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Fri Mar 21 17:07:31 2014 UTClccn-no20050850780.00Kris Kristofferson, Scott Bairstow, Tom Skerritt, prison couldn't hold them, a war couldn't stop them, Texas won't ever forget them, "Two for Texas" teleplay by Larry Brothers, based upon the novel by James Lee Burke ; directed by Rod Hardy ; TNT original, world premiere, Sunday, January 180.120.19Android apocalypse22350537Scott_Bairstowno20050850786731121lccn-no96030515Carter, James L.lccn-no2005085086Ramsey, Carollccn-n2009008784Abraham, Marclccn-n80144170Spacek, Sissylccn-no2005075330Lieber, Jeffreylccn-no2003021061Bledel, Alexis1982-lccn-n86013871Irving, Amy1953-np-burrough, tonyBurrough, Tonylccn-no2005084695Jackson, Jonathan1982-lccn-no2001005270Ross, WilliamBairstow, Scott1970-DramaJuvenile worksFilm adaptationsFictionHistoryWestern filmsFirst lovesCowboysUnited States, WestCattle drivesWolfdogsAlaskaWildlife cinematographyMcCrae, Augustus (Fictitious character)ImmortalityAgingBrothersCall, Woodrow (Fictitious character)MassacresBonesNorth AmericaZoologyAnimal behaviorFemale friendshipCollege students--Conduct of lifeDrugs--OverdoseMan-woman relationshipsFrontier and pioneer lifeMarried peopleWyomingVirtual realityWar gamesFriendshipCalifornia--Los AngelesKidnappingHigh school studentsMurderBabbitt, NatalieFilm adaptationsTeacher-student relationshipsAndroidsOutlawsYachtingDogsImmortalismGold mines and miningYukonFantasy fictionStouffer, MartyStouffer, MarkHigh school teachersIndians of North AmericaTexasFugitives from justiceTexas--San Antonio--AlamoArmed Forces--Operations other than war1970199419951996199719981999200120022003200420052006200720082009201020122013500164130791.4372PN1997.2ocn194694975ocn046927571ocn056586497ocn701791847ocn762706903ocn767305783ocn765831257ocn693952297ocn692004782ocn767333028ocn780897215ocn781331053ocn780913532ocn835476240ocn839355419ocn753670022ocn753668577ocn75369673419425ocn051479735visu20030.13Russell, JayTuck everlastingFictionDramaFilm adaptationsYoung Winnie Foster, stifled by the formality of her proper life and her domineering mother, escapes into the woods only to get lost. Her magical summer begins when she meets Jesse Tuck. Jesse is full of life and adventure and Winnie falls in love. The Tuck family has a powerful secret-- a spring that holds the magic of everlasting life. Now Winnie must choose whether she wants to live life as she knows it or drink from the spring8798ocn049675944visu19940.08Fallon, DavidWhite Fang 2 myth of the white wolfJuvenile worksFictionDramaWhite Fang, the brave and spirited half-dog, half-wolf, faces untold danger when he and his beloved master risk their lives to protect a peaceful Native American tribe from a ruthless gang of land-grabbing gold miners84816ocn037822170visu19970.12Wild AmericaDramaIn 1968 three brothers take a 16mm camera and film America's vanishing wildlife+-+49278254253241697ocn053247752visu20030.14The bone snatcherDramaAfter finding bones stripped of flesh around a strange rock dome, Alex discovers that he is being hunted by millions of creatures. As darkness descends, the ground is a living carpet capable of devouring flesh with every step. Hell has been unleashed+-+K0066974061234ocn056987777visu20040.12Lonesome Dove the seriesDramaContains 21 episodes of the popular western series1123ocn056551761visu20040.13Lonesome Dove the outlaw yearsDramaCurtis Wells, the locale of "Lonesome Dove : the outlaw years," is now a boomtown on the Montana frontier. When neighboring Sweetwater was left in ashes by a prairie fire, its whores and desperadoes took up residence in Curtis Wells, changing its character forever. Newt Call (Scott Bairstow) has come back to the town after living the past two years on the trail as a bounty hunter. Call had left Curtis Wells after an explosion which killed his beloved Hannah and sent his psyche into a downward spiral. His return has opened up wounds, including unresolved business with Clay Mosby (Eric McCormack)1003ocn049934224visu20020.15New best friendDramaColby University is the playground for the young adults of the rich and powerful. Into this world steps a girl of modest means who dreams of becoming a lawyer. When she meets the beautiful and popular Hadley, she quickly becomes a member of an elite clique. She's about to learn the hard way that her new friends walk a dangerous line991ocn194694975visu20080.13Lonesome Dove the series : Lonesome Dove : the outlaw yearsDramaThe outlaw years: Newt Call returns to Curtis Wells after the killing of his wife and must content with Clay Mosby781ocn550681666visu20100.13Lonesome Dove the seriesDramaSet in the small western town of