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Fri Mar 21 17:14:01 2014 UTClccn-no910231120.08Freaky Friday0.200.63The apple tree a new musical based on stories by Mark Twain, Frank R. Stockton [and] Jules Feiffer66665179Barbara_Harris_(actress)no 910231123028963lccn-no92026470Black, Karen1939-2013prfactlccn-n79055404Paramount Pictures Corporationlccn-n85242403Tomlin, Lilyactlccn-n85274222Gibson, Henryactlccn-no90011051Chaplin, Geraldine1944-lccn-nr97006650ABC Entertainmentlccn-no98026805Blakley, Roneeactlccn-n81003475Altman, Robert1925-2006drtviaf-5146725Tewkesbury, Joanlccn-n85201911Carradine, Keith1949-actHarris, Barbara1935-DramaFilm adaptationsInterviewsComedy filmsFictionJuvenile worksCountry musicTennessee--NashvilleSwindlers and swindlingMusicals--ExcerptsFrance--RivieraClass reunionsMissing personsAssassinsMothers and daughtersTony AwardsMan-woman relationshipsIdentity (Psychology)Michigan--Grosse PointePsychicsMusicalsUnited StatesHeiressesNew York (State)--New YorkKidnappingFilm adaptationsMichiganJewelry theftHeirsMotion picture music--ExcerptsNew York (State)--New RochelleSocial historyLoveCrime prevention--Citizen participationNew York (State)--New York--ManhattanTelevision comedy writersChild welfare workersMurderersPopular musicTelevision musicalsMusic tradeManners and customsPolitical scienceCountry musiciansMotion picture musicTheaterHitchcock, Alfred,Psycho (Motion picture : 1960)Birds (Motion picture)Railroad travelStage frightPriestsMarried peopleMistaken identityCanning, VictorRansom1935196219631965196619671969197019751976197719781979198019821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014824957211791.4372PN1997ocn055517412ocn019915700ocn062893228ocn046478328ocn062252818ocn010649854ocn071790484ocn864566719ocn032993746ocn864047506ocn053335783ocn003286358ocn027369144ocn015369976ocn007536828ocn008059702ocn019833759ocn039642558ocn012225349ocn019282434ocn028872100ocn658431590ocn081262625178214ocn051570636visu19750.25Altman, RobertNashvilleDramaNashville interweaves the stories of 24 characters over 5 days during a political rally in the capital of country music119443ocn062893228visu19760.23Lockwood, AlexanderFamily plotDramaFilm adaptationsA cabbie and a psychic work together to search for a missing heir in this diabolically funny, tongue-in-cheek mystery thriller. They become involved with a larcenous jewel merchant and his "Woman in Black" in a non-stop round of mystery, murder and mayhem+-+1933052696324115221ocn055517412visu19760.08Freaky FridayJuvenile worksDramaFilm adaptationsA conservative, refined mother magically changes place with her thirteen-year old daughter for one day6761ocn053335783visu20030.21Broadway's lost treasuresA compilation of Broadway song & dance numbers from The Tony Awards, as performed by the original cast members between 1967 and 19866383ocn040576596visu19980.19Grosse Pointe blankDramaAn assassin attends his 10-year high school class reunion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, where he reconnects with his ex-girlfriend+-+83835430063244656ocn028872100rcrd19650.28Lane, BurtonOn a clear day you can see forever original Broadway cast recording42112ocn748574510visu19650.22A thousand clownsDramaA non-conformist TV writer is investigated by a beautiful social woker who questions his ability to raise a precocious 12-year old boy4082ocn019915700visu19890.16Oz, FrankDirty rotten scoundrelsDramaComedy filmsTwo con men on the Riviera compete to see who can extract $50,000 from a woman first. The victim is a naive American heiress, and as the competition between the two men, one a sauve and sophisticated Englishman and the other a bumbling but appealing American, heats up, the American heiress holds her ground3526ocn053295708visu19700.08Plaza suiteDramaThree interlocking tales of love and romance in one New York hotel suite3406ocn056202838visu19800.13The North Avenue irregularsDramaA minister and six ladies from his congregation set out to put an end to an illegal gambling operation+-+43005591253242287ocn027369144rcrd19660.35Bock, JerryThe apple tree original Broadway cast1121ocn027732348rcrd19920.24Lerner, Alan JayAlan Jay Lerner963ocn062114186visu20050.25Alfred Hitchcock, the masterpiece collectionInterviewsDramaFrenzy : The Necktie Murderer has the London police on red alert and an innocent man is on a desperate quest to find the real sex criminal and clear his name. Alternating heart-pounding tension with distinctive Hitchcock humor, Frenzy marked the Master of Suspense's return to his native England after almost 20 years+-+9164052696324951ocn003372964rcrd19660.63Bock, JerryThe apple tree a new musical based on stories by Mark Twain, Frank R. Stockton [and] Jules Feiffer922ocn042333870visu19990.15The war between men and womenWhile visiting an eye doctor for his failing vision, the cartoonist Peter Wilson, stumbles upon Terry Kozlenko, an attractive but somewhat volatile divorcee with three children. Peter has a well documented antipathy for women, children and dogs, so everyone he knows is rather surprised when he finds himself falling in love with Terry -- and she falls in love with him536ocn022246497visu19790.29Schatzberg, JerryThe Seduction of Joe TynanDramaA decent, hardworking senator, whose job keeps him away from his wife and family, carries on an affair with a civil rights activist201ocn317481274visu20050.18Alfred Hitchcock, the masterpiece collection+-+9164052696324142ocn020682555visu19840.29Oh Dad, poor Dad, Mamma's hung you in the closet and I'm feelin' so sadBlack comedy about a typical family consisting of a domineering mother, two man-eating piranhas, several Venus flytraps, a baby son (aged 25), a lecherous babysitter, and a father who happens to be a stuffed corpse hanging in a closet1414ocn401625179visu19340.47Hitchcock, AlfredComplot de famille"Un chauffeur de taxi et un médium associent leurs efforts pour retrouver un homme, moyennant une récompense de 10 000 dollars. Après enquète, ils soupconnent un diamantaire crapuleux123ocn529875340com20050.15Anne Manx on AmazoniaFictionWhen the queen's first clone is found to be imperfect, it is discarded and they try again ... but the first clone survives. On Amazonia, succession to the throne is simple. The Queen (Barbara Harris) is simply cloned, thus avoiding all manner of complications. When the queen's first clone is found to be imperfect, it is discarded and they try again ... but the first clone survives+-+0579862245324+-+8383543006324+-+8383543006324Fri Mar 21 15:35:44 EDT 2014batch16906