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Fri Mar 21 17:13:38 2014 UTClccn-no950449470.00Moonlight in Havana : a Universal Picture0.350.66Discovering Keetman : rhythmic exercises and pieces for xylophones /66890735Jane_Frazeeno 9504494739240443679156Frehse, Mary Jane, 1918-1985lccn-no94030580Kreuter, Kent1932-lccn-n85151691Devine, Andy1905-1977actlccn-n80001487Rogers, Roy1911-1998vocactlccn-no91018973Witney, William1915-2002drtlccn-n79106616Republic Pictures Corporationlccn-n80001491Rogers, Dale Evanslccn-n83073581Sons of the Pioneerslccn-no2010130717Bowman, Leeactlccn-n50063921Universal Pictures Companyprnlccn-no95040456Nolan, BobactvocFrazee, JaneDramaJuvenile worksMusicTelevision programsHistoryFictionMusic--Instruction and studyOutlawsChildren's songsRhythm bands and orchestrasUnited StatesHardin, John Wesley,James, Jesse,Cassidy, Butch,Dalton GangBilly,--the KidSundance KidSchool music--Instruction and studySoldiersUnited States.--ArmyXylophone musicMusical meter and rhythmTrigger (Horse)HolidaysAfrican Americans on televisionTelevision comediesTelevisionAfrican AmericansUnited States, WestInsurance policiesBasic training (Military education)Haunted housesGangstersSingersSwindlers and swindlingSailorsMusic appreciationSuburban lifeManners and customsSpousesChristmas musicCarols--Instrumental settingsMarried menGlees, catches, rounds, etcHorse stealingKidnappingFilm adaptationsCowboysConga (Dance)Lindy (Dance)HorsesSwing (Dance)Synchronized swimmingHousekeepersBlacks on televisionPopular music1918198519411942194419471948197419751977197919821983198419851987198819891991199219931994199519961997199820022003200420052006200720082009201020112012144675155780.77MT10ocn611938172ocn843196046ocn032649110ocn429110603ocn054458243ocn047258587ocn060313602ocn857976076ocn827225795ocn857083809ocn503451612ocn773104853ocn503451612ocn058808158ocn0827818274987ocn020593932book19870.50Frazee, JaneDiscovering Orff : a curriculum for music teachersJuvenile worksThis book is intended for those who want detailed, practical assistance in how and why to use Orff techniques and materials in the classroom. Goals are outlined and the best ways to achieve them are explored, but the principal focus is on the arrangement of the curriculum in a logical sequence. Such a structure provides a reasonable progression from simple to more complex objectives not only from day to day but from year to year. Structured learning need not be the enemy of improvisation but rather the best way to provide students with the tools they need to improvise. The book contains an introduction to the development of Orff-Schulwerk and a discussion of the distinguishing features of this approach. Chapter Two introduces the activities children use in their music-making. The teaching procedure that structures those activities is taken up in Chapter Three while Chapter Four explains the vocabulary and accompaniment theory essential to the Orff teacher. Part Two applies these elements in a sequential curriculum designed for Grades One through Five. Especially important in each chapter is the inclusion of supporting activities designed to aid in teaching the various skills and concepts+-+044399584518427ocn030610851visu19480.13Under California starsHistoryFictionDramaRoy's vacation from movie-making is turned into adventure when wild horse rustlers kidnap Trigger and hold the talented horse for ransom+-+4629628106324905ocn039514667visu19910.20Buck privatesDramaAbbot and Costello accidentally enlist in the army to avoid arrest6213ocn163573721visu19410.47Potter, H. CHellzapoppin'Drama"Playing incompetent nitwits, Ole and Chic hire a producer to make a musical show at a fancy estate. What follows are non-stop zany gags and jokes when the producer takes on extracurricular activities by falling in love with the estate's wealthy girl. However he's encumbered by the girl's fianceĢ. A wild love triangle ensues, complicated by Chic's sister because a penniless Russian aristocrat mistakes her for the wealthy girl. Based on the hit Broadway play"--Container label511ocn611938172visu20090.12Wild west outlaws real stories, movies & documentariesDramaSide A.; God's gun (Motion picture); Hanged man (Motion picture); One-eyed jacks (Motion picture); Paradise canyon (Motion picture); Under California stars (Motion picture); Side B.; Angel and the badman (Motion picture : 1947); Vengeance Valley (Motion picture); Old corral (Motion picture); Proud and the damned (Motion picture); Twice a judas (Motion picture)471ocn001667040score19740.63Frazee, JaneA baker's dozen : classroom ensembles for voices, recorders, and Orff instruments401ocn182760657visu20050.17Musicals 20 movie pack373ocn041625562score19980.66Keetman, GunildDiscovering Keetman : rhythmic exercises and pieces for xylophonesJuvenile works331ocn061396085visu20040.08Double feature 2 classic western adventure movies! : Bells of San Angelo ; Under the California starsUnder the California stars: "Upton returning to his ranch with Trigger, Roy discovers that Cookie has hired a group of his relatives, including Caroline, a horse trainer. When [Roy] discover that a gang is rustling horses on his land, he quickly puts a stop to it. When Trigger is kidnapped and a ransom of $100,000 is demanded, Roy decides to set a trap for the kidnappers"--Container291ocn003741746score19750.06Frazee, JaneThis is the day : songs for special days : classroom ensembles for voices, recorders, and Orff instrumentsMusic282ocn298348197visu19960.63The Beulah showDramaTelevision programsFour episodes of the television sit-com produced in the early 1950s presenting an early example of African American stereotypes on television249ocn057743592visu19830.22Springtime in the SierrasDramaSomeone is illegally killing deer and other protected wildlife and making a fortune selling the meat. When a kindly old man, who has devoted his life to protecting animals, is murdered, Roy Rogers and his portly comic sidekick Andy Devine swing into action+-+3639628106324231ocn075964727visu0.10Roy Rogers 2 feature films227ocn032649110visu19920.15On the old Spanish trailRoy Roger takes on a villainous band of outlaws+-+3460628106324221ocn279173509visu20080.18Abbott & CostelloDramaOne night in the tropics: Bud and Lou get mixed up in a "Love insurance" scheme. Buck Privates: Bud and Lou accidentally enlists in the U.S. Army and stumble through basic training. In the navy: Bud and Lou are sailors who must help a famous crooner keep his identity. Hold that ghost: Bud and Lou accidentally inherit a "haunted" house where a gangster stashed his loot202ocn066387375visu20040.10The great American western181ocn015247388score19840.06Frazee, JaneSound ideas : participatory music lessons for young listeners172ocn008417667score19770.10Frazee, JaneStrawberry fair : rounds for children's voices with accompaniment171ocn535760618visu20090.47The Joe McDoakes collectionDramaThese shorts feature average Joe McDoakes, who finds himself involved in various projects that end in comedic fashion, much to his wife's dismay171ocn011269698score19830.66Frazee, JaneSinging in the season42ocn040348347score19420.32Segure, RogerAmen : (Yea-man)Portraits11ocn056586524score19440.47Brooks, JoanSomeday, Somewhere we will meet againPortraitsMusic01ocn082558169book2003Moonlight in Havana : a Universal PicturePortraitsPictorial works+-+0443995845+-+0443995845Fri Mar 21 15:39:07 EDT 2014batch16607