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Thu Oct 16 17:49:39 2014 UTClccn-no900126740.00The lounger's common-place book: or, Miscellaneous collections, in history, criticism, biography, poetry, & romance. In three volumes0.721.00William Hazlitt manuscript material : 16 items,102369641William_Hazlitt_(registrar)no 900126742770172Hazlitt, W.Hazlitt, W. 1811-1893lccn-n79125826Hazlitt, William1778-1830lccn-n50057779Guizot, François1787-1874lccn-n81149691Huc, Evariste Régis1813-1860edtlccn-n79068499Montaigne, Michel de1533-1592lccn-no95037907Roche, Henry Philip1817-1875edtlccn-n80046324Michelet, Jules1798-1874edtlccn-n79095498Webster, John1580?-1625?lccn-n86123212Gabet, Joseph1808-1853lccn-n50048941Pelliot, Paul1878-1945edtlccn-n79089628Luther, Martin1483-1546Hazlitt, William1811-1893Criticism, interpretation, etcHistoryFictionRecords and correspondenceDiariesBiographyCatalogsEnglish poetryEnglish literatureEnglish wit and humorCivilizationEnglish literature--Early modernGreat BritainEuropeTravelHogarth, William,China--Tibet Autonomous RegionMongoliaGabet, Joseph,ChinaCivil War (Great Britain : 1642-1649)Damon (Greek mythology)Phintias (Greek mythology)Art museumsAsia, CentralDebtor and creditorCourt rulesBankruptcyArtMale friendshipFranceRome (Empire)Luther, Martin,Louis--XVII,--of France,Revolution (France : 1789-1799)Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis,--duc de,EnglandEnglish essaysHuc, Evariste Régis,War, Maritime (International law)Cinq-Mars, Henri Coiffier Ruzé d'Effiat,--marquis de,English dramaEngland--LondonMontaigne, Michel de,English prose literatureIntellectual lifeHazlitt, William,FacsimilesPoets, EnglishLouis--XVI,--King of France,AsiaEducational law and legislationOntarioComic, The, in literatureHazlitt, William,English drama--Early modern and ElizabethanReformation18111893181718181821182418251830183318351836183818391840184118421843184418451846184718481849185018511852185318541855185618571859186018611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518871888188918901891189318941897189818991900190119021905190619071909191019111912192019241927192819301934193719421949195419671968197019711976197719881995199719982000200320042005200620072009201020137998185675821.09PR503ocn000457213ocn001516791ocn002969476ocn003057993ocn003498114ocn001424574ocn002563678ocn000599028ocn002771701ocn000592802ocn000716945ocn000981879ocn001634800ocn003930255ocn004988610ocn002014216ocn002740560ocn004482684ocn003322049ocn003436631ocn682444516ocn064583657ocn027694897ocn040325837ocn870888358ocn785433604119777ocn036570940book18000.70Guizot, FrançoisThe history of civilization in EuropeHistory"In response to the reactionary arguments of ultra-royalists, Francois Guizot (1787-1874) showed that aristocratic social conditions had gone for ever. The growth of towns and a market economy had forged the bourgeoisie and created a 'democratic' (or capitalist) society based on individual rights. Yet in France, if not in England, this just and inevitable process had been accompanied by the destruction of local autonomy and the creation of an overpowerful state bureaucracy." "The History stresses the role of class conflict as a catalyst for social change, and the energizing effect of Europe's plural traditions (Roman, Christian and Germanic). Such themes, argues Siedentop, deeply influenced the thinking of his three great contemporaries Tocqueville, Marx and Mill, revealing Guizot as both 'the key to an epoch' and 'the most trenchant historical mind of the nineteenth century'."