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Fri Mar 21 17:11:30 2014 UTClccn-no20010214720.96Einstein returns /0.971.00Charles H. Hapgood papers,46409037no20010214725442477lccn-n81086737Leichtman, Robert (Hindu deity)lccn-no2008089417Millikan, Robert Andrews1868-1953(Spirit)lccn-n79141391Hapgood, Charles H.lccn-n79071101Gardner, Erle Stanley1889-1970lccn-n97043736Delair, J. B.1932-lccn-no97026155Rennell of Rodd, Francis James Rennell RoddBaron1895-1978np-mallery, arlington humphreyMallery, Arlington Humphreylccn-n90646064Nostradamus1503-1566(Spirit)lccn-n82045653Twain, Mark1835-1910(Spirit)Einstein, Albert1879-1955(Spirit)Einstein, Albert,--(Spirit)Religion and scienceKennedy, John F.--(John Fitzgerald),--(Spirit)Gabriel (Archangel)Early mapsHapgood, Charles HHapgood, Hutchins,Prehistoric peoplesDeWitt, Miriam Hapgood,TravelRennell of Rodd, Francis James Rennell Rodd,--Baron,Gardner, Erle Stanley,Pirî Reis,Krishna (Hindu deity)Society for the Investigation of the UnexplainedLincoln, Abraham,--(Spirit)Authors, AmericanGlacial epochRegler, MargaretJulsrud, WaldemarCartographyJesus Christ--(Spirit)Mather, Kirtley F.--(Kirtley Fletcher),Babbitt, Elwood,Gordon, Cyrus Herzl,Crust of the earthMexico--Acámbaro (Guanajuato)Psychic abilityPsychic readingsRainey, Froelich G.--(Froelich Gladstone),Spirit writingsSanderson, Ivan Terence,187919551982522901.341ocn052507192book19820.96Leichtman, Robert REinstein returns11ocn702184737mix1.00Hapgood, Charles HCharles H. Hapgood papersHistoryArchivesThe Charles H. Hapgood Papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, and research materials related to Hapgood's research projects and publications on earth science, archeology, ancient history, parapsychology, and spirit communication. The bulk of the material is letters from and to a wide array of people interested in Hapgood's work and theories, or, in some cases, those in whom he hoped to create an interest. His correspondents ranged from amateur geologists and local historians to respected scholars from around the world. The collection holds little in the way of Hapgood family papers, although solid insight on Charles Hapgood's personality and personal life can be gleaned from many of his outgoing lettersFri Mar 21 16:04:03 EDT 2014batch4143