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Fri Mar 21 17:10:06 2014 UTClccn-no900067240.22The Devil and Daniel Webster0.301.00[Drawings and prints of dancers]34644610Simone_Simonno 900067242718955lccn-n83142897Gabin, Jean1904-1976sngnrtprfactlccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)lccn-n79018203Renoir, Jean1894-1979prfaudscedrtflmactnrtlccn-n83313890Lewton, Valprolccn-n79083590Ophuls, Max1902-1957sceausflmdrtlccn-n86138439Darrieux, Danielle1917-prfactlccn-n50009228Bodeen, DeWittsceauswamlccn-n86041352Arnold, Edward1890-1956actlccn-n85151615Huston, Walter1884-1950actlccn-n87896378Shirley, Anne1918-1993actSimon, SimoneDramaFilm adaptationsFictionHistoryFilm and video adaptationsMan-woman relationshipsFranceMotion picturesWebster, Daniel,DevilNew EnglandFarmersMurderBenét, Stephen Vincent,DealsShapeshiftingBlessing and cursingImaginary companionsMetamorphosisTriangles (Interpersonal relations)WitnessesBriberyLoveZola, Émile,AdulteryPleasureArtists' modelsAustria--ViennaManners and customsSchnitzler, Arthur,CuckoldsMistressesSexMarried womenProstitutesMotion pictures, FrenchLawyersFilm adaptationsCriminal behaviorLewton, ValInsanity (Law)FolkloreSerbiaJealousyFashion illustratorsImagination in childrenLoneliness in childrenMaupassant, Guy de,United StatesMental illness in motion picturesFilm sequelsOperas--ExcerptsMan-woman relationships in motion picturesFathers and daughtersVocal music191020051933193419351936193719381939194019421943194419461950195119541977197919801981198219831985198619871989199019911992199319941995199619971998200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220134109123414791.4372PN1997ocn053120479ocn061852910ocn233218232ocn061928119ocn043389092ocn225305096ocn698244866ocn024152958ocn026379065ocn799902179ocn852397021ocn420842675ocn043986481ocn753609523ocn081680872ocn417554915ocn742927706ocn834989142ocn742836110ocn833099773ocn766450258ocn765202967ocn658465829ocn766450278ocn766179126ocn766462520ocn658546360ocn765237159ocn659113528ocn661534098ocn065177467ocn766518540ocn767025987ocn661327294ocn864537362ocn743167034ocn220140523908125ocn062500336visu19380.32Renoir, JeanLa bête humaineFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThis French film tells the story of the son of a drunkard who finds his own abstinence from drinking is no escape from self-hate and sadess8309ocn053120479visu19900.22The Devil and Daniel WebsterFictionDramaFilm adaptationsHaving promised his soul to the Devil in exchange for good fortune, Jabez Stone asks the talented lawyer Daniel Webster to get him out of the bargain5892ocn061852910visu20050.24Cat people The curse of the cat peopleDramaCat people: A woman fears that an ancient curse will be transform her into a panther if aroused to passion, anger, or jealousy+-+381501532550022ocn233218222visu19500.31Ophuls, MaxLa rondeHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsLa Ronde translates as 'the round' which can refer to the policeman's beat, a circle of dancers, or a carousel, all of which this circular collection of interconnected short stories resembles. Each scene is built around a specific pair, and when one member of the pair breaks away from his or her lover, he or she then moves on to the next, introducing the partner that will lead on to the next pair, and so on until we are back where we started. Many of these lovers are seeking something they've lost in arms that look familiar but that belong to strangers. La ronde is the bittersweet note sounded by the circular nostalgia of the heart+-+102965532532443213ocn233218232visu19510.33Ophuls, MaxLe plaisirFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsBased on three short stories by Guy de Maupassant. Le Masque - A wife tells her doctor how her husband, despite his age, visits a dance hall wearing a mask to hide his wrinkles. La Maison Tellier - Madame Tellier closes her brothel so she and her girls can attend her niece's first communion. Le Modele - A young painter has an affair with a model. She throws herself from a window because of her love for him and breaks her legs. The artist marries her and devotes his life to her care. (Does not circulate)32347ocn027928143visu19420.33Tourneur, JacquesCat peopleDramaThe classic