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KA history of engineering education in the University of California32ocn711782059book19420.92Martinelli, R. CAn investigation of aircraft heaters. 5 - Theory and use of heat meters for the measurement of rates of heat transfer which are independent of timeA meter which will measure the heat flowing through surfaces is described. Its operation is based on the measurement of the temperature decrease through a fixed thermal resistance. Several methods of application of the meter are noted and the corresponding necessary corrections are presented. In this report only the case of heat flow independent of time has been discussed. The meter is calibrated and a typical unit will generate approximately 1 millivolt for each 18 Btu/hr ft squared flowing. Special applications of the meter which are pertinent to the airplane are to the airplane are the heat flow through the wings, cabin walls, and clothing of personnel31ocn079743658book19601.00Boelter, L. M. KUrban planning transportation and systems analysis32ocn711780466book19420.92Martinelli, R. CAn investigation of aircraft heaters. 7 - Thermal radiation from athermanous exhaust gasesEquations and necessary data for the calculation of the gaseous radiation from water vapor and carbon dioxide in an exhaust gas heat exchanger are presented. A typical calculation is included32ocn711779184book19420.92Martinelli, R. CAn investigation of aircraft heaters. 6 - Heat transfer equations for the single pass longitudinal exchangerPresented herein is an analysis of parallel flow and contraflow single pass heat exchangers, together with charts which allow the direct evaluation of the thermal performance of such units without recourse to trial-and-error techniques. The use of the equations and charts is illustrated by several examples. The analysis indicates that one of the frequently stated restrictions on the use of the logarithmic mean temperature difference - that is, that the exchanger must be perfectly insulated - is not always necessary31ocn008671247book19630.81Boelter, L. M. KEducation for the profession32ocn557538079book1965Boelter, L. M. KHeat transfer notes. ([By] L.M.K. Boelter, V.H. Cherry, H.A. Johnson, R.C. Martinelli.)21ocn711787347book19431.00Boelter, L. M. KAn investigation of aircraft heaters. 16 - Determination of the viscosity of exhaust gases from a gasoline engineThe absolute viscosity of exhaust gases from a gasoline engine was measured at temperatures from 75 to 890 degrees F and at compositions corresponding to fuel-air ratios ranging from 0.0625 to 0.167. The viscosity was found to be nearly independent of the fuel-air ratio and within 6 percent of the value of dry air at the same temperature. During the calibration tests measurements of the viscosities of air, N2, O2, and CO2 were also obtained161ocn000222353book0.98Purdue UniversityLlewellyn M. K. Boelter collectionBibliography CatalogsBibliography11ocn024062502mix1.00Boelter collection, 1987-1988Letters about L.M.K. Boelter, written chiefly by his former students and associates, including: Robert Bromberg, Harry Buchberg, Warren Giedt, Armand G. Guibert, Fred Romie, Myron Tribus, William D. Van Vorst, and George B.W. Young. Letters solicited and collected by Frank Kreith01ocn226716714book1968Dedicated to the memory of Llewellyn M.K. Boelter01ocn086146202mixWiener, NorbertPapersThe collection includes extensive files of Wiener's writings, published and unpublished. Copies of articles he wrote while in Cambridge and Germany reflect his transition from philosopher to mathematician. His later writings record his collaborative work with colleagues and students. Included in the collection is the unpublished Dynamics of the Nervous System, by Wiener and Rosenblueth, as well as his other books, lectures, speeches, articles, and book reviews. Copies of writings by others are also included in the collectionFri Mar 21 15:27:40 EDT 2014batch14539