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Thu Oct 16 17:52:39 2014 UTClccn-no960213830.00Institutional plan FY ... /0.731.00Effect of the Keck telescope's segmented primary on the performance on the Keck adaptive optics system156817577no 960213834064948Berkeley Lab.Berkeley LaboratoryE. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.Lawrence Berkeley LaboratoryLawrence Berkeley National Lab.Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryLBNLUnited States. Department of Energy. Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUnited States Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUniversity of California Berkeley, Calif Berkeley LabUniversity of California Berkeley, Calif E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUniversity of California Berkeley, Calif E. O. Lawrence LaboratoryUniversity of California Berkeley, Calif Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUniversity of California Berkeley, Calif Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUniversity of California Berkeley, Calif Lawrence LaboratoryUniversity of California Berkeley LabUniversity of California, Berkeley Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUniversity of California E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUniversity of California Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUniversity of California Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUSA Department of Energy Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratorycontainsVIAFID/156724776Lawrence Berkeley LaboratorycontainsVIAFID/131327464United States. Department of EnergycontainsVIAFID/149111950University of California, Berkeleylccn-n84003987United StatesDepartment of EnergyOffice of Scientific and Technical Informationdstlccn-n50000351Lawrence Berkeley Laboratoryreslccn-n78034868United StatesDepartment of Energyresspnlccn-n98104093Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Energy Technologies Divisionresspnlccn-n78014130United StatesDepartment of EnergyOffice of Energy Researchspnlccn-no91027023National Renewable Energy Laboratory (U.S.)lccn-no2002024801California Energy CommissionPublic Interest Energy Researchspnlccn-n82002711Los Alamos National Laboratoryresnc-lawrence livermore national laboratoryLawrence Livermore National Laboratoryreslccn-n80076176Stanford Linear Accelerator CenterresLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryConference proceedingsPeriodicalsSpecificationsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryCaliforniaUnited StatesLos Alamos National LaboratoryResearchStanford Linear Accelerator CenterSandia National LaboratoriesLaboratoriesPower resources--ResearchNational Accelerator LaboratoryArgonne National LaboratoryBrookhaven National LaboratoryOak Ridge National LaboratoryPhysics--ResearchGreen marketingRenewable energy sourcesEnergy policyCalifornia--BerkeleyNuclear physics--ResearchNuclear energy--ResearchLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryMarilyn Lloyd Environmental, Life, and Social Sciences Complex (Oak Ridge, Tenn.)Early retirement incentives--Law and legislationRetirementConstruction industry--ManagementPhotovoltaic power generation--CostsSolar energy--Economic aspectsWind power--Economic aspectsWind power industryPhotovoltaic power generation--Economic aspectsAccountingDiodesElectric discharges through gasesElectric insulators and insulationBreakdown (Electricity)VacuumNuclear structureParticle acceleratorsGallium arsenide semiconductorsGallium nitrideSemiconductorsDielectricsSemiconductors--MaterialsCompound semiconductorsParticle beamsNuclear engineeringElectric apparatus and appliances--Energy consumptionCommercial buildings--Design and constructionCommercial buildings--Energy conservationEnergy consumption19441945194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142019552911887619827539.072079467E1.2:B 8610ocn727333220ocn727236373ocn316323614ocn727205991ocn316451748ocn727198017ocn068492556ocn316442603ocn068488972ocn316447349ocn3163263363224ocn037846856file0.70Berkeley Lab research reviewPeriodicals2341ocn062707934file20050.70Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBuilding vulnerability assessment & mitigation program (BVAMP) helping facility managers reduce vulnerability to chemical, biological, and radiological agents2041ocn180774848file20060.70Letting the sun shine on solar costs an empirical investigation of photovoltaic cost trends in CaliforniaThis report provides a comprehensive analysis of grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) cost trends in California, which is by far the largest PV market in the United States. The findings of this work may help stakeholders to understand important trends in the California PV market, and policymakers to design more effective solar incentive programs--a particularly important objective given the recent announcement from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to establish an 11-year, $3.2 billion incentive program for