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Morell, André 1909-1978

Works: 112 works in 270 publications in 3 languages and 4,360 library holdings
Genres: Drama  Film adaptations  War films  History  Fantasy films  Animated films  Detective and mystery films  Action and adventure films  Melodrama  Historical films 
Roles: Actor, Performer, Other
Classifications: PN1997, 791.4372
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Most widely held works by André Morell
Barry Lyndon by Stanley Kubrick( Visual )

3 editions published between 1975 and 2007 in English and held by 518 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The rise and fall of a young 18th century Irishman bent on achieving fame and fortune, mainly by marriage
The hound of the Baskervilles by Terence Fisher( Visual )

36 editions published between 1959 and 2017 in English and French and held by 478 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Returning to his family's manor house on the lonely moors after his father dies under mysterious circumstances, Sir Henry Baskerville is confronted with the mystery of the supernatural hound that supposedly takes revenge upon the Baskerville family. The famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson are brought in to investigate
J.R.R. Tolkien's the lord of the rings by J. R. R Tolkien( Visual )

1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 419 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

When a dangerous and powerful magic ring falls into his hands, a hobbit named Frodo gets caught up in an adventure. The mighty wizard Gandolf and a daring band of elves, dwarfs and warriors defend their enchanted land from the wicked sorcerer who would see it destroyed. An animated version of the classic tale
Will Shakespeare by John Mortimer( Visual )

4 editions published between 1978 and 2008 in English and held by 356 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Set in the sixteenth century, Will Shakespeare begins with the lesser known story of Shakespeare's humble beginnings and youthful obscurity in Avon. As he struggles to survive as a playwright, Shakespeare faces mulitple hardships, including the black plague and various personal tragedies, but defeats all obstacles to achieve unprecedented success in London."--Container
The Bridge on the River Kwai by David Lean( Visual )

