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Fri Mar 21 17:03:43 2014 UTClccn-no970274730.00Superbia, suburbia = Superbia, suburbia /0.471.00Calendarul după Caragiale /105678938no 970274734332632Mihailescu, Calin-Andrei 1956-lccn-n79007035Borges, Jorge Luis1899-1986lccn-no97027474Hamarneh, Walid1952-edtlccn-n79039814Gimferrer, Pere1945-auilccn-n93116069Navarro, Justo1953-....trlnc-mondadori$clesMondadoriClesprtviaf-207744917陳重仁viaf-139290006Conference Entitled Fictions and Worlds1990Torontolccn-n99261954Świerkocki, Maciej(1961- ).lccn-n98013871Papadima, Liviulccn-n80130167Popa, Dumitru RaduMihailescu, Calin Andrei1956-Criticism, interpretation, etcHistoryCalendarsQuotationsPoetryPoeticsLiterature--PhilosophyNarration (Rhetoric)Fictions, Theory ofLiterature--Theory, etcLiteratureCommunismRomaniaCaragiale, I. L.--(Ion Luca),Literary calendarsMysticismMysticism--Catholic ChurchEuropeFiction--TechniqueLanguage and cultureNegative theology1956199219951996199820002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201215982771809.1PN1064ocn797482385ocn832789998ocn468562318ocn299457826ocn438775541ocn799430927ocn442731944ocn856769470ocn862324641ocn469908719ocn185399122ocn23088446710278ocn044026480book20000.31Borges, Jorge LuisThis craft of verseCriticism, interpretation, etc"Though his avowed topic is poetry, Borges explores subjects ranging from prose forms (especially the novel), literary history, and translation theory to philosophical aspects of literature in particular and communication in general. Probably the best-read citizen of the globe in his day, he draws on a wealth of examples from literature in modern and medieval English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and Chinese, speaking with characteristic eloquence on Plato, the Norse Kenningar, Byron, Poe, Chesterton, Joyce, and Frost, as well as on translations of Homer, the Bible, and the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam."--Jacket+-+85475592152548ocn037354057book19950.86Mihailescu, Calin - Andrei, edFiction updated : theories of fictionality, narratology, and poeticsCriticism, interpretation, etcNovels, movies, and lies - these are all fictions that provoke with their as ifs and what ifs. In response to the idea that fiction has somehow become an unfashionable topic in contemporary criticism, this volume argues that the question of fiction needs to be updated in the absence of a widely accepted theory of truth. This collection, dedicated to the noted scholar and literary critic Lubomir Dolezel, covers an extensive number of theoretical and historical issues relevant to our understanding of the status of fictions - literary or not. Fiction Updated offers approaches to fiction and poetics that, in an imaginary topography of contemporary humanities, dwell at a distance from both the mimetic theory of literature and deconstruction. The contributors introduce new perspectives to the problem of fictionality, or broaden the scope of its applications, by examining the works of such authors as Homer, Casanova, Aristotle, Woolf, Vaihinger, Borges, Kundera, Coetzee, and Bakhtin+-+912055753516717ocn047642432book20000.73Borges, Jorge LuisArte poética : seis conferenciasCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+3426789393324562ocn051085529book20020.66Borges, Jorge LuisL'art de poésieCriticism, interpretation, etcRassemble les six conférences données par Borges à l'Université de Harvard en 1967. Il y parle de l'écriture poétique et d'oeuvres de la littérature anglaise254ocn797482385book20010.47Borges, Jorge LuisL'invenzione della poesia : le lezioni americaneCriticism, interpretation, etc112ocn052627234book20020.97Mihailescu, Calin AndreiȚara europsităCriticism, interpretation, etc91ocn060715724book20010.31Borges, Jorge LuisBo he shi tan shi lun yiCriticism, interpretation, etc72ocn185034636book20060.47Cum era? Cam așa -- : amintiri din anii comunismului (românesc)History64ocn059909039book19920.92Mihailescu, Calin AndreiHigh nights : post-Tridentine mystical literatureHistory51ocn832789998book19960.28Fiction updated : theories of fictionality, narratology, and poetics ; [some essays are rev. versions of papers at a Conference Entitled Fictions and Worlds, held at the University of Toronto, spring, 1990]+-+912055753552ocn053433879book20020.29Borges, Jorge LuisBo'erhesi tan shi lun yiCriticism, interpretation, etc43ocn714844246book20040.19Borges, Jorge LuisRzemiosło poezji : wykłady fundacji Charlesa Eliota Nortona, 1967-1968Criticism, interpretation, etc31ocn162585923book20050.96Popa, Dumitru RaduSkenzemon!32ocn056544261book20010.96Stratan, IonBiblioteca de dinamită31ocn165064592book20021.00Caragiale, I. LCalendarul după CaragialeCalendarsQuotations21ocn444424388art2008Mihailescu, Calin AndreiSuperbia, suburbia = Superbia, suburbia22ocn817970934book20010.47Borges, Jorge LuisEsse ofício do verso11ocn182624618book20021.00Mihailescu, Calin Andrei16-17 Renaștere, manierism, baroc11ocn862324641book20060.47Borges, Jorge Luis<>Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn651417273book20050.47Fuentes, CarlosCrezul meu+-+8547559215+-+8547559215Fri Mar 21 16:11:41 EDT 2014batch11460