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Colonel Nicholson sees this as a way to restore his men's pride by building the perfect bridge as a tribute to British superiority. The morning the bridge is set to open, Nicholson discovers a British plot to blow up the bridge and scrambles to thwart it, leading to one of the most gripping, nail-biting endings in cinematic history11ocn612890996book19900.47National Water Research Institute (Canada)Influence of trophic status on the behaviour of contaminants in aquatic systems11ocn862933425visu0.47Oliver teistShi jiu shi ji de ying guo, gu er ao li fo yin wei zai gu er yuan yao qiu chi zhou duo yi dian, jie guo bei yuan chang mai dao bin yi guan zhong dang xue tu, bu liao zai guan zhong yu gong ren qi chong tu, bei guan ru di lao. ao li fo you di lao zhong tuo tao, lun luo lun dun jie tou, yu yi qun xiao xiao tou wei wu, zai yi ci tou qie xing dong zhong, ao li fo de tong ban shi feng tao zou, liu xia ao li fo bei wu zhi wei pa shou . xing lai dian dong zhi zheng, dang ting shi fang, bei zao qie de shen shi dai hui jia fu yang. dan pa shou ji tuan wei kong ao li fo xie lou ta men fan zui de gou dang,shi ji yao you guai ta hui lai, ci shi shen shi jing you gu er yuan chu na lai de yi wu zhi dao ao li fo shi ta zhi nu zai wai sheng chan de si sheng zi, sui hui tong jing cha zhi dao pa shou ji tuan de chao xue, jiu chu ao li fo, yu qin ren chong ju11ocn861878794visu19950.47Li enNu da bu zhong liu11ocn812784654visu20000.21Boulle, PierreThe bridge on the River KwaiHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsWar filmsFilm adaptationsWar storiesBritish soldiers captured by the Japanese during World War II are forced to construct a strategic railroad bridge which a commando team is instructed by the British High Command to destroy11ocn794709546file19980.47Hayes, Kalmia JoyThematic integrity in filmic versions of E.M. Forster's novelsFri Mar 21 15:15:55 EDT 2014batch13121