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Fri Mar 21 17:14:52 2014 UTClccn-no000658880.13Alfred Hitchcock classics0.291.00Hearst Metrotone news79172356Anny_Ondrano 000658885289223Ondra, Anny, 1902-1987Ondra, Anny 1903-1987 Frueherer NameOndráková, Anna 1903-1987Ondráková, Anna Sofie, 1902-1987Ondráková, Anna Sophia, 1902-1987Ondráková, Anna Sophia 1903-1987Ondrakova, Anna SophieOndráková, Anna Sophie 1903-1987Ondráková, AnnyOndráková, Anny 1903-1987Schmeling, AnnySchmeling, Anny, 1902-1987Schmeling, Anny, 1903-1987lccn-n79027022Hitchcock, Alfred1899-1980prfadpscedrtausflmlccn-nr99027354Longden, John1900-1971cstprfactlccn-no89016932Levy, Benn W.(Benn Wolfe)1900-1973sceauswamaudviaf-27267267Stannard, Eliotsceauswamlccn-n93052284British International Picturesprolccn-n93052300Wardour Filmslccn-n93052304Maxwell, John1875-1940prolccn-no2003031770Laserlight DVD (Firm)lccn-n85378807Keen, Malcolm1887-1970cstprfactlccn-no95040084Allgood, Sara1883-1950prfactOndra, AnnyDramaFilm adaptationsInterviewsHistorySilent filmsMotion picturesFilm adaptationsMurderBennett, Charles,ExtortionGreat BritainMan-woman relationshipsFilm noirThrillers (Motion pictures)Abused womenRape victimsMotion pictures, BritishCoward, Noel,Motion picturesGreat Britain Miscellaneous Island Dependencies--Isle of ManHitchcock, Alfred,Motion picture producers and directorsIrelandMale friendshipAdulteryFishersCaine, Hall,--Sir,PoorTrials (Murder)BoxingRevengeJudicial errorSwindlers and swindlingLawyersEaster Rising (Ireland : 1916)BetrayalSailorsHomicide investigationEnglandRich peopleFamiliesTriangles (Interpersonal relations)Ireland--DublinBoxers (Sports)Women--Social conditionsCriminal investigationO'Casey, Sean,RapeGuiltManslaughterFathers and daughtersMillionairesBoop, Betty (Fictitious character)England--LondonMurder--InvestigationSelf-defense1902198719281929193019321933193519361937194119511963198119841985198619871989199019921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220131662117256791.4375PN1995.75ocn042887733ocn043101090ocn058552204ocn466464680ocn310781263ocn056073086ocn079652181ocn759929571ocn036216297ocn774054569ocn780740565ocn312124571ocn780623072ocn839318542ocn743029918ocn753601578ocn246101687ocn802440692ocn725775405ocn753582689ocn765237169ocn661645811ocn661645835ocn765237114ocn219991334ocn22069406773558ocn042887733visu19290.28Hitchcock, AlfredBlackmailDramaFilm adaptations[Easy virtue] "After divorcing an abusive husband, an innocent woman makes a valiant effort at beginning her life anew, but she cannot escape the incidents surrounding her past"--Container22730ocn043101090visu19280.32Hitchcock, AlfredThe ManxmanDramaSilent filmsFilm adaptationsMotion picturesAlfred Hitchcock's last silent film about two friends, a lawyer and a fisherman who fall in love with the same woman. She marries one, but she loves the other1051ocn085762837visu20070.27Alfred Hitchcock the early years of the master of suspenseDramaRich and strange: A newly rich couple with marital problems find themselves stranded at sea after being swindled and must rekindle their love to survive the trip home435ocn073265391visu19990.24Blackmail Easy virtueDramaEasy virtue -- "Larita Filton is named as correspondent in a scandalous divorce case. She escapes to France to rebuild her life where she meets John Whittaker. They are later married, but John's well-to-do family finds out Larita's secret."422ocn046379680visu20000.35Juno and the paycockHistoryDramaFilm adaptations[Juno and the paycock] "Set in Dublin during the Irish revolution. The story follows the troubles of a poor family, a lost inheritance, a betrayal that leads to murder, and an out-of-wedlock pregnancy."--Container302ocn612432164visu20060.15Hitchcock favoritesDramaIn The skin game the Hillcrests are blue-blood aristicracy, on the brink of being bought out by a brash tradesman and his family. Just how low will they sink to preserve their place in high society?301ocn171300046visu20070.17Alfred HitchcockDramaYoung & innocent: Robert is the estranged husband of a beautiful actress with a bad reputation. When he discovers her lifeless body on the beach, he is mistaken for the murderer and soon finds himself on the run, learning that the murder makes for very strange bedfellows273ocn124070488visu20070.17The ultimate Hitchcock collectionHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsThe Manxman: Hitchcock's last silent film. Filmed amid the haunting scenery of the Isle of Man, this is the torrid tale of a twisted love triangle gone wrong, of dashed hopes and desperate redemption251ocn057512099visu20020.14Alfred Hitchcock, the lady vanishes & SabotageFive classic movies filmed in the late 1920s and the 1930s, directed by Alfred