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Fri Mar 21 17:08:47 2014 UTClccn-no20010191490.00The construction of Monticello October 27, 20040.411.00Jefferson's West265197115no20010191495434948Jefferson FoundationcontainsVIAFID/145055278Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, Inc.lccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-n2011069328Birle, Ann Lucas1964-lccn-n80120512Massachusetts Historical Societylccn-n2011069329Francavilla, Lisa A.1964-lccn-no2006029970Coolidge, Ellen Wayles Randolph1796-1876lccn-no92014678Salgo, Sandorlccn-n93022704Chew, Elizabeth V.1963-lccn-sh85069865Jefferson familylccn-n81149762Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, Inclccn-sh88001240Levy familyThomas Jefferson FoundationHistoryPictorial worksDiariesBiographyMusicJuvenile worksDesigns and plansQuotationsRecords and correspondenceDramaJefferson, Thomas,Virginia--MonticelloHomesVirginia--Albemarle CountyTravelCoolidge, Ellen Wayles Randolph,Great BritainUnited StatesDeclaration of Independence (United States)Fourth of July orationsFourth of JulyArtViolinistsVirginiaJefferson familyThomas Jefferson FoundationLevy familyWorld Heritage areasStudy skillsThomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, IncHistoric sitesPlantation lifeArchitecturePolitical and social viewsManners and customsFamiliesPolitical scienceIntellectual lifeSocial historyFriendshipAntiquitiesConservation and restorationJefferson, ThomasVirginia--Stratford HallUnited States--Chesapeake Bay RegionSlaveryVirginia--Kingsmill Plantation SiteVirginia--Governor's Land Archaeological DistrictVirginia--Southampton CountyPoplar Forest (Va.)Virginia--Williamsburg--Colonial WilliamsburgInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Landscape designLandscape architectureGardensNeoclassicism (Architecture)Lewis and Clark ExpeditionDiscoveries in geographyArchitecture, AmericanPalladio, Andrea,1997200020012002200320042005200620072008201120139685461975.5482E332.745722ocn050291085book20020.27Thomas Jefferson's MonticelloHistoryPictorial worksMonticello, Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville, Virginia, is the only home in America on the UN's list of World Heritage Sites that must be protected. These essays, from the staff at Monticello, showcase this national treasure+-+13613373361222ocn733731398book20110.81Coolidge, Ellen Wayles RandolphThomas Jefferson's granddaughter in Queen Victoria's England : the travel diary of Ellen Wayles Coolidge, 1838-1839Diaries+-+7755701846324831ocn052134675book20030.63The great birthday of our Republic : celebrating Independence Day at Monticello+-+9771337336791ocn046398904book20000.73Salgo, SandorThomas Jefferson, musician and violinistBiographyMusic+-+2761337336241ocn780415740book20130.06Chew, Elizabeth VThomas Jefferson : a day at MonticelloJuvenile worksIn this fascinating story, readers spend a day with Thomas Jefferson as he and his grandson visit the vast plantation of Monticello. Readers learn about Jefferson, the gadgets and household items that he reinterpreted and the plow he invented, the famous house, the surrounding farms with their gardens, fields, factories, and mills, the workshops of the enslaved people on Mulberry Row, and much, much more161ocn045149817com0.37Monticello the home of Thomas JeffersonHistoryWebsite of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, the historic home of U.S. president Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) in Charlottesville, Virginia81ocn058913410com0.59Monticello explorerHistoryDesigns and plansInteractive website designed to allow web visitors to explore the world of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, by connecting them with objects, images, and ideas in an expansive collection database with specific locations in the plantation and the house. Users can choose to explore the plantation or the house, take a house tour, or learn more about domestic life at Monticello. At each location, visitors can access details and related information about the location, objects and furnishings, architectural details, drawings and documents, people, and stories81ocn252920802book20080.47Jefferson, ThomasThe words of Thomas JeffersonQuotations+-+027133733651ocn054353118com0.28DAACS : Digital Archaeological Archive of Chesapeake SlaveryHistoryBased in the Department of Archaeology at Monticello, DAACS is a collaborative effort among archaeologists and institutions in the Chesapeake region that brings together archaeological data from slave sites to foster inter-site, comparative archaeological research on slavery in the greater Chesapeake region during the colonial and ante-bellum periods. DAACS data, which systematically describes both artifacts and the archaeological contexts from which they were excavated, can be queried and downloaded, while the website includes background information on documentary evidence and archaeological fieldwork and interpretation for all the sites included in the database22ocn808030954visu2004Thomas Jefferson FoundationMonticello architecture and landscapes September 27, 2004HistoryDesigns and plans22ocn808030914visu2004Thomas Jefferson FoundationThe construction of Monticello October 27, 2004Designs and plans22ocn808030953visu2004Thomas Jefferson FoundationPalladio, the European Palladians, Jefferson, and American civic architecture September 14, 2004History22ocn808030951visu2004Thomas Jefferson FoundationArchitectural context in Virginia before Monticello September 1, 2004History22ocn808030956visu2004Thomas Jefferson FoundationMonticello architecture and landscapes October 6, 2004Designs and plans21ocn051969123file1.00Jefferson's WestPresents a description of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and President Thomas Jefferson's involvement with it. Also includes biographical information about Jefferson and his presidency11ocn808047645visu2007Kukla, JonMr. Jefferson's women ICJS Lecture Series, December 11, 2007HistoryBiography11ocn808047620rcrd2007Kern, SusanThe Jeffersons at Shadwell ICJS Tea-time Talk Series, September 12, 2006History11ocn808061994book2006"Exhuming Thomas Jefferson" : [a movie proposal]DramaRecords and correspondence11ocn808047622rcrd2007Francavilla, LisaThomas Jefferson in another light : revealing the man through family documents ICJS Tea-time Talk Series, December 6, 200611ocn808047624visu2008Douglass, Carrie BThomas Jefferson : breeding and buying horses, connecting family, friends, and neighbors ICJS Tea-time Talk Series, April 10, 2008History11ocn808046360book2007Hatch, Peter JThe gardens and grounds department at Monticello since 1977 : a retrospectiveHistory11ocn808043845book2003Thomas Jefferson FoundationThomas Jefferson and the origins of American political parties : exhibition checklistHistoryExhibition catalogs11ocn808062074book1997Archaeological investigations of Monticello's kitchen11ocn808031283book2003Horn, James P. PThomas Jefferson and the foundations of American democracy11ocn808061981book2003Beiswanger, William LRestoration of the north dependency masonry wallsHistory11ocn808061983book2001Beiswanger, William LJefferson's spherical sundialHistory11ocn808046921book2008Thomas Jefferson FoundationThe preservation, restoration, and interpretation of Monticello : submitted to the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America in consideration for the 2008 Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in the Classical Tradition in the category of StewardshipHistory11ocn808037447book2006Thomas Jefferson FoundationThomas Jefferson and the good book : fine art photographs of Jefferson's first Biblical experimentCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+1361337336+-+1361337336Fri Mar 21 15:21:04 EDT 2014batch15849