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Thu Oct 16 17:50:29 2014 UTClccn-no20091642620.47[Bernie Armstrong at the organ. [The Bob Hope show0.470.47[Bernie Armstrong at the organ. [The Bob Hope show101517262Paul_Shannonno20091642628271877lccn-n50054057Andrew W. Mellon Foundationlccn-no2009045360Marr Sound Archiveslccn-n98106120Goldin, J. Daviddnrlccn-no2009063639Thomas, Phillips1883-1958spklccn-no2003017269KDKA (Radio station : Pittsburgh, Pa.)lccn-no2008016916Armstrong, Berniearritrlccn-n82220322Duquesne Light Companyspnlccn-n85089507Harrison, John1693-1776lccn-n79083259Leeuwenhoek, Antoni van1632-1723lccn-n82222658Garnerin, André Jacques1769-1823Shannon, Paul V.1909-1990DramaHistoryUnited StatesUnited States.--NavyGreely, A. W.--(Adolphus Washington),Agriculture--Social aspectsStanford, Leland,AntarcticaOrgan music, ArrangedPumping machineryGalvani, Luigi,BarbersBMW automobilesSteam-carriagesMotion picture industryEruption of Mount Pelée (Martinique : 1902)CometsSteam locomotivesEye--ResearchHumphreys, Joshua,Power resourcesElectricity--ExperimentsWeapons systemsNeptuneAdams, John Couch,Constitution (Ship)Ericsson, John,Dover, Thomas,Windows--TaxationSteel industry and tradeCorrectional institutions--Health aspectsElectric power transmissionElectric power transmission--Alternating currentGasoline--ResearchColumbus, ChristopherVolta, Alessandro,TiresVenezuelaHall, Charles Martin,Pott, Percivall,Hypodermic needlesMarcus, Siegfried,Power resources--ResearchDredgesMarine engineeringSpine--TuberculosisMartinique--Mount PeléeOil well drilling--ResearchAutomobilesBlood--ResearchTyphus feverTull, Jethro,19091990194119421943194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956231231231ocn313769122ocn313787815ocn316327656ocn315915889ocn314451229ocn314176869ocn313811679ocn593834786ocn315901905ocn593760218ocn658860599ocn671374898ocn702946685ocn671377353ocn657724434ocn701903348ocn657328788ocn701903508ocn657381083ocn65738085011ocn315874163rcrd19500.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram 408: A dramatized story of a mountain in Venezuela which has one of the highest iron-ore concentrations on earth, and its significance to the future of steel making in the United States. Program 409: A dramatized story of Oliver Evans, inventor of many steam-powered machines including the first steam powered dredge built for the dockyards of Philadelphia11ocn315870292rcrd19510.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram 426: A dramatized story of Henry Rossiter Worthington who invented the first steam pump to keep the engine from flooding before going on to create the duplex pumping engine. Program 427: A dramatized story of Dr. John Dunlop, a Scottish veterinarian who invented the pneumatic tire in Ireland11ocn314413692rcrd19480.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchDramaProgram no. 298: The story of Dr. Percivall Pott who discovered arthritic tuberculosis of the spine. Program no. 299: The story of Rene Descartes11ocn315906721rcrd19510.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram 464: A dramatized story of Siegfried Marcus who experimented with electricity and invented the first automobile. Program 465: A dramatized story of how John Couch Adams, famous English astronomer, discovered Neptune11ocn314386882rcrd19480.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram 282: A dramatization of Joseph von Fraunhofer who became an important glass maker that was able to determine the composition of stars through spectrometric measurement. Program 283: A dramatization of how Leland Stanford commissioned Mr. Muybridge to photograph a horse while in motion in order to prove that the animals legs left the ground at one point in stride and how this commission produced the motion picture industry11ocn316028807rcrd19520.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchDramaProgram 480: The story of the destructive 1902 eruption of Mount Pelée in Martinique. Program 481: The story of how a Japanese and Swiss professor working independently found the cause and carrier of the plague11ocn316217430rcrd19540.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaNo. 576: A dramatized story of how American astronomer, Maria Mitchell, discovered a new comet. No. 577: A dramatized story of Sir Robert Watson-Watts work on some of the first workable radar systems, turning the theory into one of the most important war-winning weapons11ocn313769122rcrd19430.47[Adventures in research] [Adventures in research]Program #17 (i.e. #18): A discussion of contemporary power sources and solutions being worked on by scientists including new methods for making gasoline and repressurization of oil wells to capture more oil. Program #18 (i.e. #19): Dr. Thomas discusses the large coal deposits in the United States, the developing use of water power, the unfeasibility of wind energy, potential usage of tide energy, the energy level provided by the sun despite our inability to use the majority of it, and other forms of potential energy production11ocn315888622rcrd19510.