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Thu Feb 12 22:13:07 2015 UTClccn-no20080844830.00Aun san sū chī : Tatakau kihin /0.421.00Sorosu /46575256no20080844837788780Mikami, Yoshikazu, 1956-ミカミ, ヨシカズ, 1956-三上義一, 1956-lccn-n84238684Krugman, Paul R.1953-autlccn-n81046163Aung San Suu Kyilccn-n79148902Thurow, Lester C.1938-lccn-n81010793Slater, Robert1943-autviaf-251562911竹熊, 誠1944-lccn-n79137031Naisbitt, John1929-np-jackson, timJackson, Timlccn-n88232236Wood, Christopher1957-lccn-n86011219Soros, Georgenp-wood, christopherWood, Christopheraut三上, 義一1956-HistoryBiographyEconomic historyUnited StatesInternational economic relationsEconomic policyEconomic forecastingMonetary policyStocks--PricesFinanceSocial policyPolitical scienceEqualityIncome distributionBusiness cyclesRecessionsGlobalizationCaliforniaEnergy policyFinancial crisesDepressionsInternational financeGlobalization--Economic aspectsNationalistsBurmaBusinessCapitalists and financiersInvestmentsEconomicsGreenspan, Alan,1956199119941995199619992004200720082009591639330.973HC106.83ocn170282324ocn228117378ocn222474409ocn419662357ocn606652119ocn263635763105ocn033727182book19910.85Mikami, YoshikazuAun san sū chī toraware no kujakuBiography83ocn675543517book20080.23Krugman, Paul RThe conscience of a liberalHistoryToday's most widely read economist challenges America to reclaim the values that made it great. Here he studies the past eighty years of American history, from the reforms that tamed the harsh inequality of the Gilded Age to the unraveling of that achievement and the reemergence of immense economic and political inequality since the 1970s. Seeking to understand both what happened to middle-class America and what it will take to achieve a "new New Deal," Krugman has woven together a nuanced account of three generations of history with sharp political, social, and economic analysis. This book, written with Krugman's trademark ability to explain complex issues simply, may transform the debate about American social policy.--From publisher description84ocn675607986book20040.24Krugman, Paul RThe great unraveling : losing our way in the new centuryA respected economist shares a collection of his columns from "The New York Times" that analyzes the course of the American economy, looking at the collapse of fiscal responsibility, corporate scandals, and how the nation can get back on track42ocn675683679book19990.47Gurōbaru keizai o ugokasu orokana hitobito32ocn675276082book20040.31Thurow, Lester CFortune favors the bold : what we must do to build a new and lasting global prosperity"Lester Thurow argues now is the time to shape globalization into what we want it to be - before it's too late. Today, he explains, we are at a critical crossroads in the development of the global economy. We can sit back and let it grow as it will, or we can seize the moment and build economic systems that will minimize instability, allow second and third world countries to thrive, and protect and enhance our own American interests. In short, a win/win global economy that benefits all participants."--Jacket32ocn676390409book20090.23Krugman, Paul RDe crisiseconomie : hoe een herhaling van de Grote Depressie kan worden voorkomenHistoryAnalyse door de Nobelprijswinnaar van de huidige economische en financiële crisis, met adviezen voor maatregelen om erger te voorkomen32ocn674851499book19990.30Krugman, Paul RThe return of depression economicsHistoryThis book is for anyone with any level of economic background who wishes to understand the stunning events in today's global economy32ocn674385225book19951.00Slater, RobertSorosuBiographyVeteran Time reporter and renowned biographer Robert Slater probes Soros's financial genius to give readers insight to the unique investment philosophy, strategies, methods, and tactics that have given George Soros enormous influence over world financial markets and in 1993 made him America's largest money-earner (a record-breaking $1.1 billion). Since 1992, the Soros Foundations he created to fund political reform in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union have given away $500 million - and have plans to give away $500 million more. Soros is the fascinating story of this enigmatic master investor, philanthropist, and self-styled philosopher32ocn675572342book20040.47Daburu purei22ocn170282324book1999Mikami, YoshikazuYokohama iesutadēzu22ocn675492422book20070.47Chūdokusuru sekando raifu22ocn674935117book19940.47Tōgō īshī nichibei kigyō no tsuginaru senjō22ocn228117378book2008Mikami, YoshikazuAun san sū chī : Tatakau kihin23ocn675590852book19940.47Wood, ChristopherGōi no hōkai22ocn674823484book19960.47Megatorendo ajia22ocn674575734book2009Mikami, YoshikazuObama no keitai : fukeiki o waraitobasu sekai no bīkyū nyūsuFri Feb 13 11:09:16 EST 2015batch9411