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Advances in enzymology and related areas of molecular biology by F. F Nord( )

41 editions published between 1948 and 1998 in English and held by 5,496 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book is Part A in a subseries entitled "Amino Acid Metabolism". Topics in Part A should be of immediate interest to those who are broadly concerned with amino acid assimilation and metabolism. Investigators interested in enzyme mechanism and regulati
Modeling and simulation in the medical and health sciences by John A Sokolowski( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,537 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This edited book is divided into three parts: Fundamentals of Medical and Health Sciences Modeling and Simulation introduces modeling and simulation in the medical and health sciences; Medical and Health Sciences Models provides the theoretical underpinnings of medical and health sciences modeling; and Modeling and Simulation Applications in Medical and Health Sciences focuses on teaching, training, and research applications. The book begins with a general discussion of modeling and simulation from the modeling and simulation discipline perspective. This discussion grounds the reader in common terminology. It also relates this terminology to concepts found in the medical and health care (MHC) area to help bridge the gap between developers and MHC practitioners. Three distinct modes of modeling and simulation are described: live, constructive, and virtual. The live approach explains the concept of using real (live) people employing real equipment for training purposes. The constructive mode is a means of engaging medical modeling and simulation. In constructive simulation, simulated people and simulated equipment are developed to augment real-world conditions for training or experimentation purposes. The virtual mode is perhaps the most fascinating as virtual operating rooms and synthetic training environments are being produced for practitioners and educators at break-neck speed. In this mode, real people are employing simulated equipment to improve physical skills and decision-making ability. - Publisher
Illicit drugs in the environment : occurrence, analysis, and fate using mass spectrometry by Sara Castiglioni( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,528 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Illicit drugs are an emerging class of environmental contaminants and mass spectrometry is the technique of choice for their analysis. This landmark reference discusses the analytical techniques used to detect illicit drugs in wastewater and surface water, details how to estimate the levels of contaminants in the environment, and explores the behavior, fate, and toxic effects of this new class of contaminants, now a ubiquitous presence in wastewater and surface water. The book details how an estimate of illicit drug consumption in a given population can be developed from an analysis of the res
Platelet proteomics : principles, analysis, and applications by Ángel García( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,524 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The purpose of the book is to introduce platelets, and their functional role in thrombotic and cardiovascular disease, justifying the relevance of platelet proteomics research. Focus then shifts to the recent developments on mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics. This chapter shows potential applications for platelet proteomics not yet carried out. It includes examples of post-translational modifications (PTMs) analysis in platelets. The second part of the book focuses on the main research done so far on platelet proteomics. This includes general proteome mapping by non-gel based separat
Quantitative methods : an introduction for business management by Paolo Brandimarte( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,510 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"This book consists of the following four parts: Motivations and Foundations; Elementary Probability and Statistics; Decision Making Models; and Advanced Statistical Modeling. Part I is introductory, and an initial chapter provides motivation for all of the subsequent chapters by means of simple, but (hopefully) well-thought, toy examples. The following two chapters lay down necessary foundations in calculus and algebra. Part II consists of a classical course in probability and statistics, and the author stresses the use of many examples and counter-examples. Part III addresses decision making since probability and statistics are used to make decisions. Deterministic models, i.e. typical LP models, are introduced, and the emphasis is on modeling rather than computation by the simplex method. Emphasis is also placed on risk aversion and risk measures, and the author illustrates portfolio management as a main motivator. Part IV builds on Part II and discusses a few multivariate analysis models. To help less mathematically inclined readers, each chapter in Part IV contains an initial section that illustrates and motivates each approach without delving into too many details. These readers may wish to skip the remainder of each chapter. The book's companion Web site includes Microsoft Office Excel workbooks to illustrate concepts. In addition, MATLAB files, additional excercises with solutions are provided online"--
An elementary introduction to statistical learning theory by Sanjeev Kulkarni( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,506 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"A joint endeavor from leading researchers in the fields of philosophy and electrical engineering An Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory provides a broad and accessible introduction to rapidly evolving field of statistical pattern recognition and statistical learning theory. Exploring topics that are not often covered in introductory level books on statistical learning theory, including PAC learning, VC dimension, and simplicity, the authors present upper-undergraduate and graduate levels with the basic theory behind contemporary machine learning and uniquely suggest it serves as an excellent framework for philosophical thinking about inductive inference"--Back cover
An introduction to computational fluid mechanics by example by Sedat Biringen( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,479 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The proposed book will be a revision and update of the textbook entitled: "An Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics" by C.Y. Chow which was originally published in 1979. The original edition was written for senior undergraduate and first-year graduate students as well as professional engineers and researchers in the mechanical and aerospace industries. In the decades that have passed since this first edition was published the field of computational fluid dynamics has seen a number of changes in both the sophistication of the algorithms used but also advances in the computer hardware and software available. The proposed revision will incorporate the latest algorithms in the solution techniques and will support this by using numerous examples of applications to a broader range of industries from the original mechanical and aerospace disciplines to now include civil and biosciences. The computer programs will be updated and will include both Fortran 77 and MATLAB. The core of the text will also be expanded to include more up-to-date solution methods for the Navier-Stokes equations, including fractional step time-advancement, and pseudo-spectral methods. A solutions manual will be made available as well."--Provided by publisher
Hydrogen and syngas production and purification technologies by Ke Liu( )

