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Fri Mar 21 17:11:17 2014 UTClccn-no20030813290.00TERRORISM: A Selected Bibliography0.390.73Homeland security : a selected bibliography /34150560no2003081329lccn-no00052640Army War College (U.S.).Librarync-army war coll library carlisle barrackspaARMY WAR COLL LIBRARY CARLISLE BARRACKSPAlccn-n79063202United StatesArmync-army war coll carlisle barracks paARMY WAR COLL CARLISLE BARRACKS PABey, Jacqueline S.BibliographyUnited StatesLeadershipTerrorismArmed Forces--WomenOrganizational changeWomen soldiersTerrorism--PreventionNational securityCommand of troopsInterpersonal relationsCivil-military relationsNegotiationCorporate cultureCritical thinkingWomen in combatCyberterrorismIntelligence serviceWeapons of mass destructionAdministrative agencies--ReorganizationEmergency managementEcoterrorismTerrorism--Religious aspectsMaritime terrorismMilitary planningOrganized crimeTerrorism and mass mediaDomestic terrorismUnited States.--ArmyMilitary policyUnified operations (Military science)Armed Forces--ReorganizationOperational readiness (Military science)Military intelligenceCivil defenseSpace securityComputer securityEmigration and immigrationPorts of entry--Security measuresInfrastructure (Economics)Decision makingLeadership in women20012002200320042005281316HV643152ocn051888633book20020.47Bey, Jacqueline SHuman dimensions of strategic leadership : a selected bibliographyBibliography42ocn050275701book20010.47Bey, Jacqueline STerrorism a selected bibliographyBibliographyThis bibliography provides citations for information about various types of terrorism, related strategies, and other issues. It was compiled for students and researchers to expand their knowledge of this extremely important topic. With certain exceptions, the materials listed in this bibliography are dated from 2005 to the present. Web sites were accessed December 200941ocn057622500book20050.47Bey, Jacqueline SWomen in the military : a selected bibliographyBibliography32ocn048814488book20010.47Bey, Jacqueline SArmy transformation : a selected bibliographyBibliography21ocn056113862book20040.47Bey, Jacqueline STransformation : a selected bibliographyBibliography"This selected bibliography lists references for readings related to U.S. Department of Defense transformation. Significant works on the U.S. intelligence community transformation and foreign defense transformation have also been added. " -- Pref21ocn054011409book20030.73Bey, Jacqueline SHomeland security : a selected bibliographyBibliographyThis bibliography includes topics that reflect some of homeland security's many challenges: borders and immigration, cybersecurity, organization, policy, response capabilities, and resourcing. With certain exceptions, the materials in this bibliography are dated from 2006 to the present21ocn048010786book20010.47Bey, Jacqueline SSenior leadership and command : a selected bibliographyBibliography11ocn074252352file2003Homeland Security: A Selected BibliographyThis document is a report of Homeland Security: A Selected Bibliography11ocn227980771file2001Army Transformation: A Selected Bibliography"Army Transformation" is a special theme at the U.S. Army War College. This bibliography - was compiled to present selected USAWC Library materials, and Internet sites that reflect the theme. Most of the books, documents, and periodical articles are dated 1999 to the present. For your convenience we have added our call numbers at the end of each book and document entry. Please keep in mind that call numbers may vary from library to library11ocn074275858file2005Women in the Military: A Selected BibliographyWomen have served in the world's armed forces in unofficial and official capacities for many generations. Some of the accomplishments of these service women and challenges they encounter today are highlighted in Women in the Military: A Selected Bibliography. Most of the books, documents, and periodical articles cited were published since 2000. The web sites included in the bibliography were checked during November-December 2004 to ensure the links were active as of that period. All items are available in the U.S. Army War College Library collection or can be accessed from the Internet. For your convenience call numbers were added at the end of each book or document entry to indicate the item's shelf location in our library11ocn074238555file2002A Selected Bibliography: Human Dimensions of Strategic LeadershipPartial contents: Human Dimensions of Strategic Leadership, Critical/Creative/ Systems Thinking, Leading and Managing Change, Military Culture and Organizational Climate, Civil-Military Relations, Negotiation, Combat Related Human Dimensions11ocn227997487file2001TERRORISM: A Selected Bibliography11ocn074270796file2004Transformation: A Selected BibliographyFri Mar 21 15:52:48 EDT 2014batch8686