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Thu Oct 16 17:59:03 2014 UTClccn-no20021153880.06I am the Hulk /0.200.77Carl Theodor Dreyer's Gertrud the moving word /33190679James_Schamusno20021153885938118Schamus, JamesSchmaus, James 1959-シェイマス, ジェームズlccn-no94038345Lee, Ang1954-prfsceprodrtccpauiausflmedtcrelccn-no00021417Lung, Sihungprfactlccn-nr92018652Wang, Huiling1964-sceausccplccn-no99002461Good Machine (Firm)lccn-no2002001265Kong, Billprolccn-no2006015955Universal Studios Home Entertainment (Firm)np-squyres, timSquyres, Timothflmlccn-no00021442Zhong yang dian ying shi ye gu fen you xian gong siprolccn-no98066909Chow, Yun-fatcstprfactlccn-nr2002006333Hua yi ying shi yu le you xian gong siSchamus, James1959-DramaFilm adaptationsFilm and video adaptationsFictionHistoryJuvenile worksWestern filmsPictorial worksMotion picturesSuperhero filmsMan-woman relationshipsSistersManners and customsGay menLoveEnglandMarriageChinaWyomingRanch lifeUnited StatesProulx, AnnieCowboysWang, DuluFathers and daughtersWomen martial artistsIncredible Hulk (Fictitious character)Martial artistsSwordsAristocracy (Social class)Theft of relicsAusten, Jane,Young womenSocial classesFamiliesScientistsGenetic engineeringTaiwanConflict of generationsDysfunctional familiesWinter stormsMale cooksAdult childrenSino-Japanese War (1937-1945)Moody, RickSuburbsFather and childAdulteryWeddingsTaiwaneseMale homosexualityAssassinationFemmes fatalesIntrigueIntelligence officersCollaborationistsChina--ShanghaiAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Woodstock FestivalNew York (State)19591981198819891991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201322747185641791.4372PN1997ocn063201832ocn052951628ocn055702333ocn182631568ocn190864792ocn607112385ocn182631566ocn034107165ocn056323982ocn843959422ocn049242049ocn052951628ocn055702333ocn182631568ocn190864792ocn607112385ocn182631566ocn048136446ocn034107165ocn080129552ocn799395982ocn781378234ocn676260256ocn799872429ocn821119764ocn781436051ocn421808051ocn780860597ocn780951982ocn821114422ocn799133094ocn799169074ocn676260256ocn691925447ocn674266576ocn799768958ocn799650432ocn691570863ocn780767066ocn076480542ocn821119764ocn470067601ocn742914830ocn763721140319636ocn047151804visu20000.08Lee, AngCrouching tiger, hidden dragonHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFantasy filmsFilm adaptationsAction and adventure filmsMartial arts filmsShot over the rich and vibrant landscapes of Mainland China, this award-winning film tracks the lives of three proud fighters each trying to deal with their true inner emotions: the brave warrior who is unable to declare his true love; the woman fighter whose calm demeanor belies the inner turmoil of her yearning; and the young female aristocrat set to put into a loveless marriage, but secretly needing to rebel. The choices that each of them makes lead to a violent showdown in which each are forever changed by the surprising outcome. Traditionally, martial arts films are male-dominated, with female roles being mostly supporting. This film however, turns the table around with the central character being Zhang Ziyi+-+7996132125231830ocn063201832visu20050.21Ledger, HeathBrokeback MountainFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsWestern filmsFilm adaptationsMotion picturesIt's 1963, a time in the United States when life was simple, straightforward and the lines between the sexes and sex roles were crisply drawn and severely delineated. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist find themselves thrown together when they are hired to tend sheep in the remote area of Brokeback Mountain, Wyoming. Because of the job, the two are forced to spend many hours together alone in the wild. Ennis and Jack are inexorably drawn to each other through their proximity, loneliness and through a shared lack of tenderness and emotion in their lives and are emotionally, physically and psychically bonded to each other almost from the start+-+678585269621678ocn042629114visu19960.21Lee, AngSense and sensibilityFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTells of the Dashwood sisters, sensible Elinor and passionate Marianne, whose chances at marriage seem doomed by their family's sudden loss of fortune198359ocn052951628visu20010.16Lee, AngHulkDramaFilm and video adaptationsSuperhero filmsFilm adaptationsScience fiction comic books, strips, etcDavid Banner is involved in a freak lab accident exposing him to gamma radiation. As a result, whenever the mild-mannered man becomes angry, he transforms into a huge, rampaging creature that destroys everything in his path+-+9900278325166230ocn049242049visu19940.25Lee, AngYin shi nan nü Eat drink man womanFictionDramaThe story of a master chef and his three adult daughters, all of whom are seeking love and happiness in different ways+-+5555749206324127932ocn046647802visu19970.22Lee, AngThe ice stormFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptations"The story of two dysfunctional families who learn to cope with nature-- human nature-- in this emotionally charged tale of suburban life in the '70s. When a self-centered husband's relationships with his wife and mistress grow cold, it takes a wife-swapping 'key party' and a freak ice storm to clear the air-- and change their lives forever."