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Savile, Steve

Works: 126 works in 226 publications in 6 languages and 3,500 library holdings
Genres: Fiction  Fantasy fiction  Science fiction  Detective and mystery fiction  Short stories  Urban fiction  Criticism, interpretation, etc  Suspense fiction  Adventure stories 
Roles: Author, Editor, Creator
Classifications: PR6119.A95, 823.92
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Most widely held works by Steve Savile
Glass town by Steve Savile( Book )

3 editions published in 2017 in English and held by 281 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"In 1924, two brothers both loved Eleanor Raines, a promising young actress from the East End of London. She disappeared during the filming of Alfred Hitchcock's debut, Number 13, which itself is now lost. It was the crime of the age, capturing the imagination of the city: the beautiful actress never seen again, and the gangster who disappeared the same day. Generations have passed. Everyone involved is long dead. But even now their dark, twisted secret threatens to tear the city apart. Joshua Raines is about to enter a world of macabre beauty, of glittering celluloid and the silver screen, of illusion and deception, of impossibly old gangsters and the fiendish creatures they command, and most frighteningly of all, of genuine magic." --
Elemental : the Tsunami relief anthology : stories of science fiction and fantasy( Book )

3 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 260 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"A collection of more than twenty original tales donated in support of the Save The Children Tsunami Relief Fund."--NoveList
Urban allies : ten brand-new collaborative stories by Joseph Nassise( Book )

2 editions published in 2016 in English and held by 256 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

These collaborative stories unite two beloved characters from two different urban fantasy series in each of ten electrifying new stories
Sunfail by Steve Savile( Book )

4 editions published in 2015 in English and held by 234 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Former Special Forces agent, Jake Carter now works for NYC Subway as an electrician. When he sees a few men spraying graffiti on the subway walls, he discovers they aren't tags, but a secret, lost language inciting violence and destruction on an epic scale
H.N.I.C. : an infamous novella by Prodigy( Book )

5 editions published in 2013 in English and held by 144 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Pappy tries to break out of the game before the head of his crew, Black, gets them all killed. Against his better judgment Pappy agrees to do one last job, but only because it's the price of his freedom. He knows Black can't be trusted. He knows his "brother" would rather see him dead than let him walk away. Yet he still agrees to do the job because Black isn't the only one who can't be trusted. Sometimes you have to kill for what you want
Fantastic TV : 50 years of cult fantasy and science fiction by Steve Savile( Book )

5 editions published between 2008 and 2010 in English and held by 132 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Fantastic TV celebrates five decades of sci-fi and fantasy television - the cult shows that have defined popular culture. Featuring interviews with the writers and originators of the many series covered, along with the historical context of their creations, this book offers insight into a truly beloved genre of home entertainment
Vampire wars by Steve Savile( Book )

4 editions published between 2008 and 2018 in English and held by 83 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The von Carsteins were the most infamous bloodline of vampires to ever stalk the Warhammer Old World. Their very names - Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred - were whispered in fear by the people of the Empire, conjuring up images of doom death and destruction. Includes the von Carstein trilogy and two further stories
Primeval by Steve Savile( Book )

4 editions published between 2008 and 2011 in English and held by 77 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"When strange anomalies in time start to appear Professor Cutter and his team have to help track down and capture a multitude of dangerous prehistoric creatures from Earth's distant past... Primeval is ITV's stunning new prime-time drama series. A heady mixture of action and adventure, the crew are forced to confront terrifying creatures from the past and the future with gripping consequences. Get ready for a thrilling prehistoric ride!In this brand new original never-seen-on-TV Primeval adventure Cutter, Stephen, Abbie, Connor and the rest of the team have a bigger challenge on their hands than they could have possibly imagined..."--Publisher's description
Parallel lines : a novel by Steve Savile( Book )

3 editions published in 2017 in English and held by 75 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"How far would you go to provide for your child? Adam Shaw is dying, and knows he’ll leave his disabled son with nothing. His solution? Rob a bank. It’s no surprise that things go wrong. What is surprising is that when another customer is accidentally shot, no one in the bank is in a hurry to hand Adam over to the police. There’s the manager who’s desperate to avoid an audit, the security guard with a serious grudge against the dead man, and the woman who knows exactly how bad the victim really was... Eight people, twelve hours, one chance to cover up a murder. But it’s not just the police they have to fool. When many lives intersect, the results can be explosive."--
Silver by Steve Savile( Book )