--Jacket+-+101199596534112ocn005201454book18570.77Webster, JohnThe dramatic works of John Webster34014ocn000457213book19280.70Huc, Evariste RégisTravels in Tartary, Thibet and China, 1844-1846+-+78399806953289ocn000716945book18410.63Hazlitt, WilliamLectures on English poets & the spirit of the ageCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography31631ocn000599028book18460.74Guizot, FrançoisHistory of the English revolution of 1640: from the accession of Charles I. to his deathHistory31443ocn003392158book18450.79Montaigne, Michel deWorks of Michael de Montaigne. Comprising his essays, journey into Italy, and letters, with notes from all the commentators, biographical and bibliographical notices, etcDiariesRecords and correspondence28813ocn001634800book18410.56Hazlitt, WilliamLectures on the English comic writersCriticism, interpretation, etcEnglish essayist William Hazlitt demonstrates the inseparable connection between laughter and tears in this extraordinary collection of lectures. Proposing that both comedy and tragedy are intensely concerned with the human condition, Hazlitt examines the similar foundations of the two, making his case with his characteristic eloquence and verve27221ocn003498114book18470.70Thierry, AugustinHistory of the conquest of England by the Normans; its causes, and its consequences, in England, Scotland, Ireland, & on the continentHistory+-+K26994269626320ocn003042151book18520.79Huc, Evariste RégisTravels in Tartary, Thibet, and China, during the years 1844-5-62393ocn060730800file18730.86Roche, Henry PhilipThe law and practice in bankruptcy comprising the Bankruptcy Act, 1869, the Debtors Act, 1869, the Insolvent Debtors and Bankruptcy Repeal Act, 1869, together with the general rules and orders in bankruptcy, at common law and in the county courts : with the practice on procedure, copious notes, references, and a very full index1948ocn004292164book18500.70Hazlitt, WilliamWinterslow: essays and characters written there18512ocn004024439book18460.66Michelet, JulesThe life of LutherBiography+-+617690896632418314ocn002771701book18470.82Michelet, JulesHistory of the Roman republicHistory1739ocn002563678book18470.79Vigny, Alfred deCinq-Mars: or, A conspiracy under Louis XIIIFiction16113ocn367850008book18540.86Hazlitt, WilliamManual of the law of maritime warfare, embodying the decisions of Lord Stowell and other English judges, and of the American courts, and the opinions of the most eminent jurists: with an appendix of the official documents and correspondence in relation to the present war+-+45112293061595ocn003057993book18460.74Carrel, ArmandHistory of the counter-revolution in England, for the re-establishment of popery, under Charles II. and James IIHistory15112ocn017248495book18390.66Hazlitt, WilliamSketches and essays14811ocn002740560book18430.70Hazlitt, WilliamCriticisms on artCatalogs14811ocn003436631book18430.70Hazlitt, WilliamCriticisms on art: and sketches of the picture galleries of England14711ocn001850732book18530.79Beauchesne, A. deLouis XVII. His life, his suffering, his death: the captivity of the royal family in the TempleHistory102ocn026365033art0.86Edwards, RichardDamon and PythiasDrama11ocn078703192bookNewman, Jeremiah WhitakerThe lounger's common-place book: or, Miscellaneous collections, in history, criticism, biography, poetry, & romance. In three volumes11ocn311119379mix1.00Hazlitt, WilliamWilliam Hazlitt manuscript material : 16 itemsRecords and correspondence· To the Rev. William Hazlitt, Unitarian minister (his father) : 1 autograph letter signed : 16 Dec 1799 : (WH 0001) : from London; giving details of his journey from Wem in Shropshire to London, including, "I just now began Godwin's new novel [St. Leon], which I do not at present admire very much."11ocn702151943mix1.00Hazlitt, WilliamWilliam Hazlitt collectionLetters from William Hazlitt to various parties, along with letters by Hazlitt's father (William Hazlitt) and Hazlitt's son (William Hazlitt) as well as three manuscripts by Hazlitt11ocn662517966mix18300.10Lamb, Charles[Enfield], to Sarah StoddartDiscussing the possibility of her son [William Hazlitt, Jr.] taking up music seriously, stating that Lamb relayed her thoughts on this to her ex-husband William Hazlitt, who "expressed such a horror and aversion to the idea of his singing in public, that I cannot meddle in it directly or indirectly." Suggesting she contact Ayrton for advice instead. Sending love from himself and Mary+-+1011995965+-+1011995965Thu Oct 16 15:59:12 EDT 2014batch26826