9 editions published between 1957 and 2017 in English and held by 269 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"In World War II Burma, after they are captured by Japanese troops during World War II, British commander Col. Nicholson and his troops march into Prisoner of War Camp 16 whistling their regimental tune. Their crisp arrival is wryly observed by Shears, an American sailor who bribes a guard to transfer him from the burial detail to the infirmary. When the camp's commander, Col. Saito, imperiously informs the new prisoners that they will all be expected to work on building a railroad that will connect Bangkok to Rangoon, Nicholson protests that under the regulations of the Geneva Convention, all officers are exempt from manual labor. Afterward, Nicholson goes to the infirmary to visit Jennings, one of his wounded men. There Maj. Clipton, the camp's medical officer, introduces the colonel to 'Commander Major' Shears. When Jennings proposes escaping, Nicholson counters that he was ordered by headquarters to surrender, and therefore escaping would constitute a military infraction. Incredulous at the colonel's naïveté, Shears retorts that escape is their only chance to avoid the death sentence of forced labor. The following day, Saito announces that all the men, including officers, will work on building a bridge across the River Kwai. When Nicholson defiantly waves a copy of the Geneva Convention, Saito slaps him across the face with it and flings it to the ground. Nicholson still refuses to let his officers perform manual labor, and after the other men march off to work, Saito calls for a machine gun and threatens to gun down all the officers. Watching in horror, Clipton runs out of the infirmary and protests that he and his patients have seen everything and will be witnesess to murder if Saito orders the gunners to fire. Saito then changes his mind and forces the officers to stand for the entire day in the merciless sun. Afterward, Saito locks Nicholson in 'the oven, ' a crude metal shed, and imprisons the other officers in the 'punishment hut.' As the troops encourage Nicholson with a rendition of 'For he's a jolly good fellow, ' Shears, Jennings and a prisoner named Weaver escape into the jungle. Jennings and Weaver are gunned down by the guards, who then pursue Shears to a ridge above the river and shoot him. The guards assume that Shears is dead after he plunges into the river, but he survives and makes his way down river to the shore. Later, Saito summons Clipton and asks him to tell Nicholson that unless he cooperates, the patients in the infirmary will be forced to work. Confronted with the ultimatum, Nicholson still refuses to comply on the grounds that 'it is a matter of principle.' With only two months left before the May first deadline for the completion of the bridge, Saito, frustrated by the slow progress, takes command of the project himself. After a segment of the bridge collapses, a defeated Saito has Nicholson brought to his office from the oven and explains that if he fails to meet the deadline, he will be forced to commit hara-kari. Unmoved, Nicholson insists that the Geneva Convention be adhered to, after which Saito orders him taken back to the oven. Meanwhile Shears, who was found near death by some friendly villagers, recovers and begins a solitary boat trip down river. Days later, his water exhausted, Shears passes out, leaving his boat to drift aimlessly. Plagued by ineptness and sabotage in his efforts to build the bridge, Saito orders the weakened and dehydrated Nicholson pulled from the oven and brought to his office where he grants a general amnesty to the officers and declares it will not be necessary for them to perform manual labor. As the men cheer Nicholson's victory, Saito sits in his office, broken and sobbing. Upon inspecting the bridge, Nicholson criticizes the workers' cavalier attitude and asks Capt. Reeves, who worked as a civilian engineer, for advice. Reeves observes that the river bottom at the present location is soft mud and suggests moving downstream where the bottom is solid bedrock. When Maj. Hughes, a public works engineer, criticizes the men's lack of teamwork, Nicholson declares that they will rebuild the company's morale by building an exemplary bridge. Nicholson, completely oblivious to the fact that he is about to aid and abet the enemy, presents a plan to Saito increasing the men's daily work quota and suggests that Japanese soldiers should work laying track. Seeing his position crumbling, Saito [stoically] says that he has already given the order. Shears, meanwhile, has been picked up by a sea rescue plane and brought to a hospital in Ceylon where he is visited by Maj. Warden, the explosives instructor at a nearby British commando school, who invites him to a meeting at the school. At the meeting, Warden explains that he plans to lead a team into Burma to blow up the bridge and asks Shears to join them. Shears, desirous of returning to civilian life, demurs, confessing that he was merely impersonating an officer and therefore is not qualified for the mission. Warden then informs him that the U.S. Navy already knows about his deception and has authorized his transfer to the British commandoes. Faced with possible imprisonment for impersonating an officer, Shears reluctantly accepts the assignment and retains his rank as Major. At the prison camp, Clifton warns Nicholson that he could be charged with treason for collaborating with the enemy. Obsessed by proving the mettle of his British soldiers, Nicholson turns a deaf ear to the medic's protest. At the commando school meanwhile, Shears joins a team comprised of Warden, Chapman and Lt. Joyce, a young recruit wary of killing. As the four parachute into the jungle, Chapman crashes into a tree and is killed. The others are met by Yai, a native guide who hates the Japanese, and four women bearers. As they begin their trek through the jungle, they receive a radio transmission from headquarters informing them that a special train carrying troops and VIPs is scheduled to inaugurate the bridge on the thirteenth, and ordering them to carry out the demolition on that day. Realizing that he cannot finish the bridge by the deadline, Nicholson matter-of-factly tells Clifton that he has asked the officers to work beside the enlisted men and they have volunteered 'to a man.' After Clifton's protests, Nicholson then recruits wounded men from the infirmary to perform 'light labor.' In the jungle, meanwhile, Warden's team is accosted by Japanese soldiers, and in the skirmish Warden is shot in the ankle. Warden subsequently stumbles along on his crippled foot, climbing torturous mountain paths, but when they are just six hours away from the bridge, he declares that the others should continue on without him. Angrily denouncing Warden's self-sacrifice as the histrionics of a British gentleman, Shears orders him hoisted onto a stretcher, after which they all continue on together, reaching the bridge just as Nicholson is nailing up a plaque commemorating the work of the British soldiers. That night, as the prisoners put on a show in celebration of the completion of the bridge, concluding with 'God Bless the King, ' Joyce and Shears, aided by the women, pilot a raft filled with plastic explosives to the bridge while Saito, having been bested by the British, makes preparations for hara-kari. After attaching the explosives to the bridge, Joyce takes cover with the detonator while Shears swims back across the river to await the arrival of the train the next day. At daybreak, the commandoes discover that the water level of the river has dropped, exposing the wires leading to the detonator. When the troops march onto the bridge for the ribbon cutting ceremony, Clipton informs Nicholson he wants no part of the festivities and retreats to a hill to watch. As the train whistle is heard in the distance, Nicholson spots the wires and calls Saito to go with him and investigate. Warden watches in disbelief as Nicholson follows the wire to the detonator, incredulous that a British officer would try to prevent an act of sabotage against the enemy. Sneaking up behind Saito, Joyce stabs him in the back with his knife, then informs Nicholson that they have been sent by the British to blow up the bridge. Crazed, Nicholson attacks Joyce, prompting Shears to scream 'kill him' and swim to Joyce's defense. As Warden bombards the bridge with mortar shells, the Japanese open fire, wounding Shears and killing Joyce. When the injured Shears dies at Nicholson's feet, the colonel realizes his folly just as he is wounded by mortar fire and falls onto the detonator, setting off the explosives as the train approaches the bridge. As the bridge collapses, sending the train spilling into the river, Clipton surveys the scene and utters 'madness'"--AFI catalog, 1961-1970
Barry Lyndon( Visual )

