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Fri Mar 21 17:05:33 2014 UTClccn-no20061348640.12Law & order UK0.150.19Brighton rock139927022no20061348647282306Kudos Film and Television (Firm)nc-british broadcasting corporationBritish Broadcasting Corporationlccn-n82045419Great BritainMI5lccn-n88043598Firth, Peter1953-actlccn-no96013231BBC Video (Firm)lccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)viaf-9386331Walker, Nicolaactlccn-no20071418602 Entertain Video (Firm)lccn-no97017622BBC Worldwide Americas, Inclccn-no99061610Norris, Hermionelccn-no2008137244Webster, Paul1952 September 19-proKudosDramaHistoryTelevision comediesFilm adaptationsTelevision seriesFictionTelevision mini-seriesPolitical television programsThrillers (Television programs)Film and video adaptationsGreat BritainSpiesGreat Britain.--MI5Intelligence serviceEngland--LondonMidwivesOrganized crimeRussiansOrphansJournalistsCold War (1945-1989)EnglandBritish Broadcasting Corporation.--Television ServiceTelevision broadcasting of newsCriminal investigationDetectivesEspionageTerrorism--PreventionFlamingosTanzaniaTime travelPoliceCriminal behaviorSinai Campaign (1956)ConspiraciesLakesEngland--BrightonMan-woman relationshipsGang membersDisaster victimsTsunamisSearch and rescue operationsThailandTsunami damageDisaster reliefSwindlers and swindlingPolitical prisonersRussiaSocial changeWest Indies--British West IndiesEngland--ManchesterLoyaltyEx-convictsWomen prime ministersCabinet systemPolitical scienceNew York (State)--New YorkNew York (N.Y.).--Police DepartmentCriminalsFraud1999200320042005200620072008200920102011201220139340137213791.4575PN1992.77ocn731796624ocn711788181ocn8063812585721ocn656916333visu20100.13The crimson wing mystery of the flamingosJuvenile worksIn a place like no other on the planet, the dramatic and desolate Lake Natron in northern Tanzania, viewers will witness a spectacle unlike anything they've seen before as a million crimson-winged flamingos arrive to continue the circle of life. Focusing on the adventures of a single chick set against a backdrop of never-before-filmed landscapes, it is a visually stunning journey into the life and struggles of the mysterious and inspiring flamingo5592ocn748285193visu20110.17The hourFictionDrama"London, 1956. At Lime Grove Studios, the BBC has just launched 'The Hour,' a topical news program. At the heart of the show are three contrasting journalists: enigmatic producer Bel Rowley, a spirited woman in a man's world; her best friend, Freddie Lyon, a brilliant and passionate reporter; and charming, well-connected front man Hector Madden. As Freddie moves to cover a significant but controversial story, the trio becomes entangled in an intense interplay of politics, ambition and romance, all ignited by a mysterious murder and chilling conspiracy." -- Container4752ocn758687465visu20110.19Joffe, RowanBrighton rockDramaFilm adaptationsPinkie is a desperate youth who is hell bent on clawing his way up through the ranks of organized crime. When a young and very innocent waitress, Rose, stumbles on evidence linking him to a revenge killing, he sets out to seduce her to secure her silence. Special features: a trailer, featurette, behind the scenes, and interviews4685ocn079834525visu20070.16Tsunami the aftermathHistoryDramaTwo years ago a Tsunami ravaged the coast of Tailand and hundreds of thousands lost their lives. This story follows a group of people whose lives are irrevocably transformed in the aftermath including: a young couple searching for their child; a Thai survivor who loses his family and tries to prevent developers from seizing the land his village is built on; an Englishwoman whose husband and son are missing; an ambitious reporter; a relief worker; an overwhelmed British official whose faith in the system is torn apart; and a leading Thai meteorologist, whose earlier report detailing the inevitability of a tsunami hitting the affected area was ignored4594ocn077523426visu20070.15MI-5DramaThe group was left reeling after the shocking death of Danny at the hands of hostage-takers as the last season concluded. Now Adam, Harry, Ruth, Fiona and rising star Zafar set out to become even stronger in their battle to safeguard the nation+-+79899346964493ocn186528009visu20080.14Spooks (Television program)MI-5DramaDetective and mystery television programsTelevision seriesThrillers (Television programs)A series of sinister terror strikes, combined with severe fuel shortages, has plunged Britain into crisis. As a chronically weakened prime minister fights to hold onto power, the public mood turns increasingly anarchic. MI-5 supremo Harry Pearce and team leader Adam Carter begin to face the horrifying possibility that the country is under attack from sinister forces right at the heart of the establishment4093ocn298263285visu20090.14MI-5FictionDramaHaving survived the bombing of the Thames Barrier, Adam and Ros recover to find London facing an even greater threat. While attempting to thwart an attack that could jeopardize a historic peace accord, the team unwittingly unleashes a deadly virus+-+93302346963963ocn817251816visu20120.15The hourDrama"Rejoining The Hour a year on in 1957, the team are still striving to broadcast the stories they believe in, grappling with the disturbing threat of the Cold War and a country in the grip of unsettling, rapid change. Bel is still single and determined not to get involved with another married man, but finds herself taking on her adversary Bill Kendall, an ITV producer whose magnetic charm she can't help but find irresistible. Hector has risen to the status of a national celebrity and, drawn into the seductive glamour of Soho nightclub, El Paradis, falls under the spell of the beautiful and seductive KiKi. No longer happy at The Hour under Randall's new regime, he is tempted by offers from ITV, but when a night at the club goes badly wrong, scandal threatens and Hector must try and stop a news story that could destroy his marriage and his career. Investigative reporter Freddie makes an unexpected return to uncover and tackle police corruption within the world of Soho crime and vice."