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Our final invention : artificial intelligence and the end of the human era by James Barrat( Book )

14 editions published between 2013 and 2015 in English and Russian and held by 862 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps choose what books you buy, what movies you see, and even who you date. It puts the "smart" in your smartphone and soon it will drive your car. It makes most of the trades on Wall Street, and controls vital energy, water, and transportation infrastructure. But artificial intelligence can also threaten our existence. In as little as a decade, AI could match and then surpass human intelligence. Corporations and government agencies are pouring billions into achieving AI's Holy Grail -- human-level intelligence. Once AI has attained it, scientists argue, it will have survival drives much like our own. We may be forced to compete with a rival more cunning, more powerful, and more alien that we can imagine. Through profiles of tech visionaries, industry watchdogs, and groundbreaking AI systems, this book explores the perils of the heedless pursuit of advanced AI. Until now, human intelligence has had no rival. Can we coexist with beings whose intelligence dwarfs our own? And will they allow us to?. "The Internet is usually considered a breakthrough in technological--and even social--progress. The promises that it holds for our future are discussed in terms of an Utopian vision--intelligent, helpful robots; enhanced brain function; disease-and-famine ridding nanotechnology, and other positive benefits. But there's another, rarely discussed and far darker possibility. As Our Final Invention argues, we may be racing towards our own annihilation, as the military, academia, and corporate advances in artificial intelligence may lead to an uncontrollable new lifeform far smarter and more powerful than we can imagine. Advanced artificial intelligence might seem like a far-out science fiction story, but it is actually far closer than most of us realize. Bringing together the ideas of experts in a thoroughly accessible way and exposing the dark side to the vision presented in The Singularity is Near, Our Final Invention explores how the convergence of current developments in technology may lead to a catastrophic outcome within the next few years."
Egypt : secrets of the pharaohs by James Barrat( Visual )

13 editions published between 1997 and 2010 in English and held by 676 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Who built the pyramids? What were the secrets of mummification? Which treasures were selected for the afterlife and why? For centuries, Egypt's pharaohs have kept these secrets to themselves-- until now
The Gospel of Judas by National Geographic Television & Film( Visual )

18 editions published between 2006 and 2008 in English and Spanish and held by 672 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Scholars and theologians discuss the discovery of The Gospel of Judas, how it was restored, and its implications for Christianity
Rise of the black pharaohs( Visual )

4 editions published between 2014 and 2015 in English and held by 506 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The Kushites were a little-known African civilization that rose up and overthrew the Ancient Egyptians. Egypt, and early archaeologists, wanted history to forget them, but National Geographic is finally revealing the truth about the mysterious Black Pharaohs
Spillover : Zika, Ebola & beyond( Visual )

3 editions published between 2016 and 2018 in English and held by 465 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Investigate the rise of spillover viruses like Zika, Ebola and Nipah that can make the leap from animals to humans. Find out how human behaviors spread diseases and what science can do to anticipate and prevent epidemics around the world
Untold stories of WWII : three secrets that changed the war by Michael Dolan( Visual )

12 editions published between 1998 and 2008 in English and Spanish and held by 357 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This video takes a look at three military threats that could have changed the course of World War II: Germany's atomic bomb project, the Japanese mini-subs, and the infamous Japanese kamikaze squads
Secrets of Jerusalem's holiest sites( Visual )

4 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 308 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Go on a journey into one of the most sacred places on Earth dating back to biblical times. As one of the most heavily contested and disputed lands on the planet, it is so sacred to three religions of the world, followers willingly die for it
Herod's lost tomb( Visual )

7 editions published between 2008 and 2010 in English and Spanish and held by 308 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Herod the Great is one of the Old Testament's worst villains, best known for ordering the massacre of all male children in Bethlehem under two years old. Although few scholars believe the story is true, Herod's bloody reputation has obscured the fact that he was also one of the greatest architectural masterminds in world history. Responsible for 22 temples, palaces, fortresses and cities in ancient Judea, plus an aqueduct and a deep-water port at Caesarea that many regard as equal to the Wonders of the Ancient World, his commissions amaze contemporary engineers. Using the writings of first century AD historian Flavius Josephus, who thoroughly documented the life of Herod, Netzer has excavated at Herodian sites such as Masada, the Second Temple and Jericho. Now computer-generated images bring to life the magnificence of Herodium, one of the largest palace complexes in history and we see the moment when Netzer becomes certain that he has located Herod's intricately carved mausoleum and coffin. Also includes Inside Jerusalem's Holiest Places: It's name means 'city of peace', but as a focal point of three major world religions, and home to some of those faiths' holiest sites, Jerusalem has witnessed 3,000 years of bloody conflict, intrigue and passion. National Geographic, with exclusive access, intimately explores locales held sacred by Christians, Jews and Muslims. From footage filmed inside the magnificent Dome of the Rock to the vast underground expanse of Solomon's Stables to the traditional sites of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, it's a spellbinding journey into this ancient, multilayered urban landscape of war, worship and timeless wonder
Extreme cave diving( Visual )

3 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 259 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Follow Dr. Kenny Broad as he dives into blue holes, the underwater caves that formed during the last ice age when sea level was nearly 400 feet below what it is today. With an interdisciplinary team of climatologists, paleontologists, and anthropologists, Broad investigates the hidden history of Earth's climate as revealed by finds in this spectacularly beautiful 'alternate universe.'
Lost treasures of Afghanistan( Visual )