horror tale of a young bride who believes she is the victim of a curse that transforms her into a deadly panther+-+3815015325931ocn061928119visu20050.28The Val Lewton horror collectionDramaVal Lewton redefined the horror genre with low-budget, high box office films. Here are nine of his horror classics+-+38150153258216ocn018532590visu19440.29Fritsch, Gunther VThe Curse of the cat peopleDramaPoetic fantasy film about a sensitive child who is guided by the vision of her dead mother596ocn030130001visu19380.50La bete humaine (The human beast)DramaFilm adaptationsA man witnesses a murder committed by a station master and his wife and becomes part of a dangerous love triangle which can only end in murder333ocn053042400visu19890.22Deville, MichelLa femme en bleuAfter glimpsing a mystery woman in blue, Pierre begins an all-consuming search for her183ocn494614402visu19930.47Tourneur, JacquesCat people La félineIrena Dubrovna (Simone Simon) est hantée par la peur d'être la descendante d'une race de femmes monstres qui se transforment en panthères dès qu'elles perdent leur virginité. Olivier Reed (Kent Smith) tombe amoureux d'elle et l'épouse. Mais le comportement de la jeune mariée, qui se refuse à son mari, va se dégrader d'une inquiètante manière...Un des films fantastiques les plus novateurs grâce auquel le cinéma découvre qu'il peut avoir un effet maximum en s'adressant à l'imaginaire du spectateur. Un immense succès qui aura une suite deux ans plus tard "La Malédictions des hommes chats" réalisé par Robert Wise163ocn154141364visu19970.29La B ete humaineTrain driver Jacques Lantier becomes involved with sensuous and deceptively innocent Sévérine when he lies to protect her from implication in a murder159ocn420842675visu19440.81Wise, RobertMademoiselle Fifi"1870. La Normandie est occupée par les Prusses. Une diligence fuit cette invasion étrangère avec à son bord des notables et une jeune femme. Un prussien retient la diligence en otage jusqu'à ce que la jeune femme accepte d'aller dîner avec lui131ocn065177467rcrd20040.88Les introuvables du chant français129ocn032659434visu19930.47Tourneur, JacquesLa félineDramaA beautiful Yugoslavian girl believes she can turn into a panther ; before she is found mysteriously dead, several of her acquaintances are attacked by such a beast. [Halliwell's]102ocn032226815visu19940.92Women without namesDramaIn Europe, following World War II, expatriot women who had no passports or identification documents were herded into detention centers. Simone Simon portrays a detainee who hatches a plan to seduce a married camp worker, marry him and gain her freedom. This anti-war film is noteworthy in that although the film was made in 1949, there are subplots dealing with sexuality, lesbianism, abortion and women's rights. Filmed in the Alberobello and Farfa detention camps in Italy83ocn793117284visu20000.47Wise, RobertThe curse of the cat people la malédiction des hommes-chatsAmy Reed, qui vient de se marier, reçoit d'une bien étrange voisine, une bague exauçant tous les voeux. Amy demande donc une camarade de jeu. Apparaît alors une jeune femme (Simone Simon) dont la ressemblance avec Irena, la première femme de son père, morte d'une affreuse malédiction, est bien troublante71ocn799902179visu20080.47The Val Lewton horror collection 9 tales of terror from the legendary producerDramaVal Lewton redefined the horror genre with low-budget, high box office films. Here are nine of his horror classics, plus a bonus documentary disc+-+381501532564ocn699728507visu19420.47Katzenmenschen65ocn500841634visu19960.92Allégret, MarcPétrusDramaOne evening, Migo, a dancer at a Montmartre nightclub, decides to take her revenge on her cheating boyfriend, Rodrigue. She shoots him but misses, and instead wounds Pétrus, a passer-by. Moved by Migo's distress, Pétrus refuses to press charges and wants to make Migo happy, at the risk of becoming involved in a counterfeiting ring11ocn317394593book19401.00Simone Simon in "The French touch"Comic books, strips, etc11ocn821848464visu1.00Bendiner, Alfred[Drawings and prints of dancers]Caricatures and cartoonsThe Dance Division's collection of Alfred Bendiner's artworks is arranged in four groups: Identified persons and works, Ethnic