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Thu Oct 16 17:52:22 2014 UTClccn-no20070938850.12Mexico0.130.29[Spain] [the land and its people]127048165no20070938857495360lccn-n79068374Istituto geografico De Agostinilccn-n81105720Film Ideas (Firm)np-rowe, mikeRowe, Mikelccn-no2007093882Rinaldo, Fulviolccn-no2007007776Rowe, Mike1962-np-bouchardeau, cecilBouchardeau, Cecillccn-no2004094429Battaglini, Andrea1958-viaf-156449674Marcom Projectsnp-collins, michaelCollins, Michaellccn-no00006003Davidorf, BradMillennium III CommunicationsHistoryTravelGermanyItalySouth AfricaCaribbean AreaMexicoQueensland--Great Barrier ReefAustraliaSouth Africa--Cape TownCzech RepublicIrelandRhine River ValleyItaly--TuscanyItaly--PisaItaly--FlorenceItaly--LuccaItaly--SienaGermany--BavariaDanube River ValleyAustriaHungaryAntiquitiesMexico--Yucatán (State)QueenslandSpainItaly--NaplesSpain--País VascoMediterranean Region--Aegean IslandsGreeceGreece--CreteCivilizationQueensland--BrisbaneQueensland--CairnsCzech Republic--PragueMexico--Quintana Roo (State)MayasCentral America--Yucatán PeninsulaMexico--Campeche (City)Mexico--Chichén Itzá SiteMexico--MéridaMexico--Uxmal SiteMexico--CancúnIreland--DublinItaly--ChiantiItaly--MonteriggioniItaly--Alps, ItalianGermany--BayreuthGermany--LinderhofSchloss Neuschwanstein (Germany)Schloss Hohenschwangau (Schwangau, Germany)20022007200823501616914.57304DA978.22331ocn051689536visu20020.12MexicoHistoryThe Yucatan, Mexico's southerly most point, is nothing less than a true paradise with legendary cities and culture of Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Merida-the white city. Finally visit the crystalline sea of Cancun and the fabulous nature reserves of Quitana Roo2251ocn051689531visu20020.12CaribbeanHistoryTours the Caribbean, where the turquoise sea surrounds beautiful islands that are steeped in early history and legend. Highlights include Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Cuba2201ocn051642267visu20020.12AustraliaHistoryAustralia is often considered the world's smallest continent or its largest island. Originally inhabited mainly by aborigines, it was later converted into a penal colony by the British. Take a look at the famous Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, the capital of Brisbane, and venture into the Daintree Forest, which remains unchanged since dinosaurs roamed the earth2201ocn051642220visu20020.14GermanyHistoryExplore Germany's lush countryside as well as some of the most famous historical and artistic itineraries along the River Rhine. Begin in the Baroque city of Karlsruhe, then continue on to the great cathedrals of Speyer and Mainz, the castles of St. Goarshausen, and the fortress of Marksburg. The video culminates with a look at the Rhineland metropolis of Cologne2111ocn051689696visu20020.12IrelandHistoryIreland lies west of Great Britain and is covered with breath-taking cliffs and landscapes which are home to ancient forts, stone circles, and ruins left by the Celts and the Stone Age people who once lived here. Experience the energy of Ireland's capital, Dublin where one can enjoy the sounds of its famous street musicians and the lively life of its people2091ocn051689546visu20020.12Czech RepublicHistoryTour of the Czech Republic, one of the most mysterious and magical of all European countries, rich in history and tradition. Highlights Prague, also known as the city of 100 spires, the capital of this beautiful land-locked country. Also travels to castles and spa towns2001ocn051689724visu20020.13TuscanyHistoryA tour of the Medieval and Renaissance towns of Tuscany, the cradle of the Italian language and culture. Highlights include Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Lucca2001ocn051689547visu20020.12Land of the DanubeHistoryFollows the Danube River through Germany, Austria, and Hungary, including stops at Regensburg, Passau, Vienna, and Budapest. Visits the birthplace of Albert Einstein and witnesses the magnificent beauty of medieval architecture, complete with defensive walls and gates that still stand today. Eastward, gaze upon such natural wonders of Austria's majestic Gorge of Strudengau, and the mysterious city of Budapest1901ocn051689540visu20020.12BavariaHistoryBavaria is Germany's largest and most picturesque region. Discusses the history and castles of Mad King Ludwig, abbeys, and Bayreuth, famous for opera1861ocn051689544visu20020.14ItalyHistoryExplore southern Italy and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, including Naples, Pompeii, and the island of Capri1831ocn051689632visu20020.13SpainHistoryExperience Spain's Basque country, a land of gorgeous sunsets which borders the Pyrenees and is the home of the bay of Biscay. Learn about the region's history, proud people, and the sport of poleta. Highlights include Vitoria, Fuenta Arvia, San Sabastian, Kitaria, Basque, and Loyola641ocn051642205visu20020.12GreeceHistoryIn the middle of the beautiful sea where Western culture was born, Crete and other enchanted islands shine like pearls of the Mediterranean Sea31ocn700924336visu20080.26Scotland, IrelandHistory"Leprechauns and shamrocks, bagpipes and kilts each reminders from two cultures that have similar yet different heritages. While its borders have been bombarded by foreign invaders, sovereignty for these lands lies within the character of its people. Neither Romans, Anglos, Saxons, Vikings or England could prevent Scotland or Ireland from its true destiny independence"--Container21ocn700925552visu20080.12Rosendo, JosephSouth AfricaHistory"South Africa is a crossroads and a melting pot for the cultures of the world. Early ships carried goods, peoples and ideas, all of which mixed freely here at what was once the end of the known world. Today South Africa stands at the threshold of an exciting future. With continued respect for civil rights, preservation of the environment and its great wealth of minerals and natural resources, South Africa continues to grow and develop as a major world country"--Container21ocn700914259visu20080.16ItalyHistory"From its humble beginnings in 753 BCE, Italy, formerly known as Rome, this once tiny hilltop village overlooking the Tiber River became the most powerful empire the world has ever known. Famous for its artists, scientists, musicians, inventors and explorers, Italy greatly influenced the history of the world. At its height the Roman Empire stretched from the British Isles to Persia (Iran). It is in combination with their treasured past and their present fortitude that Italian culture will continue to contribute to a world rapidly advancing into the 21st century and beyond"--Container21ocn700919453visu20070.29[Spain] [the land and its people]History"Spain was once the most powerful country in the world. From an ancestry founded in North Africa and steeped in historic tradition, it continues to blend its past traditions with its tasteful flair for contemporary life. Spain's world influence no longer stems from the ambition of kings and queens, but rather from the culture of such notables as Pablo Picasso and Miguel De Cervantes"--ContainerThu Oct 16 15:49:22 EDT 2014batch11916