4 editions published between 1975 and 2017 in English and held by 227 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Stanley Kubrick bent the conventions of the historical drama to his own will in this dazzling version of a pitiless aristocracy, adapted from a novel by William Makepeace Thackeray. In picaresque detail, Barry Lyndon chronicles the adventures of an incorrigible trickster (Ryan O'Neal) whose opportunism takes him from an Irish farm to the battlefields of the Seven Years' War and the parlors of high society. For the most sumptuously crafted film of his career, Kubrick recreated the decadent surfaces and intricate social codes of the period, evoking the light and texture of eighteenth-century painting with the help of pioneering cinematic techniques and lavish costume and production design, all of which earned Academy Awards. The result is a masterpiece--a sardonic, devastating portrait of a vanishing world whose opulence conceals the moral vacancy at its heart"--Container
The giant behemoth( Visual )

4 editions published between 1997 and 2015 in English and held by 151 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Radioactive waste dumped in the Atlantic Ocean awakens a prehistoric monster that can project electric shocks and radioactive beams
Hammer films( Visual )

1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 98 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

[These are the damned]: Two people stumble upon a military facility that harbors 'naturally' radioactive children. Original British title, The damned
10 Rillington Place by Richard Fleischer( Visual )

3 editions published between 2010 and 2016 in English and held by 96 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Timothy et Beryl Evans viennent d'emménager avec leur petite fille au 10 Rillington Place, à Londres. Ils sympathisent rapidement avec leurs voisins du rez-de-chaussée, les Christie. Mais derrière ses airs courtois et respectables, John Christie est en réalité un meurtrier qui assassine froidement des femmes en se faisant passer pour un ancien médecin..." (Source : jaquette)
His majesty O'Keefe( Visual )

6 editions published between 1991 and 2016 in English and Chinese and held by 93 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The adventures of an American sea captain stranded on Micronesia in the South Pacific, as he tries to become an entrepreneur
The Sherlock Holmes collection by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle( Visual )

1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 68 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Without a clue: Dr. John Watson is secretly a crime-solving genius, but to protect his reputation as a physician, he hires a bumbling actor to play the part of the fictional Sherlock Holmes. When Watson disappears, the inept "Holmes" must crack the case by himself
William Shakespeare, his life and times( Visual )

1 edition published in 1998 in English and held by 60 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Spanning the sixteen controversial and dark years of Shakespeare's life in London, this unique six-part series interweaves quintessential understandings with hypothetical events of the life and times of William Shakespeare
Essential classics( Visual )

1 edition published in 2007 in English and held by 59 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Maltese falcon: After the death of his partner, private eye Sam Spade is dragged into a quest for a priceless statuette
The plague of the zombies( Visual )

12 editions published between 1997 and 2013 in English and Undetermined and held by 51 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Two doctors try to make sense of a strange desease invading the English countryside
Stolen face( Visual )

3 editions published between 2006 and 2014 in English and held by 44 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Plastic surgeon Paul Henreid molds the face of a woman who rejected him onto the mug of a horribly scarred prison inmate, and proceeds to wed the parolee despite her social-misfit status. Now, of course, the original gal reappears, and Henreid has one Scott too many, the 'new' one dangerously psychotic!
Paris holiday( Visual )

4 editions published between 2000 and 2017 in English and held by 41 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Bob Hope, who conceived the story and produced the film, plays Robert Hunter, an actor travelling to Paris to purchase a screenplay, only to find himself mixed up with counterfeits. While Hunter has his eye on diplomat Ann McCall (Hyer), a sexy spy named Zara (Ekberg) has her eye on the screenplay
The mummy's shroud( Visual )

7 editions published between 1998 and 2016 in English and held by 38 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A small archeological party discovers the hidden tomb of Kah-to-Bey. The mystical hieroglyphic shroud that covers Kah-to-Bey's body is read aloud, restoring the mummy to life, resulting in an unstoppable progression of madness, mystery and murder
Hammer films( Visual )

1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 37 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Stop me before I kill! (1960): A man's wife comes up missing after the man confesses to having homicidal thoughts about her; Cash on demand (1961): A scheming crook kidnaps the wife and child of a bank manager
Ben-Hur : a tale of the Christ( Visual )

1 edition published in 2011 in English and held by 32 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Judah Ben-Hur [is] a Jewish nobleman in Palestine whose heroic odyssey includes enslavement by the Romans, vengeance against his tormentors during a furious arena chariot race and fateful encounters with Jesus Christ"--Container
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Barry Lyndon
J.R.R. Tolkien's the lord of the ringsWill ShakespeareThe giant behemothHis majesty O'KeefeThe plague of the zombiesThe mummy's shroud
Alternative Names
André Morell acteur britannique

André Morell actor británico

André Morell britischer Schauspieler

André Morell britisk skodespelar

André Morell britisk skuespiller

André Morell Brits acteur (1909-1978)

André Morell brittisk skådespelare

André Morell pemeran laki-laki asal Britania Raya

Mesritz, André 1909-1978

Morell, Andre 1909-1978

Αντρέ Μορέλ

Андре Морелл британский актёр

אנדרה מורל שחקן בריטי

آندره مورل بازیگر بریتانیایی



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