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Fri Mar 21 17:12:43 2014 UTClccn-nb990445810.00Les evenements : mai - juin 19680.160.86The right spin58576196Michael_Foalenb 990445815545604lccn-n96054812Mir (Space station)lccn-nb99044580Foale, Colinlccn-no97001097National Geographic Televisionnp-dilworth, timDilworth, Timlccn-n79042179National Geographic Society (U.S.)lccn-n00120778Newsweek Productionslccn-no2002084571Rubin Tarrant Productions (Firm)lccn-no99044293Pengra, Mikenp-rubin, johnRubin, Johnnc-british broadcasting corporationBritish Broadcasting CorporationFoale, Michael1957-HistoryMir (Space station)Foale, Michael,AstronautsSpace flightsExploration of Mars (Planet)Exploration of outer spaceDiscoveries in geography--International cooperationOuter spaceMars (Planet)Space vehicle accidentsLinenger, Jerry MRussian Space AgencyScience television programsUnited States.--National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationWest Indies--British West IndiesSugar tradeSpace flightIsrael-Arab Border Conflicts (1949-)Middle East--PalestineForced laborFarms, SmallPlantationsEconomic historyWest IndiesZimbabwePolitical sciencePalestinian ArabsArab-Israeli conflictSlaveryAerodynamics--MathematicsInertia (Mechanics)Jewish-Arab relationsSpace stationsCorporation secretariesOffice practice--AutomationChemistry, OrganicWord processing--Equipment and suppliesSecretariesAutomation--Social aspectsOrganic compoundsGreat BritainSpectrum analysis195719801982198619891992199819992000200520105251016629.4354TL799 .M3ocn062523677ocn2201606571832ocn044800612visu20000.10Destination spaceA look at humanity's quest to conquer space, from heroic space pioneers to modern-day cliff-hanger missions961ocn040648306visu19980.18Terror in spaceExposes the dangers and near disasters aboard the Russian space station Mir in 1997. Includes interviews with U.S. astronauts Jerry Linenger and Michael Foale61ocn062523677visu20050.86The right spinIn 1997 Michael Foale was the American astronaut on board the Russian space station Mir at the time of a failed docking attempt with an unmanned Progress supply ship. The supply ship collided with Mir, punching a hole in one of the modules of Mir, damaging a number of the solar panels, and inducing a tumbling motion that prevented the remaining solar panels from pointing toward the sun. Michael Foale provides his personal account of the experience, and explains the mathematical methods involved in rescuing Mir from what would almost certainly have been its demise had they been forced to evacuate and leave it tumbling without power until it burned up re-entering the earth's atmosphere33ocn802717066visu19800.47Sweet smell of successSummary: Program shows the analysis of a complex organic mixture by professional chemical problem-solvers at the Physico-Chemical Measurements Unit at Harwell. The mixture is separated using gas chromatography21ocn830743140visu1989Les evenements : mai - juin 196811ocn081724036visu19920.70Courage along the divideHistoryA documentary on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict over the occupied territories and the courageous struggle of some individuals on both sides to peacefully resolve the problem11ocn220160657visu1980Men, machines and the secretaryLooks at the introduction of the word processor into business organisations and how it has changed the role of the secretary. At the London headquarters of Texaco, a multi-national oil company, the introduction of word processors has demanded a major re-organisation of the company's use of secretaries11ocn802856424visu0.47La Dolça flaire de l'èxitExplica com els laboratoris d'anàlisi identifiquen els prod uctes o mescles de productes mitjançant tècniques com l'espectroscòpia d'infraroig, la ressonància magnètica nucle a r, etc01ocn078788356visu19860.73Leaving home for sugarHistoryDiscusses the British involvement in the sugar trade in the Caribbean and the Triangle Limited sugar mill2324ocn041388570book19990.17Foale, ColinWaystation to the stars : the story of Mir, Michael and meBiography"Gripping account of a real-life space adventure, Colin Foale has painted a moving portrait of courage in the most hostile environment imaginable. Through Michael's early interest in space, family tragedy, NASA selection and training, this is Michael's extraordinary story as told by the one man who knows him best. Waystation to the Stars is the only account of the Mir crisis to give the truth behind the headlines". -- Jacket+-+9538272925+-+9538272925Fri Mar 21 15:39:35 EDT 2014batch8329