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Thu Oct 16 18:00:02 2014 UTClccn-no950374090.01The obvious elephant /0.230.77The killing fields /85854905no 9503740917046443891441lccn-no91004618Joffé, Roland1945-sceantprfdrtlccn-n86025460Waterston, Samprfactlccn-nr89009927Oldfield, Mike1953-cmpnp-ngor, haingNgor, Haingactlccn-n85376914Goldcrest Films Internationallccn-no2002077115Enigma (Firm)lccn-no97058566Clark, James1931-flmlccn-n50023729Fugard, Atholactlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n85176138Gray, Spalding1941-2004actRobinson, Bruce1946-DramaFilm adaptationsFictionJuvenile worksDomestic fictionPictorial worksBiographyMotion picture playsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFamiliesShakespeare, William,Italy--VeronaMarried peopleCambodiaDith Pran,VendettaSchanberg, Sydney H.--(Sydney Hillel),LoveCity and town lifeFathers and sonsNew York (State)Atomic bombManhattan Project (U.S.)New Mexico--Los AlamosHugo, Adèle,Russo, Richard,Groves, Leslie R.,Oppenheimer, J. Robert,ElephantsGrandfathersTeenage boysEccentrics and eccentricitiesPornography--Collectors and collectingFilm adaptationsEnglish drama (Tragedy)Man-woman relationshipsFranceMotion picture actors and actressesNineteen sixtiesInterpersonal conflictCompulsive behaviorNuclear weaponsMalaysiaTchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,EnglandComposersMotion picture playsJuliet (Fictitious character)Romeo (Fictitious character)Children's storiesAdvertising executivesGreat BritainWomen authors, FrenchDysfunctional familiesActorsCountry lifeUnclesReunionsBowen, Catherine Drinker,19461968197519801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014647381388791.4372PN1997ocn046453398ocn263068460ocn020811945ocn781149811ocn780978832ocn047054238ocn024509650ocn028372691ocn759610146ocn799993613ocn767339183ocn691981025ocn676637847ocn745391780ocn691968968ocn676416655ocn028372691ocn047669105ocn020811945ocn036844316ocn037441003ocn042319163ocn781119438ocn781149811ocn037430040ocn780978832ocn799591749ocn781126482ocn797530020ocn781119438ocn780765307ocn438962224ocn676380126ocn691606210ocn767358926ocn691844398ocn036844316ocn461699292ocn461718917ocn438962224ocn462117056ocn552463376ocn781177052ocn753597018ocn742801413ocn742839556ocn743085677ocn221799345ocn797568521ocn722913365ocn742801290139552ocn046453398visu19830.23Joffé, RolandThe killing fieldsHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe story of New York Times reporter Sydney Schanberg's friendship with a Cambodian interpreter, Dith Pran, during the time of the 1975 Khmer Rouge revolution82961ocn047669175visu19860.24Robinson, BruceWithnail & IDramaFilm adaptationsSet in 1969, depicts the lives of Withnail and Marwood, two poor, unemployed actors. When Marwood is offered the lead role in a play it strains their friendship and they decide to spend a weekend at the cottage of Withnail's Uncle Monte to relax. Things go horribly wrong however, and the rift between them grows+-+457459400632469520ocn054104424visu19750.27Truffaut, FrançoisL'histoire d'Adèle H. The story of Adele H.BiographyDramaFilm adaptationsA laserdisc version of Truffaut's film about a woman who realises herself in self destruction, a story of unrequited love based on the actual journals written in code by the daughter of Victor Hugo who refers to herself only as Adele H. Beginning in 1863 Adele pursues an English lieutenant to Nova Scotia and Barbados. Truffaut's idea was to make a film with a maximum of inner violence about love involving only one person. The object of her love is worthless and Adele recognises him as such. Adele's obsession is with the emotion of love itself, l'amour fou which radically draws her to a refusal of identity on the outer limits of society. Truffaut called his film 'a musical composition for one instrument' and his single minded focus on Adjani as Adele carries us to 'a larger view of the notion of neurotically willed romanticism.' Kael recognises that The Story of Adele H. is, in a strange way, 'deeply, disharmoniously funny'68913ocn040159013book19980.21Robinson, BruceThe peculiar memories of Thomas PenmanFictionBildungsromansDomestic fictionThe portrait of a teenage lout in 1950s Britain. He is Thomas Penn, 14, who goes in for scatology, tortures animals and spies on his family. But he writes poetry and there is at least one girl who loves him. By the screenwriter of the film, The Killing Fields+-+79646042355265ocn048375645book20000.01Robinson, BruceThe obvious elephantJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksWhen an elephant appears one day in the town square, no