--Container104717ocn055702333visu19930.26Lee, AngThe wedding banquet Xi yanDramaA Taiwanese gay man living in Manhattan agrees to a marriage of convenience with a mainland Chinese woman in need of a green card. His parents are thrilled, and fly to the States to help him plan a lavish wedding banquet9486ocn182631568visu20070.21Lee, AngSe, jie Lust, cautionDramaFilm adaptationsSet against the backdrop of Japanese occupied Shanghai in 1942, a young woman finds herself swept up in a radical plot to assassinate a ruthless and secretive intelligence agent. As she immerses herself in her role as a cosmopolitan seductress, she becomes entangled in a dangerous game of emotional intrigue, love and betrayal94812ocn444747871visu20090.17Lee, AngTaking WoodstockFictionDramaIn 1969, Elliot Tiber, an interior designer living in Greenwich Village, New York, has to move back upstate to help his parents run their dilapidated Catskills motel, The El Monaco. Upon hearing that a planned music and arts festival has lost its permit from the neighboring town of Wallkill, NY, Elliot calls producer Michael Lang at Woodstock Ventures to offer his family's motel to the promoters and generate business. Three weeks later half a million people are on their way to his neighbor's farm93117ocn044636970visu19990.21Lee, AngRide with the devilHistoryFictionDramaHistorical filmsWar filmsFilm adaptationsIn a no man's land on the Missouri/Kansas border, a staunch loyalist, an immigrant's son, a freed slave and a young widow form an unlikely friendship as they learn how to survive during the Civil War, in a place without rules+-+449701951632462811ocn045576653visu19960.16Burns, EdwardShe's the oneFictionDramaTwo adult brothers find their sibling rivalry is revived after one begins having an extramarital affair with the other's ex-fiancee+-+84669484253245697ocn045702603book20000.26Wang, HuilingCrouching tiger, hidden dragon : portrait of the Ang Lee filmPictorial worksDramaTwo warriors in pursuit of a stolen sword and a notorious fugitive are led to an impetuous, physically-skilled, teenage nobleman's daughter, who is at a crossroad in her life+-+24099520064731ocn052426421book20030.06Figueroa, ActonI am the HulkJuvenile worksFictionBruce Banner is just an ordinary scientist who wants to use his work for good. But after an accident takes place in his lab, everything changes. He changes. Now when Bruce gets angry, he turns into the Hulk!+-+80546051554317ocn741928337file20080.77Schamus, JamesCarl Theodor Dreyer's Gertrud the moving word"If there is one film in the canon of Carl Theodor Dreyer that can be said to be, as Jacques Lacan might have put it, his most "painfully enjoyable," it is Gertrud. The film's Paris premier in 1964 was covered by the Danish press as a national scandal; it was lambasted on its release for its lugubrious pace, wooden acting, and old-fashioned, stuffy milieu. To make vivid just what was at stake for Dreyer, and still for us, in his final work, James Schamus follows a trail of references and allusions back through a number of thinkers and artists to reveal the richness and depth of Dreyer's work. Gertrud serves as a locus for Dreyer's twin fixations - on written texts, and on the heroines who both embody and free themselves from them."--Jacket+-+69033404754031ocn052465456book20030.06Figueroa, ActonThe Hulk escapesJuvenile worksFiction"Life isn't easy for Bruce Banner. He used to be a scientist. Now, as the Hulk, he's become an experiment. Scientists study him. Soldiers pursue him. But nothing can stop the Hulk!"+-+61546051552833ocn145396684book20070.24Zhang, AilingLust, caution : the storyHistoryFictionAn espionage thriller set against the backdrop of World War II Shanghai recounts the relationship between Mr. Yee, a powerful political figure, and Wang Chia-chih, a young woman who is swept up in a perilous game of emotional intrigue with Mr. Yee+-+09923825852654ocn048775201visu20010.20Tortilla soupFictionDramaA heartwarming comedy that's all about food, family and a certain kind of magic that only happens at the dinner table. Martin is the culinary genius behind a successful restaurant and the widowed father of three daughters whom he has a compulsion to try and steer in the right direction. Hungry for their independence, the girls find themselves at odds with their traditionalist father+-+626033212532425718ocn035068130book19960.50Schamus, JamesThe ice storm : the shooting script : screenplay, introduction, and notesDramaMotion picture playsWhen a self-centered husband's relationships with his wife and mistress grow cold, it takes a wife-swapping "key party" and a freak ice storm to clear the air and change their lives forever+-+94589520062356ocn052167702book20030.14David, PeterHulkFictionIn a Berkeley lab, Bruce Baner, a young man haunted by his murky pst and the parents he never knew, works intensely day and night. A bright scientist with repressed emotions and few social skills, Bruce and his colleague, the sharp and beautiful Betty Ross, experiment with the body's ability to repair itself and fight disease. But their research draws unwanted attention when the power of regeneration catches the eye of the military, which sees its potential on the battlefields of the future. But when Bruce is exposed to radiation in an accident that should have killed him, a ferocious truth about his past begins to emerge - along with something else, something deep inside his own body that is triggered when he is provoked. . . when he is pushed beyond reason. . . when anger takes over and he transforms into . . . THE HULK!+-+42140909852286ocn136781008book20070.59Zhang, AilingLust, caution : the story, the screenplay, and the making of the filmA major motion picture from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain): an intensely passionate story of love and espionage, set in Shanghai during World War II. In the midst of the Japanese occupation of China and Hong Kong, two lives become intertwined: Wong Chia Chi, a young student active in the resistance, and Mr. Yee, a powerful political figure who works for the Japanese occupational government. As these two move deftly between Shanghai's tea parties and secret interrogations, they become embroiled in the complicated politics of wartime ' and in a mutual attraction that may be more than what they expected. Written in lush, lavish prose, and with the tension of a political thriller, Lust, Caution brings 1940s Shanghai artfully to life even as it limns the erotic pulse of a doomed love affair. From the Trade Paperback edition+-+6970790285+-+7996132125+-+7996132125Thu Oct 16 15:33:36 EDT 2014batch29993