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Fri Mar 21 17:11:04 2014 UTClccn-nb980927010.00Tecniche d' insegnamento nella formazione dei medici a Bologna nel 14. secolo: due questioni disputate di Mondino de' Luzzi da Bologna /0.481.00La conoscenza del cuore : le origini della cardiologia all'Università di Bologna /38869330nb 98092701viaf-134213717AustraliaNational Office of Overseas Skills Recognitionlccn-n89646701AustraliaDepartment of Employment, Education, and Trainingnc-australian heritage projectsAustralian Heritage Projectslccn-nr88003519International Development Program of Australian Universities and Collegeslccn-n80095827Alderotti, Taddeo1223-1295lccn-n96064769Pasini, Gian Francoviaf-93866168Stombuco, Andrea1821-1907lccn-n88091089Mondino dei Luzzi-1326np-pasini, gian francoPasini, Gian Franconp-cavazza, albertinaCavazza, AlbertinaGiorgi, Piero P.1941-HistorySourcesCross-cultural studiesPeriodicalsConference proceedingsEducationDegrees, Academic--EvaluationItalyMedicine, MedievalSwitzerlandItaly--BolognaTherapeuticsQueensland--BrisbaneArchitectureAnatomyViolenceCatholic ChurchFasts and feastsFasts and feasts--Catholic ChurchUniversità di BolognaFertilityBiologyAustraliaNervous system198219921993199419951996199719981999200020012003200720081411926370.945LA792ocn311898192ocn313052567321ocn037069718book19920.33Italy : a comparative study281ocn037068946book19920.35Switzerland : a comparative study171ocn039081794book19970.97Alderotti, TaddeoConsiliaSources151ocn042767514book19980.47Giorgi, Piero PStombuco : the building of Brisbane in the 19th centuryHistory154ocn030718888book19920.70Mondino dei LuzziAnothomia di Mondino de' Liuzzi da Bologna, XIV secolo52ocn223247031book19990.47Giorgi, Piero PThe origins of violence by cultural evolutionCross-cultural studies53ocn499332403book19970.23ThaddaeusConsilia di Taddeo Alderotti, XIII secolo42ocn062545525book20030.47Giorgi, Piero PIl filo di seta41ocn849009872art1994Giorgi, Piero PTecniche d' insegnamento nella formazione dei medici a Bologna nel 14. secolo: due questioni disputate di Mondino de' Luzzi da Bologna31ocn223163491book20000.47Girola, StefanoI tre santi : fede storia tradizione dalla Sicilia al QueenslandHistoryThe three saints Alfio, Filadelfo and Cirino have been venerated at feasts in Sicily since the 3rd century A.D., and, since 1950, in the town of Silkwood in North Queensland. In 1949 three statues of the Saints were transported from Sant'Alfio in Catania to Silkwood. Since then, a festival attended by the large North Queensland Sicilian community has taken place. This book considers the fifty-year history of Silkwood's 'Festa dei Tre Santi'31ocn050875642book20001.00Puddu, PaoloLa conoscenza del cuore : le origini della cardiologia all'Università di Bologna21ocn221865566book19950.47Biology and education in Australia : proceedings of a symposium held at Sydney University 24-25 September 199421ocn222010760book19960.47Problems with fertility : biology, ethics and the law, proceedings of a symposium held at the University of Queensland Brisbane, 23 September 1995PeriodicalsConference proceedings11ocn716179431book1992Mondino dei LuzziAnathomia11ocn223055110book19980.47Giorgi, Piero PFunctional neuroanatomy lecture notes11ocn860219571book19920.81Mondino dei LuzziAnothomia11ocn037087318visu19920.47An historical introduction to anatomyHistoryDr Giorgi discusses the landmark conceptual and technical advancements which have developed the modern understanding of anatomy. These include: the Greek legacy; contribution of Da Vinci; intervention of the microscope; the reductionist vs. the holistic view of science11ocn718198779art1982Giorgi, Piero PCellular DNA content in different species of Xenopus11ocn652657629book20080.47Giorgi, Piero PLa violenza inevitabile : una menzogna moderna : le origini culturali della violenza e della guerraCross-cultural studiesFri Mar 21 16:11:39 EDT 2014batch8615