1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 1,476 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Covers the timely topic of fuel cells and hydrogen-based energy from its fundamentals to practical applications; Serves as a resource for practicing researchers and as a text in graduate-level programs; Tackles crucial aspects in light of the new directions in the energy industry, in particular how to integrate fuel processing into contemporary systems like nuclear and gas power plants; Includes homework-style problems
Bio-inspired and nanoscale integrated computing( )

1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 1,469 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book brings the latest advances in nanotechnology and biology to computing. This pioneering book demonstrates how nanotechnology can create even faster, denser computing architectures and algorithms. Furthermore, it draws from the latest advances in biology with a focus on bio-inspired computing at the nanoscale, bringing to light several new and innovative applications such as nanoscale implantable biomedical devices and neural networks. Bio-Inspired and Nanoscale Integrated Computing features an expert team of interdisciplinary authors who offer readers the benefit of their own breakthroughs in integrated computing as well as a thorough investigation and analyses of the literature. Carefully edited, the book begins with an introductory chapter providing a general overview of the field. It ends with a chapter setting forth the common themes that tie the chapters together as well as a forecast of emerging avenues of research. Among the important topics addressed in the book are modeling of nano devices, quantum computing, quantum dot cellular automata, dielectrophoretic reconfigurable nano architectures, multilevel and three-dimensional nanomagnetic recording, spin-wave architectures and algorithms, fault-tolerant nanocomputing, molecular computing, self-assembly of supramolecular nanostructures, DNA nanotechnology and computing, nanoscale DNA sequence matching, medical nanorobotics, heterogeneous nanostructures for biomedical diagnostics, biomimetic cortical nanocircuits, bio-applications of carbon nanotubes, and nanoscale image processing. Readers in electrical engineering, computer science, and computational biology will gain new insights into how bio-inspired and nanoscale devices can be used to design the next generation of enhanced integrated circuits
Spacecraft reliability and multi-state failures : a statistical approach by Joseph H Saleh( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,463 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The aerospace community has long recognized and repeatedly emphasizes the importance of reliability for space systems. Despite this, little has been published in book form on the topic. Spacecraft Reliability and Multi-state Failures addresses this gap in the literature, offering a unique focus on spacecraft reliability based on extensive statistical analysis of system and subsystem anomalies and failures. The authors provide new results pertaining to spacecraft reliability based on extensive statistical analysis of on-orbit anomaly and failure data that will be particularly useful to spacecra
Quantum oscillators by Olivier Henri-Rousseau( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,454 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The book is divided into four parts. The first part is devoted to the concepts of quantum mechanics the knowledge of which is necessary for a good understanding of the dynamics of quantum oscillator which may be damped, and deals with time independent quantum mechanics and time dependent quantum mechanics"--Provided by publisher
Membrane process design using residue curve maps by Mark Peters( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,451 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Design and Synthesis of Membrane Separation Processes provides a novel method of design and synthesis for membrane separation. While the main focus of the book is given to gas separation and pervaporation membranes, the theory has been developed in such a way that it is general and valid for any type of membrane.€€ €. The method, which uses a graphical technique, allows one to calculate and visualize the change in composition of the retentate (non-permeate) phase. This graphical approach is based on Membrane Residue Curve Maps. One of the strengths of this approach is that it is
Sensors, sampling, and simulation for process control : proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Process Technology and Modeling Committee and the Solidification Committee of the Extraction and Processing Division of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society) and Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST), held during the TMS 2011 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, San Diego, California, USA, February 27-March 3, 2011 by Metals and Materials Society Minerals( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,437 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Collection of 18 papers exploring the current state of the art in control of industrial processes in the field of extraction and processing of metals and other materials
Computer modeling in bioengineering : theoretical background, examples and software by Milos Kojic( )

