of Knole and the Sackvilles /0.180.47Lebensalltag im alten Rom /26558095Robert_Sackville-West,_7th_Baron_Sackvillenb 980829874841545Sackville-West, RobertWest, Robert Sackvillelccn-sh93004880Sackville familync-knole sevenoaks englandKnole (Sevenoaks, England)lccn-nb98082972Rickaby, Mandienp-walker, richardWalker, Richardlccn-n78074852Healey, Timlccn-n79100350Reader's Digest Associationviaf-162924394Reader's Digest (Australia)nc-knole sevenoakes englandKnole (Sevenoakes, England)lccn-no97005559Douglas-Cooper, Helenedtlccn-n88041825Mason, AntonySackville-West, RobertHistoryBiographyGenealogyGuidebooksSackville familyAristocracy (Social class)History, ModernKnole (Sevenoaks, England)England--SevenoaksEnglandEngland--KentDiscoveries in scienceTechnological innovationsInventionsCold War (1945-1989)Reconstruction (1939-1951)Political scienceAsiaEuropeTwentieth centuryAdventure and adventurersManners and customsCivilizationRome (Empire)EngineeringArchitectureExplorersDiscoveries in geographyItaly--RomeCountry homes19581996199719981999200020062010201120148651227909.821DA690.K7ocn86185089057810ocn503596154book20100.19Sackville-West, RobertInheritance : the story of Knole and the SackvillesHistoryBiographyGenealogySince its purchase in 1604 by Thomas Sackville, first Earl of Dorset, the house at Knole, Kent, has been inhabited by thirteen generations of the aristocratic Sackville family. Now owned by the National Trust, Knole is today visited by thousands annually. Here, drawing on a wealth of unpublished letters, archives, and images, the current incumbent of the seat, Robert Sackville-West, paints a vivid and intimate portrait of the vast, labyrinthine house and the relationships his colorful ancestors formed within it. It's a drama in which the house itself is a principal character, its fortunes often mirroring those of the family. Every detail holds a story: the portraits, and all the items the subjects of those portraits left behind, point to pivotal moments in history; all the rooms, and the objects that fill them, are freighted with an emotional significance handed down from generation to generation.--From publisher description+-+3654227535891ocn040179790book19970.14Inventions that changed the worldHistory+-+6407791275324523ocn059386004book19990.16Healey, TimThe last adventureHistory+-+8838791275324371ocn041959530book19990.14Mason, AntonyForging the modern age, 1900-14A brief illustrated history of the first decade of the 20th Century+-+0818791275324342ocn043339192book19990.14Hosie, RobinBrave new world 1945-70+-+2038791275324241ocn222223255book19990.17Healey, Tim70 wonders of the modern worldHistory152ocn221835178book19960.17West, Robert SackvilleLife in ancient RomeHistory113ocn150375884book19980.28Sackville-West, RobertKnole, KentGuidebooks91ocn222525138book20000.10Mason, AntonyForging the modern age71ocn851988380book2010Sackville-West, RobertThe story of Knole and the SackvillesSince its purchase in 1604 by Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset, the house at Knole, Kent, has been inhabited by thirteen generations of a single aristocratic family, the Sackvilles. In this book, the author paints an intimate portrait of the vast, labyrinthine house and the close relationships his colourful ancestors formed with it+-+238853359632471ocn075816758book19960.47West, Robert SackvilleLebensalltag im alten Rom21ocn870425634book2014Sackville-West, RobertThe disinherited : a story of family, love and betrayal+-+3654227535+-+3654227535Fri Mar 21 15:14:10 EDT 2014batch7862