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Fri Mar 21 17:09:43 2014 UTClccn-no960136730.01Bob the Builder0.060.15Leadership and self-deception getting out of the box /279240833no 960136734035461fast-835240Bob the Builder (Fictitious character)lccn-no96063723King, Loreleiactnp-darling, mariaDarling, Mariaactlccn-no99070256HIT Entertainmentnp-leite, sonyaLeite, Sonyalccn-no2006013688Joyce, Paul K.cmpviaf-42132870Burns, Andylccn-no2006029054Marriott, Alanactviaf-54384640Ball, Sarahdrtlccn-no2006024625Carl, LacheleDufris, WilliamJuvenile worksDramaFictionTelevision programsAnimated television programsHistoryAnimated filmsCriticism, interpretation, etcDetective and mystery stories, AmericanPicture booksBob the Builder (Fictitious character)Construction workersConstruction equipmentFriendshipCooperationSpace and timePetsChristmasBrothersFathers and sonsCastles--ReconstructionAnimalsPendragon, Bobby (Fictitious character)United StatesLife on other planetsDiariesPaine, Thomas,American Revolution (1775-1783)Washington, George,Virtual realitySelf-confidenceDemonologyDisastersPhilosophyMonasteriesMathematicsFantasyGreat BritainArchitects and buildersBuildingHorror talesTime travelSteuben, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin,--Baron von,LeadershipSelf-deceptionFate and fatalismAdventure storiesHamilton, Alexander,Political scienceStatesmenJefferson, Thomas,Dinners and diningMadison, James,Apartment housesRaccoonSlothsRabbitsYoung adult fictionDiceComputer animation200120022003200420052006200720082009201020111495350189791.4575PZ7ocn247283748ocn298188147ocn439959447ocn652458318ocn057407835ocn277144688ocn294908294ocn437301698ocn244793251ocn233545623ocn050908434220113ocn050898232visu20010.01Bob the BuilderJuvenile worksFictionMusicDramaAnimated television programsTelevision programsJoin Bob and his friends, Wendy, Scoop, Spud, Roley and the whole gang, as they have one adventure after another, including working together to save porcupines and help a sleeping Roley get back home+-+371278620632411762ocn051757248visu20010.08Bob the Builder pets in a pickleJuvenile worksDramaJoin Bob the Builder as he and his friends locate missing pets. Bob, Wendy, and his machine friends work together to make new homes for the pets once they are found11755ocn052891971visu20030.10Hibbert, JimmyBob the BuilderJuvenile worksFictionDramaAnimated filmsAnimated television programsTelevision programs"This colorful, humorous production with great animation, excellent voice acting, and a well-loved golden oldie to boot will appeal to fans of the series, those unfamiliar with 'Bob the Builder, ' and parents."--School Library Journal10653ocn051615446visu20030.01Bob the BuilderJuvenile worksFictionDramaHome use only+-+62297862069504ocn052362219visu20030.06Bob the BuilderJuvenile worksFictionDramaScoop is so busy helping others that he misses the town's snowmen-building contest, so the whole town decides to team up to make him a winner. Dizzy rounds up the crew to finish building Farmer Pickles barn, and Wendy gives Dizzy and Trix a hand with brick laying. Pilchard proves to be a team player. Bob the Builder, Wendy and the whole team work together to get the job done8543ocn058473516visu20050.06Bob the BuilderJuvenile worksDrama"Travis gets lucky": When Travis thinks that a lucky charm has given him the right tools to work on his own, what happens when he loses it? "Wendy's big night out": Wendy is nervous about delivering an important speech - can she dig up the confidence to get the job done? "Molly's fashion show": After paint goes flying, Molly finds inspiration and positive attitude for her fashion show. "Pilchard and the field mice": Bob must dig up the answer to a mystery when he discovers that some cookies are missing. "Trix's pumpkin pie": Trix tries to help out by hauling almost everything herself+-+94083113068113ocn057182597visu20050.06Bob the BuilderJuvenile worksFictionDrama"Scoop the disco digger": Scoop is busy helping Bob and doesn't have time to learn to dance for a special dance display. "Spud's statue": Bob is busy building a pavilion for the flower show where a new statue will be unveiled. "Skip's big idea": Scoop suggests renovating the Old Mill for an art exhibition prompting Skip to come up with an idea of his own. "Muck's surprise": Mr. Bentley asks Bob to build a summer house so he can surprise Mrs. Bentley for their 25th wedding anniversary. "Trix and the bug": Bob is hard at work building a new movie theater+-+K79831130676016ocn061242109rcrd20050.07MacHale, D. JThe reality bugJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksIn his ongoing battle to save Earth and its parallel worlds from the demon Saint Dane, fifteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon travels to Veelox, a world whose inhabitants have abandoned their real lives in favor of virtual reality+-+07172824066047ocn247283748rcrd20080.12Stephenson, NealAnathemFictionHaving