1 edition published in 2008 in English and held by 1,415 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Bioengineering is a broad-based engineering discipline that applies engineering principles and design to challenges in human health and medicine, dealing with bio-molecular and molecular processes, product design, sustainability and analysis of biological systems. Applications that benefit from bioengineering include medical devices, diagnostic equipment and biocompatible materials, amongst others. Computer Modeling in Bioengineering offers a comprehensive reference for a large number of bioengineering topics, presenting important computer modeling problems and solutions for research
Preclinical development handbook by Shayne C Gad( )

1 edition published in 2008 in English and held by 1,411 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book gives the professional pharmaceutical scientist a basic and comprehensive tool to facilitate the preclinical development process by bringing together an overview of the preclinical process and a compendium of methods and techniques that need to
Atrial fibrillation ablation : the state of the art based on the VeniceChart international consensus document by Andrea Natale( )

2 editions published between 2007 and 2011 in English and held by 1,409 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This concise text presents best practices for all aspects of atrial fibrillation ablation as outlined in the new version of the VeniceChart International Consensus document, which is presented in conjunction with the biannual Venice Arrhythmias conference. In addition to discussing the latest in a-fib ablation research, this 2011 update covers all the key areas of therapy and patient management, including: Techniques and technologies Procedural endpoints Patient management pre-, peri- and post-ablation Prevention and treatment of complications Definition of success and long-term results With
Physics of multiantenna systems and broadband processing by Tapan Sarkar( )

1 edition published in 2008 in English and held by 1,406 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

An analysis of the physics of multiantenna systems. Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology is one of the current hot topics in emerging wireless technologies. This book fills the important need for an authoritative reference on the merits of MIMO systems based on physics and provides a sound theoretical basis for its practical implementation. The book also addresses the important issues related to broadband adaptive processing. Written by three internationally known researchers, Physics of Multiantenna Systems and Broadband Processing :.:.; Provides a thorough discussion of the physi
Nanolubricants( )

1 edition published in 2008 in English and held by 1,405 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The technology involved in lubrication by nanoparticles is a rapidly developing scientific area and one that has been watched with interest for the past ten years. Nanolubrication offers a solution to many problems associated with traditional lubricants that contain sulphur and phosphorus; and though for some time the production of nanoparticles was restricted by the technologies available, today synthesis methods have been improved to such a level that it is possible to produce large quantities relatively cheaply and efficiently. Nanolubricants develops a new concept of lubrication, based on
Advances in enzymology and related areas of molecular biology by F. F Nord( )

2 editions published in 2011 in English and held by 1,396 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Risk and Safety Analysis of Nuclear Systems by John C Lee( )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 1,363 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The book has been developed in conjunction with NERS 462, a course offered every year to seniors and graduate students in the University of Michigan NERS program. The first half of the book covers the principles of risk analysis, the techniques used to develop and update a reliability data base, the reliability of multi-component systems, Markov methods used to analyze the unavailability of systems with repairs, fault trees and event trees used in probabilistic risk assessments (PRAs), and failure modes of systems. All of this material is general enough that it could be used in non-nuclear applications, although there is an emphasis placed on the analysis of nuclear systems. The second half of the book covers the safety analysis of nuclear energy systems, an analysis of major accidents and incidents that occurred in commercial nuclear plants, applications of PRA techniques to the safety analysis of nuclear power plants (focusing on a major PRA study for five nuclear power plants), practical PRA examples, and emerging techniques in the structure of dynamic event trees and fault trees that can provide a more realistic representation of complex sequences of events. The book concludes with a discussion on passive safety features of advanced nuclear energy systems under development and approaches taken for risk-informed regulations for nuclear plants"--
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