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Fri Mar 21 17:14:09 2014 UTClccn-no970596170.06Poison0.100.12The great fire66079173no 970596174470238lccn-no94018831Recorded Books, Incpbllccn-n50014452Albert, Susan Wittiglccn-n80017651Potter, Beatrix1866-1943lccn-no2009093208Recorded Books, LLClccn-no92020503Lee, Rebecca Haganlccn-n80009729Burnett, Frances Hodgson1849-1924lccn-n79108321Hazzard, Shirley1931-lccn-no94026605Maxwell, Cathylccn-n79053974Defoe, Daniel1661?-1731lccn-n2005056058Lindbergh, JudithLeishman, VirginiaFictionJuvenile worksHistoryPsychological fictionHistorical fictionFantasy fictionYoung adult worksLove storiesEnglandWomen artistsWomen authorsPotter, Beatrix,England--LondonVillagesOrphansManners and customsSchoolsHuman-animal relationshipsMan-woman relationshipsAnimalsLove storiesWorld War (1939-1945)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)China--Hong KongReconstruction (1939-1951)JapanNobilityProstitutesGreenlandMiddle AgesWomen slavesBoarding schoolsCountry lifeCriminalsWomenVirginiaChildren of prisonersBritishRepentanceAristocracy (Social class)BachelorsMarriages of royalty and nobilityMen--Societies and clubsScotlandFoundlingsManorsDetective and mystery storiesBerchtold zu Sonnenburg, Maria Anna Mozart,--Reichsfreiin von,MarriageManuscripts--Collectors and collectingFairiesStorytellingFantasyVendettaPoets, EnglishWalesMarried peopleLiterary historians19931995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201421543109335813.54PS3551.L2637ocn057009948ocn061669238ocn058463794ocn060189393ocn057214432ocn057185370ocn063161789ocn067143841ocn077536846ocn123897153ocn060857164120715ocn060189393rcrd20040.12Hazzard, ShirleyThe great fireHistoryFictionPsychological fictionHistorical fictionIn war-torn Asia and stricken Europe, men and women must reinvent their lives and expectations, and learn to dream again. Some will fulfil their destinies, others will falter. One brave and brilliant soldier finds that survival and worldly achievement are not enough. His counterpart, a young girl living in occupied Japan and tending her dying brother, falls in love, and in the process discovers herself. In the looming shadow of world enmities resumed, and of Asia's coming centrality in world affairs, a man and a woman seek to recover selfreliance, balance, and tenderness, struggling to reclaim their humanity+-+776630759612028ocn061669238file19930.07Burnett, Frances HodgsonA little princessHistoryJuvenile worksFictionSara Crewe, a pupil at Miss Minchin's London school, is left in poverty when her father dies but is later rescued by a mysterious benefactor+-+633118596510648ocn057009948file19960.08Defoe, DanielMoll FlandersHistoryFictionAn orphan, born in a prison, works her way from the streets of London to a Virginia plantation10599ocn063161789file20060.12Lindbergh, JudithThe thrall's taleHistoryFictionIn 985 A.D. the life of a Viking thrall in newly settled Greenland is harsh and unforgiving. Katla, a proud, beautiful slave girl, is ostracized because of her arrogant ways and the mystical rosary beads she wears. She survives a violent rape only through the compassion of Thorbjorg, a pagan seeress and shaman. But Katla's mure daughter--concieved during the rape and reared by Torbjorg to be a shaman--maliciously exploits the pagan teachings to exact revenge on her mother for abandoning her+-+729392879632474311ocn070678927file20060.06Wooding, ChrisPoisonJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionYoung adult worksWhen Poison leaves her home in the marshes of Gull to retrieve the infant sister who was snatched by the fairies, she and a group of unusual friends survive encounters with the inhabitants of various Realms, and Poison herself confronts a surprising destiny7406ocn100053445com20070.10Albert, Susan WittigThe tale of Hill Top FarmFictionIt's 1905, and to recover from the loss of her fiancé, Beatrix Potter moves into a small farmhouse in Sawrey. Populated by colorful characters, both human and critter, her new life is full of promise. That is, until a villager dies, and murder is suspected. Now it's up to this amateur sleuth to find a killer roaming the English countryside7027ocn067143841com20040.10Lee, Rebecca HaganHardly a husbandFictionLove storiesObstinate Marquess Jarrod Shepherdston is not about to take the plunge without protest. He has taken great pains to avoid romance his entire life. But when beautiful Sarah Eckersley shows up on his doorstep with a proposal he can't seem to refuse, Jarrod begins to wonder just what he could be missing6835ocn058463794file20040.10Lee, Rebecca HaganBarely a brideFictionGriffen Abernathy has sworn an oath never to marry, or, if he must, to never fall in love with his wife. He is forced into wedding when his father insists that he do so before going to war. Lady Alyssa Carrollton wants only to work in her garden, but her mother wont rest until she is married off. When Alyssa and Griffen meet, their mutual distaste for marriage makes them perfectly suited for one another. After he returns from battle, though, he's a different man. He realizes he does have feelings for the woman he left when she was barely a bride--but will she ever come to love him?