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Fri Mar 21 17:11:20 2014 UTClccn-no20020759580.08Storm/Rescue true stories of survival /0.130.16What is the Internet and what can it do for you?4602271no20020759585843494lccn-n99271284Rohan, Richardprdprfdrtnrtlccn-no00049351Delany, Colleenprfnrtlccn-n2006021422Shelby, Mortprflccn-no2001038330Savard, Nanetteprfdrtnrtlccn-n2007041926Coyne, Davidprflccn-n88653742Axler, Jamesnp-savard, nanetteSavard, Nanetteactprfdrtnrtlccn-n90667316Shlaes, Amitylccn-no93000904Green, Simon R.1955-lccn-no93023383Douglass, KeithAselford, TerenceFictionHistoryBiographyPersonal narrativesHistorical fictionWestern storiesUnited StatesEconomic historyDepressionsSocial historyNew Deal (1933-1939)PresidentsPolitical scienceCoolidge, Calvin,SurvivalSpeicher, Michael ScottAeronautics, American militaryFighter pilotsPersian Gulf War (1991)ShipwrecksSea stories, EnglishTreasure trovesSea stories, AmericanAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)TexasTexas RangersCriminalsOrganized crimeNew York (State)--New YorkImmigrantsAdventure and adventurersWestern storiesWilderness survivalStormsConnecticutElectrical engineersGeneral Electric CompanySnow and ice climbingRock climbingHeroesNetscapeComputer networksInternetDetective and mystery stories, AmericanDeathstalker, Owen (Fictitious character)World War (1939-1945)Survival (Title)Life on other planetsOutlawsAdventure storiesUnited States.--Navy.--SEALsScience fictionShipwreck survivalAircraft carriersMenUnited States, West198919901992199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220137768585820973.916E806ocn435418703ocn182761758ocn182761761ocn676726277ocn435418716ocn098998264ocn196588045ocn773616722ocn489010169ocn489010170ocn827217687ocn050136720ocn037449181ocn472425899ocn829395055ocn740630786ocn223969323ocn223966626ocn223981861ocn225035355ocn435418716ocn489010169ocn489010170ocn812481343ocn815456584ocn748708355ocn841575070ocn744285712ocn435418651ocn229905238ocn1442194194366ocn144513182rcrd20070.14Shlaes, AmityThe forgotten man a new history of the Great DepressionHistoryShlaes offers a reinterpretation of the Great Depression, seeking to demonstrate how the failures of Hoover and Roosevelt to understand the prosperity of the 1920s directly contributed to massive national burdens that marginalized common citizens+-+48910761552906ocn827217687rcrd20120.12Shlaes, AmityCoolidgeHistoryBiographyA biography of Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States from 1923 to 19291773ocn065337654rcrd20060.12Lawrence, StarlingThe lightning keeper [a novel]FictionArriving in New York in 1914, inventor Toma Pekocevic designs a powerful water turbine that leads to a career within General Electric and a love affair with Harriet Bigelow, the daughter of a New England dynasty that has fallen on hard times+-+60072351551745ocn064577320com20010.13Deep blueFictionFor those who dare, things often go wrong under the sea. Such tragedies, spurred by the booming interest in the Titanic and the Andrea Doria, have been the focus of tremendous literature form the world's finest authors. "Deep Blue" offers compelling tales of shipwrecks and salvage, submarine adventure and free diving, nautical survival and cannibalism+-+88135903361081ocn379066986rcrd20090.14Wolfman, MarvCrisis on infinite earthsFictionA mysterious force is moving through reality, destroying all life in its wake. The world's greatest super heroes, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and thousands of others are confronted with their greatest challenge: stopping this inter-dimensional threat before it destroys all life everywhere! To stop this threat, they must ally themselves with the most dangerous super-villains. If they fail, more than 3,000 universes and untold trillions of living beings will die!+-+02405044061033ocn064637773com20020.13Mob stories of death and betrayal from organized crimeFictionThe Mafia. La Cosa Nostra. The underground, and often not-so-underground, organization and syndicate of criminal activity that has been a part of American history for the past century. Forget television and movies, hear the true stories of the inner workings of his chaotic, violent, and surprisingly human world, a world of respect, tradition, and honor+-+K8402935161011ocn035161409visu19960.16What is the Internet and what can it do for you?A lighthearted and nontechnical overview of the Internet, with advice on what to purchase and where to start974ocn050136720rcrd20020.13Yarsinske, Amy WatersNo one left behind the Lt. Comdr. Michael Scott Speicher storyBiographyTrue story of Lieutenant Commander Michael Scott Speicher, the first American pilot shot down during the Gulf War, who was found alive in Iraqi custody eleven years after the US government left him for