10 editions published between 2010 and 2017 in 5 languages and held by 73 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Almost two thousand years ago the silver shekels Judas was paid were re-forged as a dagger. When Masada fell the dagger of Iscariot and the truth of his sacrifice were lost. Now, a cult calling itself the Disciples of Judas has risen in the Middle East. In cities across Europe thirteen people martyr themselves in the name of Judas, promising forty days and forty nights of terror. Day by day the West wakes to harrowing acts of terror. As fear cripples the capitals of Europe, it is a race against time, as it is believed the terrorists intend to assassinate the Pope to bring down the Catholic Church. Sir Charles Wyndham's team of combat specialists, codename Ogmios, track a labyrinthine course from the backstreets of London ... and into the heart of the Holy See itself
Curse of the necrarch by Steve Savile( Book )

4 editions published in 2008 in English and held by 62 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Murder at Sorrow's Crown by Steve Savile( Book )

3 editions published in 2016 in English and held by 59 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A frantic mother comes to Sherlock Holmes begging him to find her son, a navy officer who has not returned from the war in South Africa. He has been labeled a deserter, yet she is sure he would never abandon his men. Holmes and Watson begin their own inquiries, but encounter resistance from the establishment, and an attempt is made on Holmes life. So begins a tale of intrigue and empire, as Holmes and Watson uncover a conspiracy that goes far beyond one missing sailor
Sunfail by Steve Savile( )

9 editions published between 2015 and 2017 in English and held by 50 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Dogs howl in the streets, running wild. Birds fall from the sky, dead. Even the sun itself is failing. Nothing about the world is as it was. Nothing can be trusted. Even the power is out. Everywhere. In everything. Evangelists stand on street corners asking if you've made your peace with god, because this is the end, isn't it' All of the portents point to it. Our time is up. We are living in the middle of an extinction event. People are frightened. And it's only going to get worse. As darkness descends, all hell breaks loose. Terrorists strike hard and fast, taking out the army base at Fort Hamilton, leaving the island of Manhattan vulnerable. There's talk of an attack on the bridges and tunnels to isolate the island. No one is safe. No one knows what is happening. Jake Quinn is an NYC subway electrician. In another life he was Special Forces. Now he finds himself dragged into a world of conspiracy and danger by a woman he hasn't spoken to in over a decade. Sandra Keane, his ex-girlfriend, is one of the few that knows what is going on. She has just turned against her paymasters, and now she's running for her life through the streets of Paris with nowhere left to hide. As he emerges from beneath the city, Quinn finds two young men spraying graffiti across the subway station walls. These marks aren't gang tags or band names, they are a message, a call to arms spelled out in a lost language. The Hidden are communicating with each other. Voices in a packed Times Square cry out: "Where are the warriors?" It is just one of the questions that haunts Jake Quinn as he is drawn deeper and deeper into a conspiracy hell-bent on bringing about the fall of man for profit. How do you fight an enemy you cannot see? How do you defeat ghosts? How do you stop some of the richest and most powerful men in the world when they own the shadows? And most important of all, how do you stay alive when the world around you is dying?
Elemental : the tsunami relief anthology by Alethea Kontis( Book )

2 editions published between 2006 and 2013 in English and held by 50 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In the winter of 2005, after the horrifying natural disaster of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, Steve Savile and Alethea Kontis joined forces to raise money to help the distressed survivors and have created Elemental. They solicited SF and fantasy stories, all new and never published elsewhere, from many of the top writers in the genres today, and received immediate responses in the form of the excellent stories here in this book. Elemental has an introduction by Arthur C. Clarke and more than twenty stories by Brian Aldiss, David Drake, Jacqueline Carey, Martha Wells, Larry Niven, Joe Haldeman, Eric Nylund, Sherrilyn Kenyon writing as Kinley MacGregor, and a Dune story by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, and many others. They created in Elemental one of the most important genre anthologies of the year, but more than that: in giving real value for the purchase price, everyone who sells this book can be proud, and everyone who buys it will be richly rewarded for supporting the tsunami relief effort. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied
The black chalice by Steve Savile( Book )

3 editions published in 2011 in English and held by 49 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Son of a knight and aspirant to the Round Table, Alymere yearns to take his place in the world, and for a quest to prove his worth. He comes across the foul Devil's Bible – written in one night by an insane hermit – which leads and drives him, by parts, to seek the unholy Black Chalice. On his quest he will face, and overcome, dire obstacles and cunning enemies, becoming a knight of renown; but the ultimate threat is to his very soul. Malory’s Knights of Albion: The Black Chalice is the start of an exciting new series of never-before-seen Arthurian adventures" -- Publisher description
The power behind the throne by Steve Savile( Book )

3 editions published between 2010 and 2011 in English and held by 38 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

SG-1 are asked by the Tok'ra to rescue a creature known as Mujina. The last of its species, Mujina is devoid of face or form and draws its substance from the needs of those around it. And the Goa'uld Apophis, understanding the potential for havoc Mujina offers, has set his heart on possessing the creature
Black gondolier and other stories by Fritz Leiber( Book )

