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Fri Mar 21 17:05:01 2014 UTClccn-no20070125710.47Historic printing films0.650.79Historic HUAC propaganda film Operation abolition /148121690no20070125717318383lccn-n79084324King, Martin LutherJr1929-1968lccn-n50056393Jam Handy Organization, incprolccn-n80061062United StatesCongressHouseCommittee on Un-American Activitieslccn-n83123378United StatesOffice of War InformationDomestic BranchBureau of Motion Picturesnp-herlihy, edHerlihy, Edlccn-n80039693Castro, Fidel1926-lccn-n81110574Van Dyke, Willardlccn-no90021074Ruttmann, Walter1887-1941lccn-n85067132Freund, Karl1890-1969lccn-no96056048Fox-Europa (Firm)Quality Information PublishersHistoryMethodsTravelEconomic historySocial historyCommunismCubaManners and customsPsychologyHuman behaviorFashion in motion picturesFashion designFashion designersMotion picturesFashion merchandisingFashionClothing and dressModels (Persons)Costume designFashion showsCastro, Fidel,NewsreelsInvasion of Cuba (1961)March on Washington for Jobs and FreedomInternational relationsWashington (D.C.)African Americans--Civil rightsCivil rights demonstrationsCuban Missile Crisis (1962)LinotypeTypesettingPrinting pressesElectronic data processingSex discrimination in employmentWomen in motion picturesSex discrimination against womenPsychology--ExperimentsSexual harassment of womenSexism in motion picturesWomen employeesComputersRiotsBolivia--La PazBoliviaUniversity of California, BerkeleyMexicoMexico--CuernavacaCaliforniaMexicans--Social life and customsUnited States.--Congress.--House.--Committee on Un-American ActivitiesStudents--Political activityGood Friday192719451968197720052006200720092101454477681.62E185.61ocn399892711ocn288524216ocn285464160ocn271677028ocn271676068ocn272380676ocn272404719ocn776045266ocn085587655ocn772516166ocn399892711ocn085587655282ocn196648879visu20060.56Historic fashion & design filmsHistoryThis is a compilation of fashion and design films filled with spectacular footage of vintage fashion shows, interviews, advertisements, and promos for high fashion, western wear, dresses, fabrics and more242ocn176205330visu20060.73Classic Fidel Castro newsreelsHistoryThis compilation of newsreel footage opens with a young Fidel Castro as he assumes power of Cuba in January of 1959 and continues on through the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962221ocn227175156visu20070.47Historic printing filmsHistoryMethodsThree vintage films highlight printing methods from the manual and mechanical printing press and linotype typesetting era201ocn227007749visu20060.56Historic computer filmsHistoryExplores three films from the late 50's and early 60's, looking at the supercomputers of the era and how they were an integral part of our national defense and space program201ocn156938312visu20070.73Classic women in the workforce filmsThis compilation features films about women in the workforce during the 1940s and 1950s. Gender roles have evolved substantially since these films were made, but the old gender biases run rampant through this collection. In many of the films, women are portrayed as emotional, troublesome workers, who should pretty much be relegated to secretarial work201ocn173151629visu20070.63Vintage psychological experiment filmsJudging emotional behavior: An interesting study of human behavior when two people are told a story and their reactions to the story are taped. Just the reactions are shown and then the reactions are replayed with the story audible. How did your perception of their reactions change after hearing the story?191ocn192019474visu20070.70Vintage La Paz filmsThis documentary looks at 1940s La Paz, Bolivia, it's culture and people. Features footage of landscape scenery, street markets, industrial factories, food preparation, sports, and architecture191ocn192044211visu20070.70Historic Mexican culture filmsHistoryThe first short film features the sights and sounds of daily life from Olvera Street in Loa (Los) Angeles during the late 1930s. The second film is about immigrant Mexican laborers, the bracero program, and the impact on California's working class and economy. The third film is a travelogue and features Good Friday throughout Cuernavaca, Mexico192ocn182627142visu20070.79Historic HUAC propaganda film Operation abolitionA government-made film that supports the House Committee on Un-American Activities' position vis-a-vis the American Communist Party. The film concentrates on the Committee's hearings in San Francisco in 1960, where there occurred large demonstrations against the Committee's presence. Scenes include footage of California Communist Party members demonstrating in the streets, Congressman Francis Walter, Harry Bridges, Archie Brown, Douglas Wachter, William Mandell, University of California, Berkeley students and excepts from the Daily Californian. A film using the same footage, but a different narration called Operation correction was made by the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California to counter Operation abolition181ocn192020758visu20070.70Historic Peru filmsContains two vintage films about living in Lima, Peru. The first film explores a day in the life of a wealthy Peruvian doctor and his family that resides in an upper-class neighborhood in Lima. The second film is an in-depth look at the capital of Peru, Lima181ocn213815795visu20070.66Historic textile industry filmsThese two films offer an inside look at the manufacturing of cloth, thread, cotton and other materials. Of note is the assembly line footage showing factory practices in the textile industry in the 1950's181ocn192093392visu20070.70Vintage Cuban history film adelante CubanosShot entirely in Cuba before communism took hold. This film was made around the time Castro took power, but before he declared himself a communist, when over half of Cuba's land was owned and run by U.S. foreign companies171ocn192041602visu20070.73Classic Puerto Rico history filmsThe first film shows how democracy has brought peace and prosperity to Puerto Rico. Includes lots of scenes of the life and times of Puerto Rican farmers and laborers, agricultural landscapes, and hand made products. The second film explains how industry and agriculture are thriving in Puerto Rico and bringing good jobs to the people of Puerto Rico171ocn250608579visu20070.59The march on Washington (1963)History1963 civil rights march in Washington D.C. shows preparation work, people marching, performances and speeches at the Lincoln Memorial171ocn192072174visu20070.73Historic Venezuela filmShows rapidly developing Venezuela through the eyes of a young American petroleum engineer as he learns to work and live as a guest in that country. A descriptive tour of Maracaibo and Caracas is also given171ocn227327060visu20070.53Historic book filmsThis four-part program takes a look at how books are made, how they are used in libraries, and how they can help expand vocabulary172ocn227824453visu20060.59Historic sound filmsFeatures vintage films about sound and sound reproduction from vinyl pressing to stereophonic sound production to motion picture sound science171ocn233841360visu20070.53Historic newspaper production filmsHistoryExplores the processes of creating a newspaper, from logging the trees to printing161ocn168589859visu20070.70Vintage psychology filmsUnconscious motivation: This is a filmed unrehearsed session of hypnosis with two students who are given false memories and take psychological tests161ocn192046922visu20070.73Historic Uruguay filmShows the culture, agriculture, educational system and lifestyles of the people in Uruguay in the 1940sFri Mar 21 15:10:41 EDT 2014batch18962