+-+52363026963246807ocn057214432file20040.10Small, BertriceUntil youHistoryFictionBeautiful and independent Rosamund Bolton and her cousin Sir Thomas Bolton leave Friarsgate, England to visit Queen Margaret of Scotland. Shortly after arriving at the court, Rosamund is introduced to the handsome Patrick Leslie, earl of Glenkirk, and they immediately fall in love. Their growing passion is stifled when war breaks out between England and Scotland+-+91171026963246747ocn057185370file20020.10Goodman, JoLet me be the oneFour handsome gentlemen nicknamed North, South, East, and West, respectively, are proud eligible bachelors who are members of the Compass Club. However, North meets the charming, intelligent Lady Libby Penrose. To seize a mysterious jewel thief, North and Libby are compelled to join forces. Libby foregoes her vow to never fall in love again when she is overwelmed by North's passion and charm. Certain obstacles must be faced by even the most thrilling relationships+-+26661026963246575ocn077536846file20050.10Lee, Rebecca HaganMerely the groomFictionColin McElreath is getting married. He is giving up his status as a Free Fellow because he has sworn to protect the league and their secret work in the war with France. His bride-to-be, Gillian Davies is in trouble, so her father, the Baron, is using her impressive dowry and a little blackmail to secure a reputation. Honor, nobility, and chivalry may be Colin's first motives for marrying her, but his growing desire for his beautiful bride cannot be ignored6505ocn152571999com20070.10Albert, Susan WittigThe tale of Holly How the cottage tales of Beatrix PotterFictionThe serenity of Hill Top Farm is shattered when a local shephard is murdered. Beatrix Potter--when she's not busy making friends with her fellow villagers--lends her insights to the investigation6456ocn191028628com20070.10Albert, Susan WittigThe tale of Hawthorn HouseFictionWhen Beatrix finds an abandoned infant, Captain Woodcock and Dimity care for the child as Beatrix and her furry and feathered friends search for its mother6426ocn180089601com20070.10Albert, Susan WittigThe tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood the cottage tales of Beatrix PotterFictionIt is now 1907, and in her Lake Country village, Beatrix Potter is about to encounter both woodland magic and an intriguing mystery. As she helps some village children look for fairy folk, she stumbles upon evidence that a flame-haired stranger may have dangerous plans60015ocn041484333rcrd19990.12Byatt, A. SPossessionFictionLove storiesAcademics Roland Mitchell and Maud Bailey search for the identity of nineteenth-century writer Randolph Henry Ash's lover+-+44527051555996ocn123897153com20070.10Moser, NancyMozart's sisterFictionEleven-year-old Nannerl is arguably the best keyboard player in all of Europe. Yet because her six-year-old brother Wolfie can play almost as well as she, he receives virtually all the praise and adulation. Traveling far and wide with her family, she and her brother perform before the crowned heads of Europe. Social convention and public clamor relegate her to living life in the shadow of a prodigy. But when will Nannerl ever realize her own dreams and aspirations?5145ocn670078085file20010.08Maxwell, CathyA scandalous marriageHistoryFictionLeft pregnant and alone after a scandalous affair ends in abandonment, Leah Carrollton seeks refuge in the country, where she finds safety in the arms of Devon Marshall, Viscount Huxhold, who offers her marriage and a way to give her fatherless child a name4926ocn670428072com20100.08Albert, Susan WittigThe tale of Applebeck OrchardFictionAfter his haystacks are burned, Farmer Harmsworth barricades the common path through Applebeck Orchard. Reliable witnesses say the arson was the work of a lantern-bearing specter. But has the culprit left clues Miss Potter can decipher?4844ocn498390446file20010.08Maxwell, CathyMarried in hasteFictionBrenn Owen, the new but impoverished Earl of Merton, is looking for a bride--one rich enough to finance his estate. When he meets Tess Hamlin, he sees a woman who is not only wealthy, but a dazzling beauty as well. To his surprise, Tess quickly accepts his proposal. But behind her eagerness lurks a secret she will do anything to hide from him4835ocn648974447com20100.08Albert, Susan WittigThe tale of Briar BankFictionAlbert re-imagines Beatrix Potter wearing her sleuthing cap as the village of Sawrey lies buried beneath a blanket of Christmas snow. While she and her animal friends investigate a puzzling death, Miss Potter wonders if she can acknowledge her fondness for Mr. Heelis and still remain loyal to her fiancé's memory+-+5236302696324+-+5236302696324Fri Mar 21 15:07:49 EDT 2014batch21684