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Thu Oct 16 18:03:20 2014 UTClccn-no20060568110.00Voglio essere felice /0.211.00Factors for rating condition of culverts for repair or replacement needs /99149306Dan_Baker_(PA_Announcer)no200605681169570111887779Baker, Daniel Harold.Baker, Daniel Harold 1946-lccn-n2005089217Greenberg, Cathylccn-n82117355Stauth, Cameronlccn-no99022899Hemingway, Collinslccn-n82140739Yalof, Ina L.1939-lccn-n88644508Commodore-Amiga, Incviaf-23365901Ricci, Marklccn-no2004035649Young, Laurettalccn-n80114612KOIN-TV (Television station : Portland, Or.)lccn-no97053212Medstar Communicationslccn-no2004035647Hendricks, MarkBaker, Dan1946-Personal narratives‡vAmericanBiographyRecipesHappinessOrganizational effectivenessCorporate cultureOrganizational sociologyLeadershipWomen--PsychologyEvidence-based medicineRheumatologyAmiga (Computer)Armies--Non-commissioned officersUnited States.--Army Air ForcesWorld War (1939-1945)LaMore, Thomas L.,Self-actualization (Psychology)Read-only memoryAmiga (Computer)--ProgrammingSelf-realization in womenUser interfaces (Computer systems)Milk-free dietGluten-free dietSelf-care, HealthSugar-free dietBehavior modificationHyperactive childrenAttention-deficit disorder in adolescenceAttention-deficit hyperactivity disorder--DiagnosisAttention-deficit hyperactivity disorderAttention-deficit-disordered children--Family relationshipsAttention-deficit hyperactivity disorder--TreatmentCarnival ownersEnglandMontanaManners and customsCarnivalsWall, Doris,19461979198119821983198719881991199219931997199820022003200420052006200720082009201328594175658.314BF575.H27ocn697598053ocn760669390ocn832328250ocn83077960193312ocn062533892book20060.28Baker, DanWhat happy companies know : how the new science of happiness can change your company for the better"Drawing on the new science of happiness, this book shows how to build a happy, high-functioning organization - and overcome even the most ingrained culture of negativity. The authors identify every key trait of the happy company. Then, using real-world case studies from today's best organizations, they present tools and best practices for infusing these traits throughout every level of your business - from individuals and teams to the entire enterprise."--BOOK JACKET+-+72030368658806ocn050561522book20020.16Baker, DanWhat happy people know : how the new science of happiness can change your life for the betterProfiles unhappiness as a chemical brain response that helped early humans survive, offering advice on how to achieve happiness by retraining brain activity, accepting a painful past, and designing a future+-+67519042067393ocn086117442book20070.15Baker, DanWhat happy women know : how new findings in positive psychology can change women's lives for the betterExamines six traps that can compromise happiness and hinder a woman's quest for a better life, drawing on the latest research to offer strategies designed to help women accept the past and move toward a happier future of their own choice+-+5090139406694ocn054773903book20040.12Baker, DanLo que sabe la gente feliz : tomar las riendas del propio destino y vivir una vida plena y satisfactoria+-+3710804293592ocn051668635book20030.14Baker, DanWhat happy people know : you're only 6 steps away from happiness+-+3168162555324412ocn024504674book19910.63Commodore-Amiga, IncAmiga ROM kernel reference manual devices+-+0022106575324282ocn027849283book19910.56Commodore-Amiga, IncAmiga ROM kernel reference manual : includes and autodocs242ocn863692504book20130.16Baker, DanBeating arthritis : alternative cookingRecipesThis book grapples with a basic question: How do you handle food restrictions? Suppose you had been eating pretty much whatever you wanted, and then, perhaps because of a health issue, or perhaps because you simply wanted to feel better, many foods that you once enjoyed are no longer "allowed." My stance is: Don't panic, you can still enjoy a varied and versatile diet even if you're restricting certain foods. "Beating Arthritis" shows you a method of how to prevent and reduce the inflammation of chronic disease and an attitude of never giving up. It is not a magic cure, but instead a way of eating, one that will pay off if you persevere. "Alternative Cooking" suggests an alternative approach to cooking and an alternative way of using ingredients. In this book you will find answers for many of your questions. What if you cannot eat certain fruits and vegetables, even when you are a vegetarian or a vegan? What if you need to eliminate wheat flour, added sugar or fats, or certain spices? If you're gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, or fat-free, can you still make tasty, appealing and nutritious meals? Of course you can162ocn813964068book20080.07Baker, DanKuai le qi ye du zhi dao de shi151ocn055012945visu20030.47Coping with attention deficit disorder in childrenExplains causes, symptoms, proper evaluation and diagnosis, and approaches to treatment of ADD and ADHD121ocn862613985file20020.24LaMore, Thomas LOne man's war : the WWII saga of Tommy LaMoreBiographyPersonal narratives AmericanEscaping certain death - not once but several times - lies at the core of the riveting real-life story of an American soldier during World War II. In One Man's War: The WWII Saga of Tommy LaMore, a B-17 pilot vividly details his experiences in war-ravaged Germany, from the horrific to the romantic and beyond72ocn803932989book20070.27Baker, DanEmpresas felices=empresas rentables : la ciencia de la felicidad aplicada a los negocios51ocn190014260book20080.18Baker, DanKuai le gong si : da zao shi ban gong bei de gong zuo huan jing43ocn799441645book2004Baker, DanVoglio essere felice31ocn476592042book19910.37Commodore-Amiga, IncAmiga hardware reference manual22ocn873619576book19910.74Commodore-Amiga, IncAmiga user interface style guide+-+520220657532422ocn697598053com20030.47Tugwell, PeterEvidence-based rheumatologyA textbook of evidence-based medicine applied to the musculoskeletal disorders. The introductory section on the principles of evidence-based medicine discusses how they apply to Rheumatology, and are followed by clinical chapters on all the major disorders+-+919964272521ocn312000257book1991Commodore-Amiga, IncAmiga ROM kernel reference manual+-+002210657532421ocn044217703com0.22Baker, DanAnatomy of an EpidemicPresents information on epidemics, defined as diseases that affect many people at once. Offers general information about disease and about specific epidemics. Includes animated maps showing the spread of epidemics. Highlights such epidemics as AIDS, influenza, smallpox, the plague, and mad cow disease. Details the causes and prevention of diseases. Contains quizzes, a glossary, and a discussion area. Notes that the information was prepared by students as part of the ThinkQuest student competition21ocn051972414art20021.00Cahoon, JoelFactors for rating condition of culverts for repair or replacement needs21ocn058998305book20040.47Baker, DanDan Baker's travels 1931 and 1932 : from his letters to his daughter Doris.HistoryRecords and correspondence+-+7203036865+-+7203036865Thu Oct 16 15:41:28 EDT 2014batch14065