dead+-+4333590336774ocn043834950rcrd20000.10Douglass, KeithCarrierFiction+-+2789957006741ocn435418703rcrd20100.12Kelton, ElmerThe buckskin lineHistoryFictionHistorical fictionWestern storiesRusty Shannon, who becomes a young man during the turbulent, lawless period of secession and the Civil War, seeks to avenge the murder of his foster father, crosses paths again with Buffalo Caller, and becomes one of the frontier defenders who will, in time, become known as the Texas Rangers+-+9481504406703ocn047967586rcrd20010.16The war stories of life and death from World War IIPersonal narrativesNo one knew it was going to be that bad. World War II killed 60 million people--20 million of them soldiers--and inflicted wounds, bereavment, poverty and suffering on countless others. The War delivers gripping tales of men and women bearing witness to history's most destructive conflict+-+1213590336612ocn070869227rcrd19990.10Deep blue/rough water true stories of survival at seaFictionContains true stories of survival at sea, including tales of shipwrecks and salvage, submarines, and other underwater adventures; and accounts of people fighting for survival against storms, rogue waves, icebergs, and sharks+-+3446043406584ocn052222201rcrd20020.10Green, Simon RDeathstalker rebellion. Voices in the darkFictionThings are strange out on the Rim. Captain John Silence and his crew discover just how strange when they encounter a legend from The Empire's past--The Champion, a starship reported lost with all hands over a hundred years before+-+5178046846584ocn047224242rcrd20000.10Storm stories of survival from land and seaMost people associate storms and other big weather with death, with the kind of force that makes each of us wonder about life, and time and the nature of our surroundings. Some people go out looking for bad weather or go to places where they're likely to encounter it. Others have the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, the stories in "Storm" have more to say than that. They tell us about what happens when people find that treacherous weather or when it finds them and we are reminded of the fragility of life, the capriciousness of Nature's will, and how little we can do when both cross paths+-+5103590336554ocn064576380com20020.10Green, Simon RDeathstalkerFictionOutlawed by the ruthless Lionstone XIV, Owen Deathstalker is left with no allies, as even his oldest companions turn against him for the promise of fortune. Just as he is sure his life is coming to an imminent close, out of the sky falls Hazel d'Ark. The fellow outlaws escape together to Mistworld, not knowing what their next move will be. Meanwhile, Lionstone XIV, not the least bit unnerved by the new alien species threatening the Empire, continues to execute traitors in the terrifying and murderous fashion she is reputed for+-+K368046846554ocn042911593rcrd19990.10Brand, MaxThe stone that shinesFictionWhen Dick Rutherford, known as The Colonel, loses all his money in a horse race heads into the Far West to seek his fortune. His companion in this is Christy Deever, whose inventiveness and quick thinking prove valuable assets on the frontier. After a series of exciting adventures, they find themselves adopted members of the Mandan Indians. It is then that The Colonel and Christy encounter Stone-That-Shines, a Mandan warrior who is in possession of an eponymous medicine stone. Upon a closer look, the Colonel discovers that this "stone that shines" contains a rich vein of quartz gold. Its source could be the answer to his quest. However, things then get complicated+-+1390191335554ocn047631279rcrd20010.12Climb stories of survival from rock, snow and iceYear after year, climbers return to the world's most difficult mountains. At these places, even the most cautious climber is vulnerable to mistakes, bad weather and bad luck, which often lead to death. This collection of both true and fictional stories offers harrowing accounts of extreme mountaineering and its potentially fatal consequences+-+2613590336543ocn044064422rcrd20000.10Douglass, KeithSeal team sevenFictionA team of cold, psychotic renegades is about to pull off the unthinkable. They have control of a nuclear weapon and are going to incinerate a city full of innocent people. It's up to Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his SEALs to bring the bad guys down+-+4689957006542ocn070869184rcrd20000.08Storm/Rescue true stories of survival+-+K346043406521ocn182761758rcrd20070.13Johnstone, William WThe first mountain manFictionIn a decisive moment, Preacher sets out from Ohio to the west. Throughout his journey he faces obstacles and challenges which test his fortitude and bolster his ability to survive. He quickly learns the most important lesson of his odyssey: survival is dependent on self+-+4038504406+-+4891076155+-+4891076155Fri Mar 21 15:42:15 EDT 2014batch27923