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Fri Mar 21 17:03:53 2014 UTClccn-no20061275800.00L'art du portrait dramatique chez Bernard-Marie Koltès une esthétique de l'ellipse /0.440.97Arthur Rimbaud : Poésies /10028269no20061275807265653lccn-n86848804Corpet, Olivieredtlccn-n94029024Coverdale, Lindatrlnp-duras, margueriteDuras, Margueritelccn-n79090133Duras, Margueritelccn-no91014521Delon, Michellccn-n80005109Sademarquis de1740-1814lccn-nr91019250Institut Mémoires de l'édition contemporainenp-duras, marguerite$1914 1996Duras, Marguerite1914-1996lccn-n50028096Nadeau, Maurice1911-....auilccn-no2012067849Fortier-Masek, Marie-OdiletrlBogaert, SophieDiariesBiographyExhibition, pictorial worksRecords and correspondenceIllustrationsManuscriptsDuras, MargueriteAuthors, FrenchWomen authors, FrenchSade,--marquis de,ManuscriptsIllustration of booksPoems (Rimbaud, Arthur)Ravissement de Lol V. Stein (Duras, Marguerite)Nadeau, MauriceAuthors, AmericanMiller, Henry,1900199820002001200620072008200920112012201414812159843.912PQ2607.U8245ocn470045733ocn470651078ocn779751233ocn470851510ocn775860615ocn421066279ocn180017765ocn421641247ocn852718116ocn839017841ocn470843173ocn4217267897543ocn154707460book20080.28Duras, MargueriteWartime writings : 1943-1949Diaries"For decades it has been known that Marguerite Duras kept four notebooks in a blue closet in her country home in France. But only now do readers and critics have the chance both to savor this new material and to understand its significance. For in these notebooks, kept between 1943 and 1949, are the first versions of Duras's most famous works, the true stories behind The Lover, The War, and several other classics." "An immediate bestseller in France, these wartime writings reveal the difficult, poignant circumstances of Duras's upbringing in colonial Vietnam, where her desperate mother was eager to sell her to the man who became known as "the lover." Here too is her revulsion at her first kiss and her deep unhappiness over this forced liaison. Once Duras emigrates to France, we follow her life through the war into the Liberation and the horrific events that she observed in the presence of the resistance members, who interrogated and tortured former collaborators. She also tells of the horrendous effect of finding her husband, returning nearly dead from the Nazi concentration camps. Throughout, Duras paints an unflinching picture of this troubled period."--Jacket+-+755730040635317ocn071888473book20060.47Duras, MargueriteCahiers de la guerre et autres textesBiographyDiariesMarguerite Duras was one of the leading intellectual and novelists of post-war France. This collection was retrieved from the papers she left at her death, and offers a fascinating insight into Duras' life and work. Her notebooks retrace the formative experiences in Duras' life, chronicling every hope and disappointment+-+36079729363241079ocn076794041book20060.93Duras, MargueriteDuras, l'œuvre matérielleExhibition, pictorial works755ocn173654344book20070.95Delon, MichelLes vies de SadeBiographyIllustrationsManuscripts392ocn492316750book20060.33Dossier de presse "Le ravissement de Lol. V Stein" et "Le Vice-Consul" de Marguerite Duras 1964-1966291ocn494035567book20070.32SadeLes vies de Sade233ocn779751233book20120.88Miller, HenryLettres à Maurice Nadeau : 1947-1978Records and correspondence221ocn055884720book20000.97Bogaert, SophieArthur Rimbaud : Poésies203ocn225306247book20060.88Le ravissement de Lol V. Stein et Le vice-consul de Marguerite Duras : 1964-1966173ocn496763049book20080.47Bogaert, SophieLes énigmes du moi121ocn492314292book20010.47L' amitié Aristote, Ethique à Nicomaque (livres VIII et IX) ; Gide, Les Faux-Monnayeurs ; Beckett, En attendant Godot81ocn469901391book20000.06Bogaert, SophieArthur Rimbaud, "Poésies"72ocn254483502book20070.47Delon, MichelSade au travail41ocn254335791book20080.47L' un pour l'autre : les écrivains dessinent ; [à l'occasion de l'Exposition "L'Un pour l'Autre, les Écrivains Dessinent", présentée à l'Abbaye d'Ardenne, à Caen, du 19 janvier au 6 mars 2008, au Musée Berardo de Lisbonne (Portugal), en septembre et en octobre 2008 et au Musée Communal d'Ixelles (Belgique), de novembre 2008 à janvier 2009]21ocn775303638book20080.47Godard, HenriUn autre Céline21ocn421726789book20060.47Duras, l'oeuvre matérielle : exposition, Abbaye d'Ardenne, 4 novembre 2006-21 janvier 200721ocn717207379book20070.31Duras, MargueriteHefte aus Kriegszeiten21ocn775303970book20080.47Céline, Louis-FerdinandUn autre Céline. suivi de Lettres à Lucienne Delforge11ocn493976754book1998Bogaert, SophieL'art du portrait dramatique chez Bernard-Marie Koltès une esthétique de l'ellipse11ocn869724969book2014Araguas, LenaInitiales, Vol.3 : Marguerite Duras. (+ DVD)+-+7557300406+-+7557300406Fri Mar 21 16:01:45 EDT 2014batch10059