customer-sited solar. The study statistically analyzes the installed cost of grid-connected PV systems funded by the state's two largest solar rebate programs, overseen by the California Energy Commission (CEC) [operating since 1998] and the CPUC [operating since 2001]1991ocn264735254file20080.74Friedman, BarryConsiderations for emerging markets for energy savings certificatesEarly experiences with energy savings certificates (ESCs) have revealed both their merit and the challenges associated with them. In the United States, there has been little activity to date, so any lessons must be drawn from experiences in Italy, the United Kingdom (UK), France, and elsewhere. The staying power of European examples, particularly in Italy, demonstrates that ESCs can help initiate more efficiency projects. Although a robust market for renewable energy certificates (RECs) has emerged in both the voluntary and policy compliance contexts in the United States, ESCs have yet to gain significant traction. This report looks at the opportunity presented by ESCs, the unique challenges they bring, a comparison with RECs that can inform expectations about ESC market development, and the solutions and best practices early ESC market experience have demonstrated. It also examines whether there are real market barriers that have kept ESCs from being adopted and what structural features are necessary to develop effective trading programs1951ocn795130441file20120.70Lantz, EricIEA Wind Task 26. the past and future cost of wind energyOver the past 30 years, wind power has become a mainstream source of electricity generation around the world. However, the future of wind power will depend a great deal on the ability of the industry to continue to achieve cost of energy reductions. In this summary report, developed as part of the International Energy Agency Wind Implementing Agreement Task 26, titled 'The Cost of Wind Energy,' we provide a review of historical costs, evaluate near-term market trends, review the methods used to estimate long-term cost trajectories, and summarize the range of costs projected for onshore wind energy across an array of forward-looking studies and scenarios. We also highlight the influence of high-level market variables on both past and future wind energy costs1931ocn820730527com20120.70Photovoltaic (PV) pricing trends historical, recent, and near-term projectionsA summary of the past, recent, and near-term cost and PV installation pricing trends performed jointly by NREL and LBNL1891ocn437259842file20090.74Friedman, BarryEnergy savings certificate markets opportunities and implementation barriersConference proceedingsEarly experiences with energy savings certificates (ESCs) have revealed their merits and the challenges associated with them. While in the United States ESC markets have yet to gain significant traction, lessons can be drawn from early experiences in the states of Connecticut and New York, as well as from established markets in Italy, France, and elsewhere. The staying power of European examples demonstrates that ESCs can help initiate more efficiency projects. This article compares ESCs with renewable energy certificates (RECs), looks at the unique opportunities and challenges they present, and reviews solutions and best practices demonstrated by early ESC markets. Three major potential ESC market types are also reviewed: compliance, voluntary, and carbon. Additionally, factors that will benefit ESC markets in the United States are examined: new state EEPS policies, public interest in tools to mitigate climate change, and the growing interest in a voluntary market for ESCs1484ocn047882205file19950.90International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in VacuumProceedings ISDEIV, XVIIth International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum, Berkeley, California, July 21-26, 1996Conference proceedings1172ocn051888930book20030.96Frontiers of nuclear structure : Berkeley, California, 29 July-2 August 2002Conference proceedings+-+5166590825711ocn034639440book19950.93Goth-Goldstein, RegineNeoplastic transformation of human cells final report for NASA work contract T-9297R544ocn054615837file20030.95IEEE Particle Accelerator ConferencePAC 2003 : proceedings of the 2003 Particle Accelerator Conference : Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., May 12-16, 2003Conference proceedings532ocn042197955book19990.94Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySemiconducting and insulating materials, 1998 : proceedings of the 10th Conference on Semiconducting and Insulating Materials (SIMC-X), 1-5 June 1998, Berkeley, California, USAConference proceedings+-+4908985325443ocn300473261file20090.95Workshop on Advanced Accelerator ConceptsAdvanced accelerator concepts 13th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Santa Cruz, California, 27 July-2 August 2008Conference proceedingsAnnotation+-+5261590825302ocn298267808file20080.96Performance monitoring in large commercial buildings PIER final project