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Fri Mar 21 17:06:39 2014 UTClccn-no981170840.15The Oxford murders0.240.35Plata quemada /156256789no 981170844842413lccn-no98117080Herrero, Gerardoproausdrtlccn-nr98042667Darín, Ricardo1957-actviaf-162732031Besuievsky, Marielaprolccn-no2002096530IFC Filmslccn-n92067014Loach, Ken1936-drtlccn-n50068819Televisión Españolaprolccn-no2002039664Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen GmbHviaf-95086666Villamil, Soledadactlccn-no2011076044EMC Produktionlccn-nr2002020885Pathé Distribution LimitedTornasol FilmsDramaHistoryFilm adaptationsFictionComedy filmsJuvenile worksMotion picturesMan-woman relationshipsArgentinaMurderPolitical scienceIrelandCivil War (Ireland : 1922-1923)Autonomy and independence movementsCubaBrothersWar of Independence (Ireland : 1919-1921)Criminal investigationGreat BritainPeace treatiesJudicial corruptionNationalismRapeFamiliesChileCollege teachersCriminal behaviorBoysSocial classesMothers and sonsLabor unions--OrganizingUnited StatesCleaning personnelHispanic Americans--EmploymentCaliforniaIllegal aliensTaxidermistsGraduate studentsEpilepsyHunting accidentsPhotographic memorySpainCoup d'état (Chile : 1973)FriendshipWar photographersBus terminalsMiddle East--KurdistanSistersMotion pictures, SpanishDrug dealersArgentina--Buenos AiresFur tradeScotland--GreenockMarried peopleFuneral rites and ceremoniesSingle fathersTeenage boys198819931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201313570153392791.4372PN1997.2ocn668081682ocn187679530ocn747555058ocn070992411ocn758400653ocn838128709ocn063666417ocn868164950135211ocn137242424visu20060.21Loach, KenThe wind that shakes the barleyHistoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaIreland, 1920. Damien O'Donovan is leaving for London for an internship, until the dreaded Black and Tans attack his hurling mates, killing one for not speaking English. Thus sidetracked by the Irish War for Independence, Damien is convinced by his brother Teddy to throw his lot in with the IRA. Damien is a purist, an idealist, and therefore marked for a tragic destiny, while Teddy is a fatefully pragmatic politician. These differences between the brothers propel the film through its terrible final act, as the signing of Anglo-Irish Treaty establishes the Irish Free State, splits the Republican movement, and unleashes the Irish Civil War120811ocn650626847visu20090.22Campanella, Juan JoséEl secreto de sus ojos The secret in their eyesDramaFilm adaptationsRecently retired criminal court investigator Benjamín decides to write a novel based on a twenty-five-year-old unresolved rape and murder case which still haunts him. Sharing his plans with Irene, the beautiful judge and his former colleague, Benjamín's initial involvement with the case is shown through flashbacks as he sets out to identify the murderer. But Benjamín's search for the truth will put him at the center of a judicial nightmare, as the mystery of the heinous crime continues to unfold in the present, testing the limits of a man seeking justice and personal fulfillment at last96113ocn045384427visu19950.31Gutiérrez Alea, TomásGuantanameraDramaIn this romantic comedy, Yoyita, a world-famous diva, returns to her home town of Guantanamo for an elegant reception and a surprise reunion with her once beloved, Candido. Overjoyed with the rekindled memories of her first love, Yoyita's elated heart fizzles while in Candido's embrace. Joining Yoyita's funeral procession back to Havana are her sexy niece Gina, a former professor blacklisted for political nonconformity, and her husband Adolfo, a tasteless government official in charge of the funeral proceedings. As the cortege wends westward across Cuba, its path keeps crossing that of Mariano, a gallant truck driver who once had a crush on Gina and whose recurring presence crystallizes her doubts about her marriage79716ocn085479767visu20040.18Wood, AndrésMachucaHistoryFictionDramaComedy films"Explores Chile's bloody 1973 coup through the coming-of-age story of a pair of 12-year-old boys. From opposite extremes of society, Gonzalo and Pedro form an unlikely friendship as politics rip their world apart"--Container66910ocn048592995visu20000.29Loach, KenBread and rosesDramaMotion picturesMaya is an illegal alien who has crossed the U.S. border from Mexico to search for her sister Rosa, and to begin a new life. After being reunited, Rosa gets Maya a job with a janitorial service in a large office building. While working, Maya happens upon Sam Shapiro, a muckraking lawyer and union agitator whom the service-workers' union has assigned to bring its "justice for janitors" campaign to the building. Appalled at the work conditions and unfair labor practices, Maya and Sam team up to fight her employer66812ocn050560880visu20010.27Campanella, Juan JoséEl hijo de la noviaDramaRafael is a 42-year-old divorced father and restaurant owner who is overwhelmed with life. He feels guilty that he doesn't visit his mother, who is stricken with Alzheimer's disease; he lives in his father's shadow; he doesn't spend enough time with his daughter and he can't commit to his girlfriend. When a series of unexpected events occurs, Rafael re-evaluates his life5108ocn077465362visu20060.22Bielinsky, FabiánEl aura The auraFictionDrama"Espinoza is a taxidermist marked with strange qualities--a photographic memory and random fits of epilepsy. To escape his lonely everyday life, he spends his time lost in fantasy about the perfect heist. When a fatal hunting accident presents a golden opportunity, he takes the chance to put his plot into action. But living in a world of real violence might bring a lethal dose of reality to Espinoza--and the beautiful young woman he's brought into his plan. Now he must decide if criminal perfection is worth the ultimate price."