dancing, Social dancing, and Miscellaneous11ocn423304663visu19361.0020th Century FoxTour, conducted by Jimmy Fidler, includes views of both studio lots (Western Ave. and Beverly Hills), producers' and writers' buildings, stages, and personnel. Personnel briefly pictured include: [Frances Richardson?], head of the Research Library; [Hector Dodds?], head of Film Editorial, and ace cutter [Ali McNeil?]; studio wardrobe heads Arthur M. Levy, Gwen Wakeling, and Royer; Ernie Westmore, head of the Makeup Dept., and his assistant, [Dennis Phillips?]; Roger Heman, [Edward Hansen?], and [Ralph Townsend?] from Sound Engineering; Camera, [Bud Fisher?] in charge, [Grover Loffey?], Head of Camera Repair; Ralph Hammeras, in charge of the Miniatures and Process Dept.; William Darling, art director; Fred Sersen's scenic art crew; [Tom Young?], Chief of Police; [Eugene Enos?], Fire Chief; [Robert Banks?], Studio Manager; [William Dover?], Personnel Manager; Tom Little, head of Property Dept.; [Walter Strong?], Chief Engineer; [D.L. McFadden?] and [Joseph Barlow?] of the Construction Dept.; [John Clark?] and [Joseph Laskowitz?]; Darryl F. Zanuck, Vice President in Charge of Production; William Goetz, executive assistant; Sol Wurtzel, executive producer; John Stone and Max Golden, associate producers; associate producers Raymond Griffith, Kenneth Macgowan, and Bogart Rogers; associate producer Nunnally Johnson; associate producers Buddy DeSylva and Adolphe Menjou; associate producer Gene Markey and writer William Conselman; director E.H. Griffith with Charlie Kenyon preparing the script; [Ed Everly?], production manager with Fred [Metzvah?], Studio Treasurer; Music Building under the direction of [James O'Keefe?], Louis Silvers and Samuel Kaylin; Darryl F. Zanuck and William Goetz with Irving Berlin; Watts and Arthur Caesar sing and play Soft starlight; Lew Pollack and Jack Yellen to accompaniment of Tony Martin off screen singing My lover will come to me; Ted Koehler and Jimmy McHugh working on the music for Shirley Temple's next picture, Bowery princess, i.e., Dimples; Jason S. Jort, Public Relations, and Julian Johnson, head of the Scenario Dept.; Gene Fowler, Bess Meredyth and Allen Rivkin, screenwriters; Sam Engel, Howard Ellis Smith and Milton Sperling, screenwriters; Sonya Levien, screenwriter, and Mark Kelly, sports authority; Drew Moore, story editor, and Helen Morgan and Robert Ellis, screenwriters; Sam Hellman and Gladys Lehman, screenwriters; Saul Elkins and Lou Breslow, screenwriters; Edward T. Lowe and Lamar Trotti, screenwriters; Franklyn Underwood and T.B. Costain, Eastern scenario and play editors; Shirley Temple with her mother Mrs. George Temple; Loretta Young and Robert Taylor; Victor McLaglen, the "2-fisted he-man," who puts a pansy in his buttonhole; Alice Faye; Ted Healy; Patsy Kelly; Gregory Ratoff; Rochelle Hudson; Janet Gaynor, mentioning Ladies in love; dancing girls trying out for Sing, baby, sing, along with casting director Lou Schreiber and dance director Jack Haskell; Astrid Allwyn working on Dynamo; Claire Trevor working on To marry with love; Howard Hawks, Fredric March, and June Lang, working on Road to glory; James Ryan, casting director, Arthur Treacher, and Arthur Collins, director, for the Jeeves series; Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy, [Jan Hunter?], and director John Cromwell, working on To marry with love; director Otto Brower and film cutter [Bobby McLain?], working on Sins of man; director David Butler, actors Michael Whalen, Slim Summerville, Jean Muir and Lightning (dog) working on White fang; director George Marshall and actors Robert Kent, Taylor Holmes, Sara Haden, Gloria Stuart, and Edward Bromberg, working on The crime of Dr. Forbes; Irvin S. Cobb and Jane Withers with director Eugene Forde working on Pepper; Herbert Marshall, Ruth Chatterton, Simone Simone, Constance Collier, and director Irving Cummings, working on Girls' dormitory; Shirley Temple, Frank Morgan and director Bill Seiter working on Bowery princess, i.e., Dimples; Henry King and staff looking over carriages to be used in Ramona11ocn868227504score19370.28Pollack, LewSeventh heaven+-+3815015325+-+3815015325Fri Mar 21 15:44:26 EDT 2014batch26912