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Fri Mar 21 17:05:33 2014 UTClccn-no920025740.00Lincoln memorial album /0.651.00Letter : Headquarters, Division of the Potomac, to E[dward] D. Townsend, Washington, D.C.,14336244Edward_D._Townsendno 920025743101880Townsend, Edward Davis, 1817-1893lccn-n82053223United StatesAdjutant-General's Officelccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-n79084108United StatesWar Departmentlccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n79061256Sheridan, Philip Henry1831-1888lccn-n81033335United StatesPresident (1861-1865 : Lincoln)lccn-no95029410United StatesArmyMilitary Division of the Missourilccn-n50023269Stanton, Edwin M.(Edwin McMasters)1814-1869lccn-n79059051United StatesNavylccn-n79138616Thian, Raphael ProsperTownsend, E. D.(Edward Davis)1817-1893HistoryAnecdotesSourcesRecords and correspondenceRulesMilitary historyUnited StatesTownsend, E. D.--(Edward Davis),American Civil War (1861-1865)California--Pacific CoastGeneralsTravelCaliforniaUnited States.--ArmyIndians of North America--Government relationsArmed Forces--OfficersLincoln, Abraham,United States.--NavyManpowerUnited States--Confederate States of AmericaMeade, George Gordon,DraftUnited States.--Army of the PotomacBurnside, Ambrose Everett,OrdnanceMilitary campaignsHooker, Joseph,United States.--War DepartmentHoward, O. O.--(Oliver Otis),Schofield, John McAllister,Funeral journey of Abraham Lincoln to SpringfieldBanks, Nathaniel Prentiss,Illinois--SpringfieldTransportationMedical careMilitary dischargeCourts-martial and courts of inquiryGuard dutyUnited States.--Army.--Corps of EngineersCaptivityBounties, MilitaryFinanceAmbulancesWagesMassachusetts.--MilitiaDavis, Jefferson,Ambulance serviceDe Russy, ReneĢ Edward,Transportation, MilitaryFinance, PublicKelly, JamesPrisonersMilitary disciplineCopeland, Robert Morris,MassachusettsStoneman, George,181718931837185318551857185918611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218741876187818791880188318841966197019751988200220082013793229276973.79E6551649ocn001839179book18830.70Townsend, E. DAnecdotes of the Civil War in the United StatesHistoryAnecdotes351ocn015474837book18690.70United StatesHeadquarters Military Div. of the Missouri, Chicago, Illinois, November 1, 1869, Brevet Major General E.D. Townsend, Adjutant General U.S. Army, Washington, D.C.82ocn437989259book18640.76United StatesGeneral orders, no. 41. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, February 1, 1864. The following resolutions of the Senate and House of Representatives are published to the ArmyHistory82ocn437988364book18640.76United StatesGeneral orders, no. 100. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, March 15, 1864. Additional draft of two hundred thousand men. The following is an order by the president of the United States: Executive Mansion, Washington, March 14, 1864. In order to supply the force required to be drafted for the Navy, and to provide an adequate reserve force for all contingencies ... a call is hereby made and a draft ordered for two hundred thousand menHistory72ocn437988315book18640.63United StatesGeneral orders, no. 106. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, March 16, 1864. Uniform system of ambulances. The following act of Congress is published for the information and guidance of all concerned: Public--no. 22. An act to establish a uniform system of ambulances in the armies of the United States.History72ocn437909207book18640.63MassachusettsCommonwealth of Massachusetts. Head-quarters, Boston, July 14, 1864. General order, no. 27. By an act of Congress passed the 4th day of July, 1864, it is enacted that it shall be lawful for the executive of any of the states to send recruiting agents into any of the states declared to be in rebellion, except Arkansas, Tennessee, and Louisiana, to recruit volunteers, who shall be credited to the state which may procure the enlistment, and to the respective sub-divisions thereof.History71ocn013326789book18660.73United StatesLetter of the Secretary of War, communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate of the 24th ultimo, the evidence upon which the awards for the apprehension of Jefferson Davis were madeHistoryRecords and correspondence72ocn437988417book18640.63United StatesGeneral orders, no. 3. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, January 2, 1864. The attention of courts martial and of reviewing officers is called to the impropriety and danger of associating with the honorable and important duty of guards any idea of punishment or degradation. These remarks are called forth in disapproving the sentence of a court martial directing that a prisoner shall do guard duty every other day for a year.72ocn437989958book18650.81United StatesSpecial order regulating the transportation of the remains of the late president, Abraham Lincoln, from Washington City, to Springfield, Illinois. War Department, Washington City, April 18, 186572ocn437988395book18650.63United StatesGeneral orders, no. 166. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, November 25, 1864. The secretary of war, with deep regret, announces to the Army the decease, at San Francisco, California, on the 23d instant, of Colonel Rene E. DeRussy [i.e., De Russy], of the Corps of Engineers, and brevet brigadier general, United States Army, at the age of seventy-five.72ocn437859669book18700.63Copeland, Robert MorrisBoston, Mass, Nov. 25, 1870. To [blank] Dear Sir,--I believe that you will share with me the great pleasure I feel at receiving from Washington the accompanying order. I have never ceased trying, since my dismissal from the service in 1862, to obtain the charges which were preferred against meHistory72ocn437988446book18660.63United StatesSpecial orders, no. 335. Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, July 13th, 1866. ... Private James Kelly, Company "D," 2d Battalion, 16th U.S. Infantry, now with that command, will be discharged the service of the United States, upon the receipt of this order at the place where he may be serving.72ocn437989253book18640.63United StatesGeneral orders, no. 20. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, January 14, 1864. The following joint resolution by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States is published for the information of the Army and all concerned: Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives ... that the bounties heretofore paid, under regulations and orders from the War Department, to men enlisting in the regular or volunteer forces of the United States for three years or during the war, shall continue to be paid from the fifth day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, until the first day of March nextHistory62ocn437989935book18630.66United StatesCircular no. 66--series of 1863. Responsibility of commanding officers of regiments for ordnance stores. Ordnance Office, War Department, Washington, D.C., Dec. 24, 1863. I. The attention of all commanding officers and quartermasters of regiments is called to the following general order from the War DepartmentHistory62ocn017273037book18630.73United StatesGeneral ordersHistorySourcesDefines circumstances under which insurgent enemies are entitled to benefits of the President's Proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction, issued December 8, 186365ocn044903308book18790.98Confederate States of AmericaCorrespondence of the Treasury Department of the Confederate States of America, 1861-'65HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence62ocn437988432book18640.66United StatesGeneral orders, no. 34. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, January 28, 1864. I. Major General J.G. Foster is, at his own request, and on account of disability for service in the field arising from wounds, relieved from command of the Department of the Ohio. II. Major General J.M. Schofield is hereby assigned to the command of the Department of the Ohio. III. By direction of the president, Major General George Stoneman is assigned to the command of the 23d Army Corps.History61ocn071754763book0.47United StatesGeneral orders affecting the volunteer force : Adjutant General's Office, 1861[-1863]HistoryRules54ocn078229566book18800.97Confederate States of AmericaExtracts from the journals of the provisional congress and of the first and second congresses of the Confederate States of America on legislation affecting finance, revenue and commerce, 1861-65 appendix, part IHistorySources43ocn057047613book18640.47United StatesGeneral ordersHistoryMilitary historySourcesPresident Lincoln orders a draft of 500,000 men to serve 3 years in the American Civil War2382ocn000100172book19700.56Townsend, E. DThe California diary of General E.D. TowsendDiaries22ocn082296807book18611.00McClellan, George BrintonLetter : Washington, D.C., to E[dward] D. Townsend, Washington, D.CHistoryLetter signed. Requests that Captain R.B. Ayers be ordered to Philadelphia to complete the organization of his battery22ocn053204444book18611.00McClellan, George BrintonLetter : Headquarters, Division of the Potomac, to E[dward] D. Townsend, Washington, D.CHistoryLetter signed. Requests that Captain Edward Hudson be ordered to report for duty as one of McClellan's aides-de-camp22ocn083994665book18721.00Townsend, E. DLetter : Washington, D.C., to Colonel S.W. Crawford, Washington, D.CHistoryAutograph letter signed. Townsend writes Crawford that the Secretary of War denies permission to access the War Department's records relating to the occupancy, defense, and fall of Fort Sumter, 1860-6122ocn053873969book18611.00Ripley, James WLetter : Washington, D.C., to Edward Davis Townsend, n.pHistoryLetter signed. Relates to percussion caps22ocn052248270mix1.00Seward, William HenryCertificates : Washington, D.C3 partly printed documents signed. One document, certifying that Edwin M. Stanton was Secretary of War of the United States, is signed by William H. Seward. Another document is signed by E.D. Townsend and Edwin M. Stanton11ocn270714345mixTownsend, E. DLincoln memorial albumBiographyMiscellaneaClippings, photographs (removed), orders of procession, time-tables and some relics of the funeral procession of Abraham Lincoln11ocn052247531book18701.00McClellan, George BrintonLetter : Hoboken, N.J., to Sweeny Stute, [Lehighton], PaAutograph letter signed. Relates to obtaining information about a relative of Sweeny's who apparenatly was a soldier11ocn226222222mix18641.00Townsend, E. DGeneral orders no. 113HistoryGeneral orders issued by Assistant Adjutant General of the War Dept. E. D. Townsend. The order is a brief record of the proceedings of a Military Commission at Goodrich's Landing, East Carroll Parish, La., in the case of Edward D. Nelson and another African American man referred to only as "George" who were found guilty of armed robbery of William R. Hays, a citizen of East Carroll Parish. It contains a description of the circumstances of the crime, the specific charges in the case, and the sentences handed down by the court11ocn043327342book18651.00United StatesProgramme of the order of exercies at the re-raising of the United States flag on Fort SumterHistoryPrinted manuscript, 14 April 1865, listing schedule of events for the