report302ocn281598620com20080.94Low-power mode energy consumption in California homes PIER final project report282ocn233989642book20080.93Energy consumption in California's buildings since 1990 : an indicators assessment of key factors : PIER final project report287ocn068432920com19971.00Effect of the Keck telescope's segmented primary on the performance on the Keck adaptive optics systemWe report the achievement of a superpolished surface, suitable for x-ray reflection, on bare stainless steel. The rms roughness obtained on various samples varied from 2.2 to 4.2 Å, as measured by an optical profiler with a bandwidth 0.29-100 mm⁻¹. The type 17-4 PH precipitation-hardening stainless steel used to make the mirrors is also capable of ultrastability and has good manufactureability. This combination of properties makes it an excellent candidate material for mirror substrates. We describe the successful utilization of this type of steel in making elliptical-cylinder mirrors for a soft-x-ray microprobe system at the Advanced Light Source, and discuss possible for its unusual stability and polishability282ocn299575837com20080.96Automation of capacity bidding with an aggregator using open automated demand response PIER final project report282ocn315870390book20090.96CERTS microgrid laboratory test bed : PIER final project report272ocn319861699file20090.96Open Automated Demand Response Communications Specification (version 1.0) PIER final project reportSpecifications4872ocn489258035book20090.56User facilities of the Office of Basic Energy Sciences : a national resource for scientific research"This brochure overviews the scientific infrastructure that is constructed, maintained, and operated at Department of Energy laboratories for the pursuit of energy-related research"--Cf. p. 44202ocn263155591file0.63Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryScience@Berkeley LabPeriodicals2413ocn034533526book19960.74United StatesDOE National Laboratory restructuring : hearing before the Subcommittee on Basic Research of the Committee on Science, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session, on H.R. 884 to authorize retirement incentives for certain employees of the national laboratories, and H.R. 2301 to designate an enclosed area of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee as the "Marilyn Lloyd Environmental, Life and Social Sciences Complex", November 9, 19951671ocn453941375com0.70Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAnnual reportPeriodicals271ocn051644253book20020.90CaliforniaJoint hearing with the New Mexico state legislative leadership : contract with the Department of Energy162ocn069686561file20060.96Windham, Patrick HCalifornia's federal laboratories a state resource51ocn040497147serial0.82Site environmental report forPeriodicals21ocn038366405mix19971.00Kim, Alex GuyoonThe discovery of high-redshift supernovae and their cosmological implications21ocn037154358mix19971.00Varnes, Erich WardMeasurement of the top quark mass21ocn039637951mix19971.00Clack, H. LA two-step airblast atomizer for post-flame combustion studies21ocn033475515serialLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryInstitutional plan FY ...Periodicals11ocn144039605book20021.00Draft environmental assessment for construction and operation of the Molecular Foundry at Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, for the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences (SC-10)11ocn759237887art20111.00BondGraham, DarwinThe race for the lab nears finish : Lawrence Berkeley Lab officials plan to announce the winning bidder for its massive second campus next month11ocn054116992serial1.00Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryReportPeriodicals11ocn863500857book20131.00Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryInitial study : Richmond Bay Campus 2013 Long Range Development Plan and phase 1, development11ocn053054951book20031.00Construction and operation of the building 49 project : Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California : draft environmental impact report11ocn070531169mix1.00Goldhaber, GersonGerson Goldhaber papersArchivesIncludes correspondence, reports, research files, lecture notes, and course materials documenting Professor Goldhaber's career in physics research and teaching at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory11ocn748005075map19781.00[Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory]Maps11ocn191079144book20040.10Western States Legal Foundation (Oakland, Calif.)Up for sale : bidding for management of the nuclear weapons labs : Western States Legal Foundation special report11ocn656274241book1.00Templeton, David HenryDavid and Lieselotte Templeton papersArchivesCollection contains laboratory notebooks, research notes, writings, computer printouts, and reprints. There are also small quantities of correspondence and photographs, and a copy of Lieselotte's Ph.D. dissertation+-+5166590825+-+5166590825Thu Oct 16 15:47:04 EDT 2014batch283389