4 editions published between 2000 and 2014 in English and held by 5 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Announcing a new collection of stories by Fritz Leiber. Assembled here is a selection of Mr. Leiber's best horrific tales, many of which have been virtually unobtainable for decades. From the riveting "Spider Mansion" and "The Phantom Slayer" from Weird Tales to the more recent "Lie Still, Snow White" and "Black Has Its Charms" from rare, small-press magazines, this collection provides an overview of Leiber's fifty-plus years as an acknowledged master of the weird tale. While much of Leiber's seminal science-fiction and fantasy remains in print, his work in the field of supernatural horror has been sadly neglected until now. Edited by John Pelan and Steve Savile
Vogelmanns Schatten by Steve Savile( Book )

6 editions published between 2010 and 2014 in German and English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

My name is Declan Shea. I never thought I was monster. My life changed overnight. I was driving home from a gig when a tramp stepped out in front of my car. I killed him. I know I did. But no one believed me. The medical staff at the hospital insisted he was the result of some sort of hallucination because of trauma sustained during the accident. I tried to convince them otherwise, but the more I protested, the more obvious it became to them that I had damaged more than just my ribs in the crash, so I started to lie to keep them happy. I pretended he wasn't there. But he was. He was everywhere. And he was determined to destroy my life and take away everything I loved in revenge. How do you fight a monster no one else can see? This is what he reduced my life to. I stopped being Declan Shea that night and became someone else entirely. I became a monster. Laughing Boy's Shadow, International bestselling author Steven Savile's debut novel is a document humane charting the descent of an ordinary man into a murky world of ery human monsters, grief and madness as he wrestles to come to terms with who he is and just what he is capable of in the name of love. Published in the U.S., Sweden and recently sold to Germany, this is Laughing Boy's Shadow's first appearance in Savile's native land
London macabre by Steve Savile( Book )

7 editions published between 2012 and 2014 in English and Chinese and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A man walks confidently through the night time streets. He is Nathaniel Seth, one of the Brethren, a shadow society of occult dabblers and black magickers who hide away in the darkest parts of the city, in corners where they could not be seen by polite society. Little did Seth know, that his own life was only hours from ending, his flesh to be taken as host for a daemonic entity clawed all the way out of hell's pit in the centre of the hollow earth because Seth himself breached the Catamine Stair. Now things are afoot. Strange things. The lions of Traflagar have fulfilled their prophecy, climbing down from the plinths around Lord Nelson's column to defend the city. The daemon is out, stalking tender prey through the gaslit streets, meat markets, fish stalls and slaughter houses of Whitechapel. He has a taste for women, though not ordinary women. These women are different. Special. They may look like whores but they have the blood of angels flowing in their veins. If he can kill enough of them, bathing in their innocent blood, then the daemonic Seth believes he can open the ancient Ald Gate--one of the seven great gates of London--the last gate to Eden, and go home, even if it means tearing London herself apart. The gates are guarded by The Seven, bloodsucking angel-kind put there to guard a very special prisoner--a prisoner who cannot be allowed to escape: Satanial--the Devil by another name. Cast down and trapped in a hell on earth, watched over by Uriel, the mad Archangel. Can the men of Greyfriars stop the daemonic Seth from opening the gates and all hell breaking loose? This books should appeal to fans of Clive Barker, Neil Gaimain and China Mieville in its sweeping London Underground, its surreal religious overtones and its dive into The Hollow Earth
Leviathans in the Clouds by David Parish-Whittaker( )

1 edition published in 2013 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

It all seemed so straightforward at first ... Quantity surveying in the rain drenched swamps of Venus. How hard could it be? Endure a bit of rain, dig about where directed and Bob's your uncle. To be sure, there were the local carnivorous lizards the size of houses, occasionally hostile natives and the local German colony, which had never proved particularly reasonable when it came to servants of the Crown digging about in what they clearly felt was their back garden. But by now, that sort of thing was barely more troublesome than setting out an afternoon tea for the good crew of the Esmeralda II. True, some might call a plan a touch problematic if it requires bailing out of an airship in a single-seat experimental glider while a Venusian storm rages. If said plan also involves landing in German-controlled territory in order to meet a marginally sane geologist named Jungle Ned, one might even call the whole affair tricky. But things go from tricky to worse when they arrive at Ned's hideout and find it ransacked and covered with indecipherable symbols. Of Ned there is no sign other than a single hidden note: The gods brought themselves down. Before they discover its meaning, our heroes will find there is more to Venus than just peat bogs and hungry fauna. Forgotten secrets linger in the mists. And sometimes what is forgotten is still very much alive?
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Elemental : the tsunami relief anthology
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