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Thu Oct 16 17:52:15 2014 UTClccn-no940289020.19Ethan Frome0.250.37Safe132818682no 940289023728844lccn-n83160453Olmos, Edward Jamesactviaf-80800211Nava, Gregoryiveauscmmdrtlccn-n95094084Thomas, Annaiveausprolccn-n93111229Richardson, Nancylccn-n87871875Escalante, Jaimelccn-no97045955Phillips, Lou Diamond1962-actlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-no98086120Garcia, Andyactlccn-no00032336Fourth Floor Productionslccn-no97045443Menendez, RamonAmerican Playhouse Theatrical FilmsDramaFilm adaptationsTrials, litigation, etcBiographyFictionHistoryTelevision adaptationsFilm and video adaptationsDomestic fictionRomantic comedy filmsAfrican American familiesCalifornia--Los AngelesRacismUnited StatesShakespeare, William,Illinois--ChicagoEscalante, JaimeHigh school teachersMathematics teachersHispanic American high school studentsMinoritiesMan-woman relationshipsTrials (Murder)LoveHansberry, Lorraine,Illegal aliensAfrican AmericansGuatemalaMexican American familiesFamiliesEmigration and immigrationPolice murdersAdams, Randall DaleSocial historyCaliforniaBrothers and sistersTeenagersFilm adaptationsTexas--DallasHarris, David,African Americans--ReligionAfrican American menJudicial errorAfrican American womenUnited States--Sea IslandsMurderWard, DelbertNew York (State)Confession (Law)New York (State)--Madison CountyWard, William JMotion picturesIntergenerational relationsEccentrics and eccentricitiesExplorersNúñez Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar,AmericaDiscovery and exploration, SpanishGullahsAIDS (Disease)198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120121605173226791.4372PN1997ocn85087105320206ocn040519110visu19880.21Olmos, Edward JamesStand and deliverBiographyFictionDramaJaime Escalante, a math teacher at an inner-city East Los Angeles high school, motivates his students to strive to succeed in the classroom and in life156714ocn060849409visu19880.30Morris, ErrolThe thin blue lineTrials, litigation, etcIn 1976, Randall Adams was wrongly sentenced to death for the murder of a Dallas policeman. Errol Morris' documentary exposed the truth of the case and is credited with overturning Adams' conviction12065ocn054810702visu19950.24Nava, GregoryMy family Mi familiaFictionDramaPresents the three-generation saga of the Sanchez family as told by the eldest son. From the beginnings of his father's journey from Mexico to California in the 1920s, to his brother Chucho's tragic rebellion of the 1950s, to the stark realities of modern day, the struggle to live the American dream is sometimes darkened but never diminished for Paco Sanchez and his family10937ocn028577253visu19920.19Wharton, EdithEthan FromeFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsDomestic fictionStory of a man torn between his joyless marriage to one woman and his lustful desire for another10904ocn270775494visu20080.25Nava, GregoryEl norte The northFictionDramaThe journal of Diego Rodriguez Silva: depicts the life of a fictional poet caught in a civil war and jailed, but then set free on the condition he leaves his country and never returns9399ocn052578275visu19920.24Berlinger, JoeBrother's keeperDramaDocumentary films"Brother's Keeper tells the story of the "Ward Boys," four eccentric brothers who shared the same dilapidated two-room shack for over 60 years. Living in isolation, without heat or running water, these elderly bachelors had virtually no contact with the outside world--until one was found dead in the bed he shared with his brother. By day's end, Delbert Ward "confessed" to suffocating his ailing brother as an act of mercy, but Munnsville believed Delbert had been framed. Was Delbert, an uneducated hermit with a low IQ, an innocent victim of police abuse? Was it a mercy killing--or was there another motive?"