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Thu Oct 16 17:55:21 2014 UTClccn-no890170190.00Blagi prosvetitelj narodov : vzpon in padec mednarodnega prava 1870-1960 /0.591.00Tra apologia e utopia : forma e decisione nel diritto internazionale : il contributo di Martti Koskenniemi /262339135Martti_Koskenniemino 890170192629270Koskenniemi, M. 1953-lccn-n2003114077Petman, Jarnaedtlccn-n96033620Klabbers, Janedtlccn-n78097617Crawford, James1948-lccn-n83068452Eisemann, Pierre Micheledtlccn-n50053125Hague Academy of International Lawlccn-no98094291Jouannet, Emmanuelleedtlccn-n50039939Lauterpacht, Hersch1897-1960lccn-no2012055318Ranganathan, Surabhilccn-n2007050799Prost, Mariolccn-n00097712Erik Castrén -instituuttiKoskenniemi, MarttiHistorySourcesConference proceedingsInternational lawInternational relationsForensic orationsState successionGlobalizationWorld politicsInternational and municipal lawEurope--European Union countriesDiplomatic relationsRecognition (International law)Political scienceEuropeArbitration (International law)International law--PhilosophyConflict of lawsInternational law--Interpretation and constructionLaw--International unificationEnvironmental law, InternationalPollution--Law and legislationLiability for environmental damagesGovernment liability (International law)Transboundary pollution--Law and legislation1953197719781983198419851987198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144986130358341KZ1242ocn797359923ocn797842821ocn468157976ocn697596536ocn807686375ocn797518860ocn797334188ocn807102109ocn760520203ocn455980945ocn186054545161242ocn056219945file20010.53Koskenniemi, MarttiThe gentle civilizer of nations the rise and fall of international law, 1870-1960HistoryKoskenniemi combines legal analysis, historical and political critique and semi-biographical studies to trace the emergence of a liberal sensibility relating to international matters in the late nineteenth century, and its subsequent decline post Second World War. This highly readable and learned study ends with a critique of post-1960 'instrumentalism'+-+666871670581344ocn067714020file19890.63Koskenniemi, MarttiFrom apology to Utopia the structure of international legal argument"Drawing from a range of materials, Martti Koskenniemi demonstrates how international law becomes vulnerable to the contrasting criticisms of being either an irrelevant moralist Utopia or a manipulable facade for State interests. He examines the conflicts inherent in international law--sources, sovereignty, 'custom' and 'world order--and shows how legal discourse about such subjects can be described in terms of a small number of argumentative rules. Originally published in English in Finland in 1989, this reissue includes a newly written Epilogue by the author."--Publisher's website+-+11419067058066ocn062266012file20030.39Nordic cosmopolitanism essays in international law for Martti Koskenniemi+-+416186955426610ocn024173987book19920.70International law+-+046192963526010ocn754168275book20100.77Crawford, JamesThe Cambridge companion to international lawHistoryThis intellectually rigorous introduction to international law encourages readers to engage with multiple aspects of the topic: as 'law' directing and shaping its subjects; as a technique for governing the world of states and beyond statehood; and as a framework within which several critical and constructivist projects are articulated. The articles situate international law in its historical and ideological context and examine core concepts such as sovereignty, jurisdiction and the state. Attention is also given to its operation within international institutions and in dispute settlement, and a separate section is devoted to international law's 'projects': protecting human rights, eradicating poverty, the conservation of resources, the regulation of international trade and investment and the establishment of international order. The diverse group of contributors draws from disciplinary orientations ranging from positivism to postmodernism to ensure that this book is informed theoretically and politically, as well as grounded in practice"24117ocn620140175book19900.66Koskenniemi, MarttiThe politics of international lawIn this collection, Martti Koskenniemi, one of the great theorists & historians of international law examines the recent debates on humanitarian intervention, collective security, protection of human rights & the 'fight against impunity' & reflects on the use of the techniques of international law to intervene politically+-+948486693622416ocn042295954book20000.70Sources of international lawSources+-+124596593619712ocn037457801book19970.77International law aspects of the European UnionConference proceedingsThese essays by distinguished Finnish and British academics and practitioners examine the international law aspects of the activities of the European Community and the European Union. Their aim is to elucidate points of connection and possible points of conflict+-+233956695416112ocn044654609book20000.74La succession d'Etats : la codification à l'épreuve des faits+-+97486669541057ocn470559280book20070.79Koskenniemi, MarttiLa politique du droit international625ocn714084957book20110.70Lauterpacht, HerschThe function of law in the international communityThe Function of Law in the International Community, first published in 1933, is one of the seminal works on international law. Its author, Sir Hersch Lauterpacht, is widely considered to be one of the great international lawyers of the 20th century. It continues to influence those studying and working in international law today. This republication once again makes this book available to scholars and students in the field. It features a new introduction by Professor Martti Koskenniemi, examining the world in which the Function of Law was originally published and the lasting legacy of this class+-+9633514465222ocn870520769book20130.74Prost, MarioUnitas multiplex unités et fragmentations en droit international176ocn228497029book20070.59United NationsFragmentation of international law : difficulties arising from the diversification and expansion of international law71ocn813593929book2012Koskenniemi, MarttiBlagi prosvetitelj narodov : vzpon in padec mednarodnega prava 1870-196072ocn022564693book19830.47Koskenniemi, MarttiInternational pollution in the system of international law72ocn047677174book20010.22International law51ocn849228240book19990.79Council of Europe / Conseil de l'EuropeState practice regarding state succession and issues of recognition : the pilot project of the council of Europe = Pratique des états concernant la succession d'états et les questions de reconnaissance : le projet pilote du conseil de l'EuropeHistory+-+585766695453ocn123464821book20050.74Koskenniemi, MarttiEl discreto civilizador de naciones : el auge y la caída del derecho internacional, 1870-1960History41ocn697596536file20030.47Koskenniemi, MarttiFinnish Yearbook of International Law 12: 2001Annotation Despite its Finnish initiative and pedigrees, the "Finnish Yearbook of International Law does not restrict itself to purely 'Finnish' topics. On the contrary, it reflects the many connections in law between the national and the international. The" Finnish Yearbook of International Law annually publishes articles of high quality dealing with all aspects of international law, including international law aspects of European law, with close attention to developments that affect Finland. Its offering include: longer articles of a theoretical nature, exploring new avenues and approaches; shorter polemics; commentaries on current international law developments; book reviews; and documentation of relevance to Finland's foreign relations not easily available elsewhere. The "Finnish Yearbook offers a fertile ground for the expression of and reflection on the connections between Finnish law and international law as a whole and insight into the richness of this interaction+-+100286955443ocn786188673file19960.26New approaches to international law21ocn852795511book20131.00Tra apologia e utopia : forma e decisione nel diritto internazionale : il contributo di Martti KoskenniemiConference proceedings+-+6668716705+-+6668716705Thu Oct 16 16:09:28 EDT 2014batch18958