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Fri Mar 21 17:06:49 2014 UTClccn-no20040357490.00Kaligulov konj /0.441.00Globalizacija "nepristajanja" /156698884Andrej_Grubačićno20040357496323002lccn-n80073561Lynd, Staughtonlccn-n2007010190Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanneauilccn-no2005028819Vodovnik, Žigalccn-n94027017O'Hearn, Denisauiviaf-305473942Vukov, Tamaralccn-n99055107Bohmer, Peterspklccn-no2007088509ebrary, Inclccn-no2008165835Spannos, Chrisspklccn-no2002106755Z Video Productionslccn-no97027235Graeber, DavidGrubačić, AndrejHistoryForecastsAnarchismRadicalismCommunismPolitical scienceSocial movementsPolitical participationUnited StatesInternational relationsBalkan PeninsulaMexico--ChiapasPhilosophy, ModernSocialismGlobalizationState, TheSocial historySocial participationTwenty-first century19762002200320042005200720082009201020861335320.53HX828ocn53514993880411ocn436156257file20080.47Lynd, StaughtonWobblies & Zapatistas conversations on anarchism, Marxism and radical historyHistoryWobblies and Zapatistas offers the reader an encounter between two generations and two traditions. Andrej Grubacic is an anarchist from the Balkans. Staughton Lynd is a lifelong pacifist, influenced by Marxism. They meet in dialogue in an effort to bring together the anarchist and Marxist traditions, to discuss the writing of history by those who make it, and to remind us of the idea that my country is the world. Encompassing a Left libertarian perspective and an emphatically activist standpoint, these conversations are meant to be read in the clubs and affinity groups of the new Movement. The authors accompany us on a journey through modern revolutions, direct actions, anti-globalist counter summits, Freedom Schools, Zapatista cooperatives, Haymarket and Petrograd, Hanoi and Belgrade, intentional communities, wildcat strikes, early Protestant communities, Native American democratic practices, the Workers' Solidarity Club of Youngstown, occupied factories, self-organized councils and soviets, the lives of forgotten revolutionaries, Quaker meetings, antiwar movements, and prison rebellions. Neglected and forgotten moments of interracial self-activity are brought to light. The book invites the attention of readers who believe that a better world, on the other side of capitalism and state bureaucracy, may indeed be possible+-+86951395166846ocn647902880file20100.47Lynd, StaughtonFrom here to there the Staughton Lynd readerHistory"This collection of unpublished talks and hard-to-find essays from legendary activist-historian Staughton Lynd blends themes that encourage the rejection of capitalist imperialism, while also seeking a transition to a newly organized world. The dynamic collection provides reminiscence and analysis of the 1960s and a vision of how historians might immerse themselves in popular movements while maintaining their obligation to tell the truth. A final group of presentations, entitled "Possibilities," explores nonviolence, resistance to empire as a way of life, and what a working-class self-activity might mean in the 21st century"--Provided by publisher+-+20671395165777ocn700457639file20100.37Grubačić, AndrejDon't mourn, Balkanize! essays after YugoslaviaHistoryPresenting a radical leftist perspective on the recent history of the Balkan region, this collection of essays, commentaries, and interviews argues that the dismantling of Yugoslavia is just another milestone in the long history of colonialism, conquest, and interventionism. Written between 2002 and 2010, this volume addresses significant happenings such as the trial of Slobodan Milosevic, the assassination of Prime Minister Djindjic, the supervised "independence" of Kosovo, and the occupation of Bosnia. In addition to this contemporary look, this exploration reveals the politically+-+675813951672ocn054043271book20021.00Grubačić, AndrejGlobalizacija "nepristajanja"31ocn442681119art2008Vodovnik, ŽigaKaligulov konj21ocn443639324art2008Vodovnik, ŽigaOsvoboditi Balkan : zdaj pa še pogled na stvar iz orto-anarhističnega stališča (op. ur.)21ocn442458229art2007Vodovnik, ŽigaGenealogy of anarchism in the Balkans21ocn780830036art2010Grubačić, AndrejCaligula's horse : U. S., new Europe, and Kosovo11ocn535149938visu20070.47Radical visions for the 21st century a panel discussion by members of the International Project for Participatory SocietyForecasts"Members of the International Project for Participatory Society hold a panel discussion at the 2007 Left Forum in NYC to present radical theory and a vision pf progressive, participatory-democratic alternatives to authoritarian systems in organizing politics, the economy, and family and work relations"--Cover11ocn829063061book1.00Graeber, DavidAnarchism : or the revolutionary movement of the 21st century11ocn704813658file20090.47Lynd, StaughtonWobblies and Zapatistas conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and radical history11ocn820304927art20050.47Grubačić, AndrejHacia un anarquismo diferente11ocn859798783mix2004Grubačić, AndrejAnarchism, or the revolutionary movement of the 21th centuryIt is becoming increasingly clear that the age of revolutions is not over. It's becoming equally clear that the global revolutionary movement in the twenty first century, will be one that traces its origins less to the tradition of Marxism, or even of socialism narrowly defined, but of anarchism+-+8695139516+-+8695139516Fri Mar 21 15:20:37 EDT 2014batch9377