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Thu Oct 16 17:59:03 2014 UTClccn-no000014400.00Who cares : talking with Anne Pasternak, Creative Time's director, about art and social responsibility /0.401.00Kelly Kaczynski : March 23-May 13, 2006, UB Art Gallery, Center for the Arts /5082137no 000014405132034Nesbett, PeterNesbett Peter 1965-....lccn-n83125290Lawrence, Jacob1917-2000artlccn-n80046110Hills, Patriciaedtctblccn-n00012195DuBois, Michelle1963-edtlccn-n79147476Bellevue Art Museum (Wash.)lccn-no00085294Jacob Lawrence Catalogue Raisonné Projectlccn-no2009130444Bancroft, Shellyedtlccn-no2013083132Triple Candielccn-n98006862Cattelan, Maurizio1960-lccn-no2011019559Pew Center for Arts & Heritagelccn-n79137763Marincola, PaulaedtNesbett, Peter T.CatalogsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsHistoryMiscellaneaInterviewsLawrence, Jacob,African American paintersPaintersUnited StatesAfrican AmericansRevolution (Haiti : 1791-1804)HaitiArt and revolutionsCreation (Literary, artistic, etc.)Art--Vocational guidanceAfrican American artCattelan, Maurizio,Art museum curatorsCuratorshipAfrican American artistsGouache paintingArt, ModernSculpture, ModernWashington (State)--SeattlePhotography, ArtisticInstallations (Art)Shelving for booksCreation196519941995199619982000200120042005200620072008200920102012201337222450759.13N6537.L384ocn863705886ocn468999798ocn469322736ocn469322403ocn804679821ocn799473403113213ocn044493332book20000.29Over the line : the art and life of Jacob LawrenceCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogsEssays by eight distinguished art historians examine the ways in which Jacob Lawrence's art speaks so powerfully to different audiences. An extensive chronology is illustrated with family photos. 261 illustrations+-+30142404756725ocn044502344book20000.29Nesbett, Peter TJacob Lawrence : paintings, drawings, and murals (1935-1999) : a catalogue raisonnéCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogs+-+78142404753245923ocn031256472book19940.47Nesbett, Peter TJacob Lawrence : thirty years of prints (1963-1993) : a catalogue raisonnéHistoryExhibition catalogs5264ocn047679287book20010.39Nesbett, Peter TJacob Lawrence : the complete prints, 1963-2000 : a catalogue raisonnéCatalogs"Beginning with his first published print in 1963, Jacob Lawrence produced a body of prints that is both highly dramatic and intensely personal. This new edition of Jacob Lawrence: Thirty Years of Prints (1963-1993) includes 25 new prints produced by Lawrence since 1993, including 7 from the Toussaint L'Ouverture series. The book includes an essay by Patricia Hills." "In his graphic work, as in his paintings, Lawrence turned to the lessons of history and to his own experience. From depictions of civil rights confrontations to scenes of daily life, these images present a vision of a common struggle toward unity and equality, a universal struggle seated in the depths of the human consciousness."--BOOK JACKET+-+50042404753802ocn045193323book20000.47Nesbett, Peter TThe complete Jacob LawrenceCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogs+-+3014240475881ocn826997384book20120.92Cattelan, MaurizioMaurizio Cattelan is dead : life & work, 1960-2009BiographyExhibition catalogs852ocn062873644book20050.29Lawrence, JacobJacob Lawrence : the complete prints (1963-2000) : a catalogue raisonnéHistoryCatalogsExhibition catalogs+-+1400340475324781ocn863705886book20130.82Pigeons on the grass alas : contemporary curators talk about the fieldInterviews"Gathers together interviews with 41 curators to talk about their influences, aspirations, and challenges, offering a candid assessment of the field at this moment in time."--Publishers website772ocn276332826book20090.90Diaries of a young artistMiscellanea+-+2653182245642ocn040545035book19980.63Nesbett, Peter TJacob Lawrence : the Builders, recent paintingsExhibition catalogs111ocn043211739book19960.77Berardelli, StevenSteven Berardelli and Liz Birkholz : objects of photography : August 22, 1996-March 2, 1997, Seattle Art MuseumExhibition catalogs31ocn170936529book20061.00Kaczynski, KellyKelly Kaczynski : March 23-May 13, 2006, UB Art Gallery, Center for the ArtsExhibition catalogs22ocn804679821book20100.47Cartas a un joven artista21ocn864394939book20130.86Cattelan, MaurizioMaurizio Cattelan is dead. Life & work, 1960-2009Exhibition catalogsMaurizio Cattelan is dead: Life & work, 1960-2009" is the first retrospective of the Italian artist's work. A year later, the exhibition was installed at Deste in Athens. The wall texts were based on information gleaned by Triple Candie during their research and included intentionally re-reported errors from the original sources, uncorrected. By presenting that which becomes lost in the disconnect between artist and admirer, curator and critic, through the process of retelling and circulating information, the exhibitions, in Harlem and Athens - and now the book - ask the public to examine how one's own perceptions are influenced by the mediums through which we view artwork. The book intends to question narrative reliability.0Exhibition: Triple Candie Gallery, NYC, USA (2009); Deste Foundation, Athens, Greece (2010).011ocn887016885art2004Nesbett, Peter TWhat are you looking at? : new art through the eyes of ten professionals11ocn887016866art2004Nesbett, Peter TSharing a passion with the world : Werner Kramarsky11ocn865556831book20130.47Shelf life : an essay and six bookshelf exhibitions11ocn887006842art2006Bancroft, ShellyGetting bookish in Basel : "Art on paper"'s publishers talk with Lionel Bovier and AA Bronson about artist's books at the Basel Art Fair11ocn887006958art2007Nesbett, Peter TWho cares : talking with Anne Pasternak, Creative Time's director, about art and social responsibility11ocn837183055book20080.66Letters to a young artistMiscellanea+-+4553182245+-+3014240475+-+3014240475Thu Oct 16 15:04:48 EDT 2014batch12277