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Thu Oct 16 17:50:59 2014 UTClccn-no20070363020.00RLG Programs descriptive metadata practices survey results0.641.00Beyond the silos of the LAMs : collaboration among libraries, archives and museums /130563505no20070363027372121OCLC. Office of Programs and ResearchcontainsVIAFID/136069274OCLC. Office of ResearchcontainsVIAFID/137616884OCLC Researchnp-erway, rickyErway, Rickylccn-no2009194698Waibel, Günternp-schaffner, jenniferSchaffner, Jenniferlccn-n86036971Smith-Yoshimura, Karennp-pirmann, carrie mPirmann, Carrie, lauren cTeffeau, Lauren C.lccn-n91018957Palmer, Carole L.lccn-no95061001Zorich, Dianenp-payne, lizannePayne, Lizannelccn-no2003049888Lavoie, Brian F.OCLCPrograms and Research DivisionCatalogsLibrary use studiesUnited StatesMetadataLibrary cooperationLearning and scholarshipInformation retrievalArchivesLibrary storage centersCanadaOnline information servicesAcademic libraries--Space utilizationResearch--MethodologyInterprofessional relationsCollection management (Libraries)Libraries and museumsArt librariesNew York (State)--New YorkFair use (Copyright)Searching, BibliographicalCopyright infringementOnline bibliographic searchingLibraries--Special collectionsLibrary materials--DigitizationOCLC.--RLG ProgramsDescriptive catalogingAssociations, institutions, etc.--Computer network resourcesNames, Personal--Computer network resourcesMetadata harvestingResearch Libraries GroupInformation organizationDatabase managementUser-generated contentInformation literacyElectronic reference services (Libraries)Library catalogsSubject headings, Library of CongressInformation storage and retrieval systemsEnvironmental librariesPuerto Rico200720082009671924021.64Z672ocn733970362ocn317880126ocn317880727ocn317880096ocn318339595ocn317880111ocn319065617ocn317880126ocn317880727ocn317880096ocn318339595ocn317880111ocn31906561782ocn298733494file20090.66Palmer, Carole LScholarly information practices in the online environment : themes from the literature and implications for library service development71ocn255969881file20081.00Zorich, DianeBeyond the silos of the LAMs : collaboration among libraries, archives and museums71ocn180188799file20070.92Payne, LizanneLibrary storage facilities and the future of print collections in North America73ocn325131725file20090.92Schaffner, JenniferThe metadata is the interface better description for better discovery of archives and special collections : synthesized from user studies62ocn298329039file20090.92Erway, RickyImpact of the Google book settlement on libraries61ocn226970440file20081.00Lavoie, Brian FAn art resource in New York the collective collection of the NYARC art museum librariesCatalogsThe New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC) includes the Frick Art Reference Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Thomas J. Watson Library, and the libraries of the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. NYARC was formed under the auspices of a Mellon Foundation planning grant aimed at exploring opportunities for deeper collaboration among the four libraries. Paper reports the results of a study examining the size and characteristics of the aggregate collection of the NYARC member institutions42ocn182573184file2007Smith-Yoshimura, KarenRLG Programs descriptive metadata practices survey results41ocn319639019file20090.92Smith-Yoshimura, KarenNetworking names31ocn177202617file20070.47Erway, RickyShifting gears gearing up to get into the flowBuilding upon information and insight gathered at the "Digitization Matters" forum (held August 29, 2007, sponsored by RLG Programs and the Society of American Activists, and hosted by the Newberry Library), this essay provides suggestions on how to improve and streamline the digitization of primary sources in library special collections31ocn298819709file20090.47Malpas, ConstanceShared print policy review report21ocn298738330file2009What we've learned from the RLG partners metadata creation workflows survey21ocn233832679file2008Proffitt, MerrileeThe impact of digitizing special collections on teaching and scholarship : reflections on a Symposium about Digitization and the Humanities21ocn733970362file2008Erway, RickySeeking sustainabilitySummarizes the history and important outcomes of creating, managing, and delivering RLG's Cultural Materials and services and working with the Cultural Material Alliance. Essay focuses on these efforts as a means to make access to the digitized special collections of cultural heritage institutions self-sustaining and available under appropriate licensing arrangements11ocn317880126book2007Jörgensen, CorinneDeveloping a thesaurus for indexing images across diverse domains final report : 2004 OCLC/ALISE Library and Information Science Research Grant Project, August 22, 200711ocn317880096book2007Pomerantz, JeffreyThe return on investment of collaborative virtual reference service final report : 2006 OCLC/ALISE Library and Information Science Research Grant Project, May 16, 200711ocn317880111book2008Gross, MelissaSelf-views of information-seeking skills undergraduates' understanding of what it means to be information literate : final report : 2007 OCLC/ALISE Library and Information Science Research Grant Project, April 7, 200811ocn318339595book2007Wang, JunAutomated Dewey decimal classification final report : 2005 OCLC/ALISE Library and Information Science Research Grant Project, "The mining of cataloging knowledge from bibliographic data for automatic subject cataloging", February 18, 200711ocn317880727book2007Spiteri, Louise FThe use of collaborative tagging in public library catalogs final report : 2006 OCLC/ALISE Library and Information Science Research Grant Project, February 26, 200711ocn319065617book2009Qayyum, AsimInvestigating and documenting the user needs and preferences for an environmental library final report : 2007 OCLC/ALISE Library and Information Science Research Grant Project, January 27, 2009Library use studiesThu Oct 16 15:19:34 EDT 2014batch10864