Hitchcock241ocn316338780visu20070.16Mill Creek EntertainmentAlfred Hitchcock the legend beginsDramaFilm adaptationsDisc 1. The lady vanishes: During a transcontinental train trip in Europe, a young woman is alarmed to discover a passenger has disappeared ; The farmer's wife: (silent) A lonely widowed farmer is looking for a new bride, not realizing the housekeeper helping him with his search is secretly in love with him ; The manxman: (silent) A romantic tale of intrigue involving a love triangle concerning three residents of the Isle of Man ; Alfred Hitchcock presents: the Chaney vase: An elderly woman finds herself a prisoner in her own home ; Alfred Hitchcock presents: the sorcerer's apprentice: A young drifter is befriended by a carnival magician and his beautiful assistant, who don't realize with whom they are involved211ocn061110341visu20030.22Alfred Hitchcock collector's editionFive classic movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock191ocn310781263visu20080.20Alfred Hitchcock classicsDramaPolice detective Frank Webber takes his girlfriend, Alice White, out for the evening. Her secret meeting with another man has disastrous consequences after he attempts to assault her and she kills him in self defense. Frank is assigned to the case. Someone who knows Alice's secret is willing to blackmail her171ocn082144490visu20070.27Alfred Hitchcock. the early years of the master of suspenseDramaFilm adaptationsThe manxman: After mistaken reports of a young sailor's death drive his fiancée into the arms of his best friend, the sailor returns home to face those who betrayed him163ocn490627046visu20120.47Hitchcock, AlfredBlackmail Chantage161ocn056073086visu20030.174 tales of suspense[Young & innocent]: A film actress is murdered by her estranged husband who is jealous of all her young boyfriends. The next day one such boyfriend discovers her body on the beach. He runs to call the police, however, two witnesses think that he is the escaping murderer. He is arrested, but owing to a mix up at the courthouse, he escapes and goes on the run with a police constable's daughter, determined to prove his innocence152ocn759929571visu20110.13Alfred Hitchcock classicsDramaSilent filmsThe farmer's wife: Samuel is a widower whose daughter is now married. He unsuccessfuly searches for a companion. All the while, his sweet housekeeper, Minta, secretly pines for Samuel's affection. It will take elaborate intervention before Samuel comes to his senses. The sorcerer's apprentice: When circus magician Victor Sadini and his wife, Irene, take in Hugo, a runaway, things take a disastrous turn. In an attempt to kill off her husband, Irene tells Hugo that if he kills Victor and takes his wand, he will inherit Victor's magical powers. When the conspiracy unfolds, it's Irene who pays the ultimate price122ocn611031720visu20010.47Blackmail Erpressung1210ocn803844383visu19960.47La muchacha de LondresLondres, 1920. Un detective de Scotland Yard debe investigar el asesinato de un artista, en el que la homicida es su propia novia. Alguien que conoce lo sucedido tratará de chantajear a la pareja111ocn054748373visu20000.28Juno and the paycock ; BlackmailHistoryDramaJuno and the paycock: Set in Dublin during the Irish revolution, the story follows the troubles of a poor family, a lost inheritance, a betrayal that leads to murder, and an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Blackmail: The girlfriend of a Scotland Yard detective kills an artist who has tried to rape her. The detective is assigned to the murder case, unaware that his girlfriend is both the killer and a victim of a blackmailer102ocn061165071visu20020.31Hitchcock, AlfredAlfred HitchcockInterviewsDramaFilm adaptationsCollection of Hitchcock's early British films202ocn049031256book20010.79Friedrich, DorotheaMax Schmeling und Anny Ondra : ein DoppellebenBiography81ocn012245168book19350.88Leip, HansMax und Anny; romantischer Bericht vom Aufstieg zweier Sterne12ocn422958548visu19361.00Hearst Metrotone news"Conqueror of Joe Louis is hailed as national hero and gets biggest reception of his life at Frankfort, Germany"--Hearst synopsis sheet. Long shot of the Hindenburg in the air. Shot of two women, one Anny Ondra, Schmeling's wife, waiting. Long shot of passengers as the Hindenburg descends, one waving his derby out the window. Ondra with binoculars. Long shot of crowd waving. Schmeling, walking toward the camera, talks to Ondra. Car comes toward camera through cheering crowds. Medium shot of Schmeling as flowers and autograph paper are thrust toward him. Pan over cheering crowds. Long shot of Schmeling "on the historic balcony where Kaisers once stood." "Such is fame in the new Reich."Fri Mar 21 15:27:08 EDT 2014batch20803