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchDramaProgram 432: The story of two inventors, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot and William Murdock, who failed in their attempts to build steam carriages because they were ahead of their times. Program 433: The story of the invention of the phenakistoscope by Joseph Plateau11ocn598518709rcrd19480.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram no. 292: A story about primitive and gruesome dentistry from the 16th century including information about the barber and his multiple trades as haircutter and surgeon. Program no. 293: A story about how a tax on windows resulted in the use of less windows which affected the living conditions for prisoners. The prisoners contracted typhus and infected others while in trial which led to the discovery of typhus fever, and eventually, a cure11ocn314432861rcrd19480.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchDramaProgram no. 306: The dramatization of the discovery of the correlation between electricity and life that began with experimentations by Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta. Program no. 307: Dramatization of how Jethro Tull was influenced as a young boy by a nursery rhyme which led to a life-long interest in agriculture and would help bring about the British Agricultural Revolution11ocn314204836rcrd19480.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchDramaProgram no. 268: A story about the first day of standardized time zones across North America. Program no. 269: The story of how Christopher Columbus used the incorrect calculations of Marinus of Tyre to argue that he could easily sail west from Europe to reach Asia11ocn313815036rcrd19460.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram 156: The story of how aluminum was developed as a strategic material through the work of Charles Martin Hall. Program 157: A biographical sketch of Nikola Tesla who pioneered high-tension electric transmission and laid the groundwork for alternating current electric power11ocn316221604rcrd19540.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaNo. 584: A dramatized story of how Dr. Francis Rynd invented the hypodermic needle. No. 585: A dramatized story of the rescue of 8 ships and 275 men trapped at Point Barrow, Alaska from a large ice pack using about 500 reindeers11ocn657381083rcrd19410.47Armstrong, Bernie[Bernie Armstrong at the organ. [The Bob Hope showThe Bob Hope show excerpts: Bob presents his opening monologue, followed by a gap in the recording which re-starts in the middle of the song Maria Elena11ocn316215633rcrd19530.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchDramaNo. 570: Dramatized story of the creation of the safety razor by King Camp Gillette. No. 571: Dramatized story of how Eli H. Janney invented the modern knuckle coupler for North American railroads11ocn314856979rcrd19490.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram 330: The history of research on blood, including blood circulation, transfusions, preservation, and blood types. Program 331: The story of Joshua Humphreys, a master American shipbuilder who designed and built six frigates used in the War of 1812, including the Constitution11ocn315857423rcrd19500.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchDramaProgram 404: The story of Cyrus Hall McCormick, who successfully invented a reaper to help farmers harvest their wheat. Program 405: The account of how science discovered the various parts of the eye and their functions11ocn314376977rcrd19480.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram 284: A dramatization of Karl Benz and his struggle to create a horseless carriage that could move under its own power. Program 285: A dramatization of John Ericsson a Swedish-American inventor who created the ironclad war vessel, the torpedo, and many other innovations in naval technology11ocn314432798rcrd19480.47Adventures in research. Adventures in researchHistoryDramaProgram 304: A dramatization of Lt. Adolphus Greely's Arctic grueling Arctic expedition in Canada and Greenland. Program 305: A dramatization of the life of Dr. Thomas Dover who was a ship's captain, privateer, pioneer of a treatment for distemper, and how he inspired Daniel Defoe in writing Robinson CrusoeThu Oct 16 15:38:15 EDT 2014batch18244