+-+772739423632480610ocn051175982visu19960.26Morris, ErrolFast, cheap & out of controlBiographyAcclaimed filmmaker Errol Morris paints a fascinating portrait of four obsessed eccentrics. Morris weaves interviews with a wild animal trainer, a topiary gardener, a robot designer and an expert on the naked mole rat together with old movies, cartoons and stock footage for a compelling, kaleidoscopic look at the very thin line which separates madness from genius+-+04073655353246138ocn045917809visu19900.25René, NormanLongtime companionDramaDrama concerning the AIDS crisis which focuses on a small group of friends from the time they first read about AIDS in the New York Times through the 1980's as they face the impact of the disease on themselves and their friends6044ocn016515752visu19860.23Native sonDramaFilm adaptationsBigger Thomas, the black chauffeur for the wealthy Dalton family, is accused of the murder of the Daltons' daughter Mary. The search for Mary's missing body and Thomas' trial shake the family and the city of Chicago, exposing the fears and prejudices of the late 1940's+-+22485605353245458ocn043596242visu19910.28Rogers, AlvaDaughters of the dustHistoryFictionDramaTells the story of a large African-American family as they prepare to move North at the dawn of the twentieth century. An epic drama which explores the unique culture of the the Gullah people, descendants of slaves who lived in relative isolation on the Sea Islands off the Georgia coast5377ocn244795352visu19940.33--And the earth did not swallow himHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsA haunting and powerful film about a young Mexican-American boy's coming of age amid the poverty and adversity he and his family face as migrant farm workers in the 1950's4844ocn024077065visu19840.22Nava, GregoryEl norte The northDramaAfter their father is killed and their mother is taken away by soldiers, a brother and sister leave their native Guatemala and journey north to the "promised land" in the United States4244ocn041043213visu19900.33Echevarria, NicolásCabeza de VacaBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsIn 1528 a Spanish expedition founders off the coast of Florida. 600 lives are lost. One survivor, Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, roams across the American continent searching for his Spanish comrades. Instead he discovers the Iguase, an ancient Indian tribe. Over the next eight years, Cabeza de Vaca learns their mystical culture, becoming a healer--and a leader. But soon this New World collides with the Old World as Spanish conquistadors seek to enslave the Indians, and Cabeza de Vaca must confront his own people and his past37713ocn047999629visu19950.37Haynes, ToddSafeDramaDrama about a suburban housewife whose affluent environment turns against her, causing environmentally-induced disease. Originally produced as a motion picture in 19953651ocn057298810visu20040.31Chopra, JoyceSmooth talkDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsConnie is a 15-year-old girl with two things on her mind, boys and how she looks, and she meets a man during the summer3522ocn054056683visu19930.20Baldwin, JamesGo tell it on the mountainHistoryFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsMelodramaA story of violence and desire, of tenderness and compassion, so gripping and moving, which lays bare the trials and sufferings, the yearings and aspirations of three generations of an African American family. The journey of a family from the rural South to "big city" Herlem, seeking both salvation and understanding and of a young boy struggling to earn the approval of a self-righteous and often unloving stepfather2842ocn054430032visu20030.23Hansberry, LorraineA raisin in the sunHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsA $10,000 insurance benefit creates conflicting dreams within a Chicago ghetto family. Son, Walter Lee wants to start his own business while his mom wishes to spend her days in a little house of her own. Their love a bond, their warmhearted humor a breath of fresh air, their tenative hold on dignity - their lifeline. A family caught between the reality of their surroundings and a chance at a piece of the American dream2633ocn068041954visu19870.24Waiting for the moonFictionDramaAn engrossing and fascinating exploration of the complex relationship of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas2457ocn054358351visu19920.26Hartley, HalSimple menDramaTwo brothers go after their father, a former all-star shortstop and mad-bomber anarchist, when he breaks out of jail, and discover on their trek through deepest, darkest Long Island that sometimes even the oddest things really are just what they seem+-+000151532532423113ocn041359907visu19930.23Shakespeare, WilliamMuch ado about nothingFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsComedy filmsRomantic comedy filmsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsHistorical dramaWilliam Shakespeare's tale of love and enchantment set against a backdrop of mistaken identities and bawdy good fun+-+4475865535324+-+2248560535324+-+2248560535324Thu Oct 16 15:34:43 EDT 2014batch19883