Curtis Wells, Wyoming, episodes follow the romance and marriage of Newt Call and Hannah Peale, and the obsession that Clay Mosby, who owns most of the town, has with young Hannah, who looks remarkably like his late wife, Mary755ocn052933063visu19990.08Killing Mr. GriffinDramaA group of high school students kidnap an overly strict teacher, wanting to teach him a lesson in humiliation621ocn046927571visu20010.14Lonesome Dove tales of the PlainsDramaWestern filmsAn inexperienced boy in the original Lonesome Dove story, Newt Dobbs (Bairstow) is a man by the time his real father, the legendary Texas Ranger Woodrow Call, gives hime his best horse and his last name. Newt sets out to seek his fortune in the Montana Territory and encounters a series of events that change his life+-+7733749206324601ocn056586497visu20040.18Harsh realmDramaThe dark and fantastic Harsh Realm, a science fiction series about a war fought by flesh-and-blood humans trapped inside virtual reality601ocn056116395visu20040.16Significant others the seriesDramaAfter his dream of managing a rock band is shattered, struggling writer Campbell discovers that his two best friends, Henry and Nell, have been secretly dating. Henry's children's video production also puts a strain on their friendship+-+0313049596324514ocn140672491visu20040.12Lonesome dove, the outlaw yearsFictionDramaThis western series brings to life all the grit, romance and excitement of the old West, an untamed world where anything is possible435ocn039447038visu19970.17Two for TexasHistoryDramaIn 1836, two prisoners escape from a Louisiana chain gang run by a vicious strong boss. In the process of the escape, the strong boss is killed which sets his brother, the ex-warden on a chase of the men. However, the two join up with Sam Houston's army to fight the Mexicans which also sets them free from previous charges. The ex-warden then sells guns to the Mexicans which leads to the Alamo massacre and the death of their friend, Jim Bowie. The two then lead the avenging charge at San Jacinto that settles the war+-+0317715325324405ocn048807763visu20010.17Dead in the waterDramaGloria, her boyfriend Danny and their friend Jeff take a yacht to paradise ... but not all return. Gloria invites a handsome stranger for a day on the family yacht. With Danny and Jeff along, the couple takes off for a cruise around the Brazilian coast. After Gloria becomes the desire of all three men, one of them disappears, and the friendships rapidly disintegrate as each one fights for his own survival382ocn056987778visu20040.10Lonesome Dove the seriesDramaContains 4 episodes of the popular western series Lonesome Dove314ocn086069527visu20060.19Android apocalypseDrama"In an age when machines dominate the world, the fate of man rests in the hands of an outlaw and an android"--Container212ocn056987779visu20040.10Lonesome Dove the seriesDramaContains 4 episodes of the popular western series Lonesome Dove171ocn056987783visu20040.10Lonesome Dove the seriesDramaContains 4 episodes of the popular western series Lonesome Dove21ocn079167083visu19940.10Lonesome dove the seriesPress kit in a box shaped like a saddle bag includes: five b&w photos of the cast, 12 color slides of cast and various scenes, biographies of selected cast and crew members, a synopsis, and an eight page booklet featuring photos of the casts of the two Lonesome dove mini-series and the series. Cast pictured include: Scott Bairstow, Paul LeMat, Dennis Weaver, Gordon Tootoosis, Graham Greene, Judge Reinhold, Alana Stewart, Eric McCormack, Robert Culp, Diahann Carroll, Billy Dee Williams, and Christianne Hirt11ocn079597851visu1997Kris Kristofferson, Scott Bairstow, Tom Skerritt, prison couldn't hold them, a war couldn't stop them, Texas won't ever forget them, "Two for Texas" teleplay by Larry Brothers, based upon the novel by James Lee Burke ; directed by Rod Hardy ; TNT original, world premiere, Sunday, January 18PostersClose-up image of Kris Kristofferson and Scott Bairstow above a smaller image of the Alamo and charging troops11ocn082092744book1997Turner Network Television presents Kris Kristofferson, Scott Bairstow, Tom Skerritt, Two for Texas : teleplay by Larry Brothers ; based upon a novel by James Lee Burke ; directed by Rod Hardy ; world premiere Sunday, January 18, 8 pm (et), press materialsHistoryDramaIncludes press information, cast and production credits and biographies, a timeline, production notes, two black and white still photographs, six color slides, and a list of the slides. Images of Scott Bairstow, Irene Bedard, Peter Coyote, Kris Kristofferson and Tom Skerritt+-+4927825425324+-+4927825425324Fri Mar 21 16:10:27 EDT 2014batch17951