--Container4614ocn652182789visu20100.15The Oxford murdersDramaFilm adaptationsDos hombres que se acaban de conocer, un prestigioso profesor de Lógica, y un joven estudiante que acaba de llegar a la universidad con la intención de hacer su tesis con Seldom, descubren el cadáver de una anciana. Pronto queda claro que éste es el primero de una serie de asesinatos, todos anunciados por el culpable a través de extraños símbolos. El profesor y el estudiante unen sus esfuerzos para desentrañar el código, convirtiéndose todo en un elaborado puzzle en el que nada es lo que parece3748ocn054436082visu20000.27Novaro, MaríaSin dejar huellaDramaThe story of two women on the run: one a Spanish dealer in ersatz Mayan relics the other a young mother who has run away from her drug dealer boyfriend and who hopes to build a better life for her two children. The two women ultimately form a bond of solidarity and camaraderie that is put to the test when both a border officer and the boyfriend catch up with them3403ocn055492236visu20040.25Lista de espera Waiting listDramaFilm adaptationsA rundown bus station in rural Cuba becomes the backdrop for romance and miracles in Juan Carlos Tabio's blend of magical realism and social commentary3326ocn061412145visu19970.28Cosas que dejé en La Habana Things I left in HavanaDramaThree young, charming and beautiful sisters leave Cuba in search for the good life in Spain. Once in Madrid, they move in with their aunt who owns a sweatshop that makes fur coats. Since they lack work permits, their aunt plans to marry them off to suit her own interests. But a friend of their aunt's decides to protect the girls from these manipulations. That is until the friend and one of the sisters ends up falling in love with the same man3299ocn054492104visu20020.21Lugares comunes Common groundDramaFilm adaptationsFernando, a respected university professor, and Lili, his devoted wife, have lived happily together in Buenos Aires for many years. Without warning, they find their comfortable life threatened when Fernando is forced into early retirement as a result of Argentina's economic crisis. Facing an uncertain future, the couple relocates to the countryside where they bravely set out on a new chapter of their lives+-+59295794253213ocn642218440visu20100.17TriageFictionDramaAfter a traumatic near-death experience in Kurdistan, Mark, a battle-scarred war photographer, returns home without his friend and colleague Colin. As Mark struggles to recover, he reveals the shocking truth behind Colin's disappearance+-+47276726963243188ocn053144972visu20020.24Loach, KenSweet sixteenDramaThere's precious little sweetness in Liam's life in the weeks before his 16th birthday: his mother is in prison, and his stepfather Stan is a bullying small-time drug dealer. Liam wants a normal life with mom, his older sister and her baby boy, in a caravan he picked out himself. Naïve, driven Liam comes to the attention of a local crime lord, who offers him employment--but with conditions that are merciless. Liam is locked into a destiny that he can't escape, by a country that has written him off. His dreams of escaping to a better life sabotaged by his own refusal to the misery common to his class3091ocn647410514visu20100.18Loach, KenLooking for EricFictionDramaEric Bishop, a British soccer fanatic who is down on his luck, gets a surprise visit from Eric Cantona, the legendary player for Manchester United. Cantona is there to lend a hand with raising his kids and showing him how to woo back his ex-wife. When the menace of crime threatens Bishop's home, Cantona's advice finally gets him to reach out to his friends that have always been ready to help via a con job that is quite effective2534ocn057418760visu20050.22A fond kiss--FictionDramaA second generation Pakistani in Glasgow falls for the White, Irish Catholic music teacher at his sister's school. They try to make the relationship work despite a tentative arranged marriage and parental and societal pressures2412ocn051020671visu20000.35Piñeyro, MarceloPlata quemadaDramaFilm adaptationsBased on the true, spectacular 1965 crime spree which held Argentina & Uruguay hostage in a two-month stage of terror, Plata Quemada tells the story of Angel and Sam. These two young, sexy and inseparable killers are known as "Los Mellizos" in Spanish. The film is an action thriller of the exploits and red-hot passion of the two thugs. Not only unstoppable criminals, the two young men are also passionate gay lovers. The film is a recreation of their now-legendary story2312ocn071333130visu20050.18Only humanFictionDramaWhen Leni comes home to introduce her fiance Rafi to her idiosyncratic Jewish family, everything goes smoothly until the lovers belatedly reveal that Rafi is Palestinian2155ocn744675492visu20100.20Iglesia, Alex de laBalada triste de trompeta The last circusHistoryDramaSad Clown Javier finds work in a circus and befriends a cast of characters, including brutish Happy Clown Sergio, who humiliates Javier daily in the name of entertainment. He also meets Natalia, a gorgeous acrobat and abused wife of Sergio. Javier falls deeply in love with her and tries to rescue her from her cruel, violent husband, unleashing Sergio's jealousy. With neither man willing to back down, the twisted love triangle evolves into a ferocious battle that reaches unbelievable heights2129ocn063175041visu19970.35Aristarain, AdolfoMartín (Hache)DramaMartín "H" (for "hijo" [son in Spanish] thus his nickname, "hache" [Spanish for the letter "h"] or "Junior" in English) suffers an overdose after his girlfriend breaks up with him. Hache is directionless and difficult, so his mother sends him to live with his father, an Argentine expat who lives in Madrid. Martín tries to reach out to his son, but it soon becomes clear that Hache needs to leave his father's place and make his own way+-+4727672696324+-+4727672696324Fri Mar 21 15:33:05 EDT 2014batch24214