2 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 220 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

National Geographic highlights the efforts of heroic Afghans who have refused to allow their culture to be destroyed. Marvel at the priceless treasures that have re-emerged, and listen to the stories of people who risked death to defy extremists threatening to obliterate Afghanistan's past and of others with deep roots in the country who can finally come home now that the conflict has subsided
Natural disasters( Visual )

1 edition published in 2012 in English and held by 148 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In six classic programs, National Geographic reveals the sheer power and strength of nature's greatest forces. Natural disasters examined include tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and avalanches
Violent planet( Visual )

1 edition published in 2006 in English and held by 141 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Violent Planet gives viewers a harrowing look at a planet experiencing more destructive natural disasters with each passing year. From visiting areas affected by the tragic tsunami in southeast Asia, to investigating the massive fault threatning Istanbul, the film gets to the bottom of some key questions, such as, is the Earth getting more dangerous? What can we do to protect ourselves? Can Mother Nature be controlled? Violent Planet examines the most devastating earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and tsunamis to find out how and why these natural disasters occur
Jungle by P Miller( Visual )

5 editions published between 2001 and 2005 in English and held by 87 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Upton Sinclair's novel The jungle brought to light the appalling sanitation and working conditions of Chicago's meatpacking industry. This program presents the life of author and polemicist Upton Sinclair, including contributions to literature and journalism as well as to social reform, and how his novel prompted Congress to pass the first food safety laws
Great castles of Europe by The Discovery Chanel( Visual )

2 editions published in 1994 in English and held by 61 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Tours the castles of France, Germany, England and Spain, built as fortifications or private retreats
Violent Earth by Dennis Azzarella( Visual )

3 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 42 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Where and when the next mega disaster will strike - volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami or hurricane - is the focus of Violent Earth. Join tsunami scientist Jose Borrero of the University of Southern California on his trip to visit Banda Aceh with a National Geographic film team, barely one week after the December 26, 2004, tsunami, - a tsunami so strong it actually moved the island of Sumatra a hundred feet."--Container
Dentro de las murallas de Jerusalén( Visual )

5 editions published in 2008 in Spanish and English and held by 32 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Su nombre significa "Ciudad de Paz". Pero como punto focal de 3 de las mayores religiones del mundo y casa de algunos sitios sagrados, Jerusalem tiene como testigo/evidencia 3000 años de sangrientos conflictos, intrigas y pasiones. National Geographic, con acceso exclusivo exploró intimamente zonas sagradas habitadas por cristianos, musulmanes y judíos. Conozca lo que hay en el magnífico Domo of the Rock, la enorme extensión del subterráneo de Solomon's Stables y sobretodo el sitio más sagrado del mundo: el lugar donde Jesucristo murió y resucitó. Es un fascinante viaje por esta antigua ciudad de gierras, veneraciones y maravillas eternas" ... - Envase
Metamorphosis : [the beauty & design of butterflies] by Franz Kafka( Visual )

1 edition published in 2001 in English and held by 31 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Throughout history, butterflies have fascinated artists and philosophers, scientists and schoolchildren with their profound mystery and beauty. In Metamorphosis you will explore their remarkable world as few ever have before. Spectacular photography, computer animation and magnetic resonance imaging open once hidden doors to every stage of a butterfly's life cycle--from an egg the size of a pinhead to a magnificent flying insect. It is a transformation so incredible biologists have called it "butterfly magic." The butterfly's superbly engineered body is magnified hundreds of times to reveal compound eyes made of thousands of individual lenses, wings covered with microscopic solar panels, and navigational systems that unerringly guide Monarch butterflies on their annual migration from Canada to Mexico. How did these extraordinary creatures come into being? Are they the products of a blind, undirected process? Or were they designed for a purpose by an intelligence? Filmed in the lush rainforests of Ecuador, Mexico's Transvolcanic Mountains, and leading research centers Metamorphosis is an unforgettable documentary filled with the joys of discovery and wonder"--Container
Fit for a king( Visual )

1 edition published in 1995 in English and held by 31 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

At Hampton Court Palace, built by a cardinal and stolen by a king, Henry VIII beheaded two of his wives, and changed the course of history. At the Palace of Schonbrunn in Vienna, Marie Antoinette grew up, Mozart debuted and the oldest empire in Europe died. From the Escorial, Phillip II of Spain laid the groundwork for his great Armada, and the ruin of Spain. And on the coast of California, newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst built a fantasy palace to entertain the royalty of Hollywood
El evangelio prohibido de Judas : la última versión de la traición a Cristo( Visual )

2 editions published between 2006 and 2008 in English and held by 30 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A National Geographic y a un grupo de detectives Bíblicos para determinar la autenticidad de este antiguo documento, uniendo pieza por pieza sus delicadas páginas antes de que se conviertan en polvo
Kafka's Metamorphosis( Visual )

2 editions published between 2003 and 2004 in English and held by 28 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Gregor Samsa, Kafka's protagonist, finds that alienation, family dysfunction, paranoia, and bureaucracy define life. Learn why the term "Kafkaesque" is still used to define life in the 21st century
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Herod's lost tomb
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