--Container3914ocn230761965visu20060.19Wide Sargasso SeaDramaFilm and video adaptationsA look at what happened when Mr. Rochester met and married his first wife, and how she became the madwoman locked in the attic. A prequel to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre3852ocn495545558visu20090.14MI-5DramaHaving spent years in a Russian prison, Lucas North is welcomed back by MI-5 supremo and old friend Harry Pearce, who was instrumental in finally securing his release. Lucas is keen to get back to work straight away and, with Section D's current priority operation having a strong Russian connection, he could well prove invaluable. But, after so many years with only a high ranking Russian spymaster for company, can Lucas's loyalty really be taken for granted?+-+97554346963243841ocn689131516visu20110.14MI-5FictionDramaThe fallout from Russia's thwarted attack on London finds the team in a race against time to rescue Harry, who has been kidnapped by rogue Russian agents. But as they dig deeper into his disappearance, they find a trail that leads to Iraq, and a conspiracy that involves the CIA, MI-6 and some missing weapons-grade uranium3691ocn728639424visu20110.13MI-5DramaThe penultimate season of the hugely successful, long-running drama introduces a host of new characters. There's Beth Bailey, a brilliant ex-mercenary who was posing as an Eastern European prostitute when she ran into the team. Dimitri, an ex officer in British Special Forces, has been recruited for his skills in fighting terrorism on the front line. And finally, data analyst Tariq has been fast-tracked through the system3594ocn371197711visu20090.15Life on MarsDramaAfter a car accident, modern-day police detective Sam Tyler wakes up to find he has been transported to 1973. Is he crazy, in a coma, or back in time? He must solve crimes using low-tech, highly aggressive 1970s methods, butt heads with his boss, and find time for a possible romance with policewoman Annie35010ocn180299131visu20070.19Cronenberg, DavidEastern promisesDramaRussian-born Nikolai Luzhin is a driver for one of London's most notorious organized crime families of Eastern European origin. The family itself is part of the Vory V Zakone criminal brotherhood. Semyon heads the syndicate and is the proprietor of a plush Trans-Siberian restaurant. But his friendliness at the restaurant masks a cold and brutal core. Fortunes are tested by Semyon's volatile son and enforcer, Kirill. But Nikolai's carefully maintained existence is jarred once he crosses paths at Christmastime with Anna Khitrova, a midwife at a North London hospital. Anna is deeply affected by the death of a teenager while giving birth to a baby. Anna resolves to try and trace the baby's lineage and relatives. The girl has a personal diary, but it is written in Russian. Anna's Russian-born uncle urges caution. Anna accidentally unleashed the full fury of the Vory. With Semyon and Kirill closing ranks and Anna pressing her inquiries, Nikolai unexpectedly finds his loyalties divided. Hanging in the balance is a harrowing chain of murder, deceit, and retribution3421ocn773758855visu20120.13Mi-5FictionDramaThe BATAA-winning, international hit spy drama returns for a nail-biting tenth and final series. With the truth about Lucas North finally revealed, and following his rooftop showdown at the end of the last series, Harry is facing some complicated questions about the future of Section D as well as some skeletons from his own past3193ocn166410474visu20070.13The amazing Mrs. PritchardFictionDramaTelevision comediesPolitical television programsTelevision seriesTelevision mini-seriesRos Pritchard is a charming and honest woman who becomes Prime Minister. She wants to relocates Parliament to make it more accessible to the masses. She introduces "No cars Wednesday" to trackle global warming. At the same time, she juggles the needs and demands of her increasingly frustrated family, which she fears is slipping away from her. With humor and charm, she takes a bold unflinching look at the modern political process, and the toll it can take on our leaders and their loved ones2873ocn422777151visu20090.16Life on MarsDramaNYPD detective Sam Tyler finds himself walking both sides of the line between delusion and reality, when he is suddenly hurtled back in time to 1973 after being struck in an 2008 car accident. As Sam continues to figure out why he is struck in 1973, he continues to clash with colleagues and superiors over police procedure as they pursue a robbery suspect. A decorated Vietman War vet is beaten to death; a Puerto Rican man is accused of throwing a black girl off the roof of a building; a hostage situation takes place at the psychiatric ward of a hospital; a bank robbery involving the Russian mob starts a turf war; a councilman is shot and killed in the station causing it to go on lockdown+-+08904333252361ocn071016403visu20060.15HustleFictionDramaFollow the adventures of a gang of five expert con-artists let loose on the streets of London. They are specialists in liberating cash from the amoral and undeserving+-+49638346963241961ocn123378024visu20070.13Hu$tleDramaStrapped for cash after a spell in Las Vegas, the expert tricksters are confronted by some risky situations. They devise and execute more devious schemes to replenish their coffers by depriving some nasty characters of their ill-gotten gains1953ocn758894935visu20110.12Law & order UKDramaIn 13 hard-hitting episodes reflecting the real-life cases that riveted overseas audiences, the Police Detective Sergeants of the Major Investigations Unit and the Crown Prosecution Service work together to bring down some of the most complex and clinically insane criminals yet. From putting a child on trial for the murder of a toddler to the gut-wrenching investigations into the deaths of close friends and colleagues, see their unique drive and determination+-+7989934696+-+7989934696Fri Mar 21 15:47:39 EDT 2014batch21465