one, including the elephant itself, knows what it is+-+24129873064374ocn054315353visu19890.20Newman, PaulFat Man and Little BoyHistoryDramaHistorical filmsFilm adaptationsA dramatization of the development of the atomic bomb by the Manhattan Project, during World War II, with emphasis on the relationship between General Leslie Groves, the project director, and scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer+-+759246742529218ocn024955100book19860.53Robinson, BruceWithnail and I ; and, How to get ahead in advertisingDramaMotion picture playsSet in 1969, depicts the lives of Withnail and Marwood, two poor, unemployed actors. When Marwood is offered the lead role in a play it strains their friendship and they decide to spend a weekend at the cottage of Withnail's Uncle Monte to relax. Things go horribly wrong however, and the rift between them grows+-+630870292532426818ocn053947937visu19810.28Robinson, BruceHow to get ahead in advertisingDramaA burned-out young advertising executive experiences crisis when a mysterious giant pimple on his neck starts making career decisions for him+-+167459400632424628ocn028372691visu19920.17Robinson, BruceJennifer eightDramaHomicide investigator John Berlin believes he has made a breakthrough in a serial killing case when he discovers a witness: a blind woman named Helena+-+47027674253241712ocn058999263book20050.06Robinson, BruceHarold and the duckJuvenile worksFictionPictorial works+-+45512029251521ocn263068460visu20080.18Nobody's foolFictionDramaFilm adaptations(Nobody's fool) In this affectionate story of small town life in upstate New York, Sully, a fitfully employed 60-year-old construction worker, is a cheerful curmudgeon who has made a lifetime of bad decisions. He unexpectedly has a chance to make some of them right when his estranged son and grandson drop back into his life1382ocn035900999visu19680.21Shakespeare, WilliamRomeo and JulietCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsLove storiesTwo teenagers from warring houses fall in love; tragedy ensues1192ocn041946579visu19980.18Still crazyDramaComedy filmsFollow the hilarious exploits of '70s rock phenomenon Strange Fruit as they reunite 20 years after a nasty break-up and attempt to recapture their fame799ocn152562985visu19980.19Vaughn, Vince. Heche, Anne. Phoenix, JoaquinReturn to paradiseDramaThree young men once lived a life of drugs, sex and freedom in Malaysia. Now one is in prison (Vince Vaughn) and will be executed in five days if a woman (Anne Heche) cannot persuade the other two to return to Malaysia to serve three years in prison731ocn759610146visu20110.29The music loversDramaFilm adaptationsNot exactly a fact-based story of the Tchaikovskys' marriage, this is a lavishly produced picture with music played by the London Symphony Orchestra4118ocn013893916book19800.77Robinson, BruceThe killing fieldsHistoryMotion picture plays2512ocn402429568visu19950.47Truffaut, FrançoisL'Histoire d'Adèle H.Le destin d'Adèle est plus méconnu que celui de sa soeur Léopoldine, fille aînée de Victor Hugo. Elle partageait avec son père le même talent pour l'écriture. Pour autant, c'est l'enfièvrement amoureux et non l'ambition littéraire qui l'animait. N'écoutant que sa passion, elle quitte l'île de Guernesey où s'est réfugiée sa famille pour rejoindre son ancien amant sur l'île d'Halifax. Elle tente alors de le reconquérir, même au prix de sa dignité et de sa raison243ocn067812554book19990.14Robinson, BruceDe merkwaardige herinneringen van Thomas PenmanHet leven van een puber verandert volkomen wanneer hij voor het eerst verliefd wordt en hij het geheim van zijn leven ontdekt171ocn773550377book20110.06Robinson, BruceHaluode he xiao ya ya = Harold and the duckJuvenile worksFictionPictorial works1512ocn716452944visu19840.74Joffé, RolandLa déchirureDramaDans les années 70, Sidney Schanberg est correspondant du New York Times au Cambodge. Un journaliste local, Dith Pran, l'assiste dans ses reportages et lui sert d'interprète. Lorsque les Khmers rouges s'emparent du pouvoir, Schanberg, comme beaucoup d'autres, trouve refuge dans l'ambassade française à Phnom Penh. Les révolutionnaires exigent qu'on leur livre tous les Cambodgiens avant de laisser sortir du pays les ressortissants étrangers. Malgré les efforts de Schanberg, Pran est fait prisonnier783ocn044736059book20000.50Robinson, BruceSmoking in bed : conversations with Bruce RobinsonCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyInterviews+-+740700292521ocn222841447book20000.10Owen, AlistairBruce Robinson Q & ABiography+-+7964604235+-+7964604235Thu Oct 16 15:13:35 EDT 2014batch24058