re-installation of the same United States Flag which had flown over Fort Sumter, Charleston, S.C., at the beginning of the Civil War, to be raised by Brevet Major Robert Anderson ; other scheduled events were to include a reading of Major Anderson's dispatch to the government announcing the fall of the the fort by Brevet Brigadier general E.D. Townsend; also prayers, addresses and reading of various Psalms by Army Chaplains Matthias Harris, R.S. Storrs, Jr. and Henry Ward Beecher11ocn067785992mix1.00United StatesUnited States War Department correspondence and records regarding Indian affairs and activities with Indian nationsCensusTreatiesTyped transcripts of correspondence and records of activities with Indian nations. Transcripts include information on Indian census, Indian removal, reports from Indian agencies, United States policy, trade regulations, emigration, crime, and treaties. Many of the reports are from Indian agents to commanding officers or superintendents of the Office of Indian Affairs, some correspondence giving instructions to agents. Includes an index11ocn079898189mix1.00Welles, GideonNote : [Washington, D.C.?], to Henry Wager Halleck, n.pHistoryAutograph note signed. Written on an envelope. Relates to a friend of Gideon and his son. Also includes a handwritten note from J.C. Kelton to E.D. Townsend regarding the discharged of a soldier named Thatcher11ocn234322406mix1.00Townsend, E. DEdward Davis Townsend CollectionHistoryThe collection contains four Civil War related items, of Major General Edward Davis Townsend (1817-1893). Included are two documents issued by Townsend at the Adjutant General's Office, War Department, 1864-1865 (assignment to duty of Brig. Gen. B.U. Brice, and receipt of monies and valuables from 1st Lieut. J.H. Winfield, 80th New York Volunteers), one Civil War era engraving of Townsend in uniform, and one letter, 1878, declining to furnish copies of Civil War reports in advance of their publication11ocn667627226book1855Smith, Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson Smith letter to E.D. TownsendRecords and correspondencePhotocopy of letter discussing situation at Fort Lane, Oregon Territory. Includes a hand drawn map and a birds-eye sketch of the fort11ocn122453489mix1.00Bell, John TJohn T. Bell papersHistoryArchivesMainly the papers of John T. Bell, many relating to his Civil War experiences, including army reports and orders, signed by E.D. Townsend and others, and a diary, Nov. 1864 - May 1865, describing Sherman's march to Savannah; account book, 1873-1893; scrapbook compiled for his son Stanley, containing Civil War mementos, letters relating to the war from John S. Mosby, Wesley Merritt, Andrew Johnson and George F. Price, clippings re Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, clippings of articles (some written by him) and letters documenting his newspaper career, photographs, letters from Frank A. Leach, Leslie M. Shaw and William Loeb, and from his children; manuscripts of a few articles written by Bell re the Civil War and Henry Clay, and clippings concerning him11ocn074355368art1988Sifakis, StewartTownsend, Edward Davis (1817-1893)11ocn429486114mix1.00Comstock, C. BC.B. Comstock papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceTopics include the siege of Vicksburg, Miss.; the capture of Fort Fisher, N.C.; the fords on the Rapidan and Rappahannock rivers, Va.; the defenses at Aquia Creek, Va. and Harpers Ferry, W. Va.; Ulysses S. Grant's resignation as U.S. secretary of war under Andrew Johnson; James K. Polk's 1847 annual message to Congress concerning the Mexican War; Comstock's service as president of the U.S. Mississippi River Commission (1884) including improvement of the Mississippi River; the ancestry of Jesse Root Grant; and William Petit Trowbridge11ocn070984863mix1.00Grant, Ulysses SRecords and correspondence11ocn083609211mix1.00Hunt, Henry JacksonPapers of Henry Jackson HuntHistoryPersonal narrativesCorrespondence, military papers, journal, memoranda, photographs, and printed material relating to Hunt's service as chief of artillery, Army of the Potomac during the Civil War; military commander at Charleston and Atlanta (1875-1880); commander, Dept. of the South (1880-1883); and governor of the United States Soldiers' Home (1885-1889). Also pertains to general artillery operations and Hunt's plans for the reorganization of the artillery. Approximately half of the correspondence is between Hunt and Thomas T. Gantt and consists of wartime reminiscences and discussions of current military and national affairs. Includes journal (1857) kept by Hunt while a member of the Utah Expedition. Other correspondents include William F. Barry, Carl Berlin, John N. Craig, Patrick Hart, Andrew A. Humphreys, George B. McClellan, George G. Meade, William T. Sherman, John C. Tidball, E.D. Townsend, and Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright11ocn213385052mix18661.00Townsend, E. DWar Department special ordersHistoryClaimsUnited States War Dept. document sent by the Assistant Adjutant General E.D. Townsend to James K. Mills, John L. Bittinger, and Roswell Marsh, commissioners of the state of Missouri. The document instructs the commissioners to carry out provisions of recent acts of the U.S. Congress requiring that former slave owners be compensated for any slave who was drafted into the U.S. military service during the Civil War. The document provides precise information about how to handle and process claims from former slaveholders and the amount of money that will be awarded to those whose claims are judged to be validFri Mar 21 15:56:10 EDT 2014batch30218