lived in a monastery since childhood, away from the violent upheavals of the outside world, Raz becomes one of a group of formerly cloistered scholars who are appointed by a fear-driven higher power to avert an impending catastrophe+-+15405727965698ocn298188147rcrd20090.08MacHale, D. JThe soldiers of HallaJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesFantasy fictionYoung adult worksEach of the Travelers returns home to learn the truth about their origins before being reunited for a final, inevitable confrontation with Saint Dane, whose efforts to control Halla are destroying its very foundations+-+04582824064691ocn055620110visu20040.06Bob the BuilderJuvenile worksDramaRoley to the rescue: A stormy night leaves Bob, Roley and the team with lots of work to do. Mr. Beasley's noisy pipes: Things get pretty noisy when Bob and his crew are called in to replace Mr. Beasley's banging pipes and boiler. Roley's tortoise: Roley is excited about his new friend, Timmy the tortoise. Runaway Roley: Roley, the hardworking steamroller, becomes a runaway "sleep roller" when he rolls out of the building yard while still asleep3733ocn054442966rcrd20030.01Rylant, CynthiaThe case of the missing monkeyJuvenile worksFictionMac's favorite glass monkey is missing from the counter of The Grill Next Door. Who would take a glass monkey? And why?+-+K1589991553624ocn439959447rcrd20090.12Gingrich, NewtTo try men's souls [a novel of George Washington and the fight for American freedom]HistoryFictionPresents a novel that chronicles the political and military careers of three important Americans, including their pivotal roles in the American Revolutionary War. Reveals how Thomas Paine championed the case for freedom, while General George Washington and Private Jonathan Van Dorn fought for independence on the battlefield+-+00225727963346ocn550571456rcrd20090.12King, StephenDanse macabreCriticism, interpretation, etcThe author addresses the topic of what makes horror horrifying and what makes terror terrifying. King delivers one colorful observation after another about the great stories, books and films that comprise of the horror genre--from Frankenstein and Dracula to The exorcist, The twilight zone and Earth vs. The flying saucers+-+65668369963242902ocn652458318rcrd20100.12Gingrich, NewtValley ForgeHistoryFictionIn the winter of 1777, Washington and his demoralized army retreat from Philadelphia, arriving at Valley Forge where they discover that their repeated requests for a stockpile of food, winter clothing, and building tools have been ignored by Congress. In spite of the suffering and deceit, Washington endures all, joined at last by Baron Friederich von Steuben, a German volunteer who begins the hard task of recasting the army as a professional fighting force capable of facing the British head-on and changing the course of history+-+10256727962178ocn226040858com20080.12Cerami, Charles ADinner at Mr. Jefferson's three men, five great wines, and the evening that changed AmericaHistorySoon after the new Constitution took effect and George Washington became president, the United States was in serious danger. A bitter political rivalry between two men who had once been allies and two surging issues that inflamed the nation led to grim talk of breaking up the Republic. Then, a single great evening, arguably the most important dinner party in American history, achieved the compromises that led to America's mighty expansion. Though often mentioned, that dinner has not been recognized as a milestone in the nation's history. This book will give life to host Thomas Jefferson and his two guests, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, as well as the dinner itself--the courses, the wines, the nature of the conversation--and the rapid results that followed+-+73488788963242154ocn060353337rcrd20050.01Rylant, CynthiaThe case of the Fidgety foxJuvenile worksFictionThe High Rise Private Eyes, animal detectives, try to find the cat who stole their neighbor's binoculars+-+28564551552114ocn144442036rcrd20070.01Rylant, CynthiaThe case of the baffled bearJuvenile worksFictionBunny and Jack, animal detectives, take a break from playing cards to look for Bernard Bear's missing messenger whistle+-+35098051552037ocn057407835rcrd20040.15Leadership and self-deception getting out of the boxIllustrates the problems of self-deception, how people get trapped in it, how it undermines relationships and organizational achievement, and how to solve it+-+19995272061932ocn060353498rcrd20050.01Rylant, CynthiaThe case of the sleepy slothJuvenile worksFictionPicture booksDetective and mystery stories, AmericanWhile having a picnic on the docks, animal detectives Bunny and Jack meet a dog whose one and only lawn chair is missing, and they set out to solve the case+-+7556455155+-+9408311306+-+9408311306Fri Mar 21 16:09:32 EDT 2014batch20096