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Fri Mar 21 17:03:39 2014 UTClccn-no990199990.08Israel & Palestine0.290.66The Battle for souls124658155no 990199994948603New York Times Company. NYT TelevisionNew York Times Televisionlccn-n80089989WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)lccn-n80113710Zweites Deutsches Fernsehenlccn-n2003104410O'Neill, John P.1952-2001np-fanning, davidFanning, Davidlccn-no2006072451Audette, Stevelccn-no2003036694Wiley, Louisnp-hentoff, mirandaHentoff, Mirandalccn-no2001076058Rain Media, Incnp-dornstein, kenDornstein, Kenlccn-no96065395Smith, Martin(Martin E.)NYT Television (Firm)HistoryChurch historyDocumentary television programsUnited StatesPolitical scienceMiddle EastSeptember 11 Terrorist Attacks (2001)Terrorism--PreventionQaida (Organization)ChinaEconomic historySocial historyWar on Terrorism (2001-2009)TerrorismO'Neill, John P.,Bin Laden, Osama,China--Great Wall of ChinaIraq War (2003-2011)TechnologyJewish-Arab relationsArab-Israeli conflictTerrorism--Political aspectsTerrorism--Religious aspectsTerroristsNew York (State)--LackawannaTravelFood habitsBourdain, AnthonyFoodTourism and gastronomyAutomobiles--MarketingHummer trucksAutomobiles--Design and constructionTrucks--Design and constructionTrucks--MarketingAutomobile industry and tradeFord trucksNissan trucksFord Motor CompanyCookingHotel managementTisch, Jonathan MFlorida--Miami BeachNigeriaCosmetics industry--ManagementEstée Lauder, IncAirlines--ManagementSharon, ArielArafat, Yasir,AfricaReligion and politicsPolitics and cultureChristianity and politics19971998199920002001200220032004200520062007201221196798364.1088297HV8079.T474881ocn070126051visu20060.22The al-Qaeda filesA compilation of seven Frontline programs centered around activities of the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda, produced both before and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Covers: Osama bin Laden; the U.S. "war on terror"; sleeper cells operating in the United States; al-Qaeda attacks in Europe; and the FBI's top terrorism expert Special Agent John O'Neill2993ocn055771801visu20040.18Battle plan under fireEvaluates clash of "smart" technology versus desperate terrorism which is causing some experts and government leaders to seriously question America's battle plan, spending strategies, and political policies towards Iraq1606ocn070049704visu20060.22China risesChina has made an amazing economic, social and political transformation, but it continues to struggle with an enormous population, stressed environment, and unequal distribution of wealth and opportunity1263ocn052252343visu20030.37Searching for the roots of 9/11 Thomas L. Friedman reportingJoin columnist Thomas L. Friedman as he tries to answer two of the most puzzling questions about 9/11: What drove 19 young, middle-class Muslim men to give up their lives to murder almost 3,000 people? And why does this violent act elicit so much support from millions of ordinary Muslims around the world?1184ocn057619370visu20030.47Chasing the sleeper cell"In-depth examination of a major, ongoing, domestic terrorism case involving Al Qaeda operatives and the American citizens they trained. Questions are also raised about the effectiveness of the FBI and the CIA and whether or not the new tools they have are the right ones to contain the threat at home"--Container885ocn052861529visu20020.31Behind the hatred mortal enemiesHistory"This documentary offers an evenhanded assessment of the conflict in the Middle East by profiling the lives of the two men at its center, Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Palestinian Authority's chairman, Yasir Arafat."--Container731ocn057425911visu20040.39American carInvestigates the world of automobile design and marketing, covering the Ford Motor Company's strategies to regain market preeminence as it redesigns its F-150 truck to compete against GM's Hummer and Nissan's Titan701ocn773397976visu20120.15A cook's tour in search of the perfect mealIn his groundbreaking first series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. Join Tony as he feasts on sushi in Tokyo, enjoys authentic Mexican cuisine, and traverses the Australian Outback on a memorable food journey. You never know what he'll say, who he'll meet, or what they'll have for dinner682ocn054464684visu20030.28Thomas L. Friedman reporting straddling the fenceDocumentary television programsTravel to Israel for a look at the causes and potential consequences of a massive new security wall now under construction - a barrier between Israel and Palestine. Ostensibly, the wall is intended to keep suicide bombers out of Israel. But the wall's circuitous route - which seems to go out of its way to include Jewish settlements - smacks of a first step toward formalizing borders for two separate states. But, even as tensions rise in this "demographic time bomb," evidence points to a future that sees Palestinians giving up their pursuit of the West Bank - and fighting instead for a better life671ocn056336866visu20040.37Searching for the roots of 9/11 Thomas L. Friedman reportingJoin columnist Thomas L. Friedman as he tries to answer two of the most puzzling questions about 9/11: What drove 19 young, middle-class Muslim men to give up their lives to murder almost 3,000 people? And why does this violent act elicit so much support from millions of ordinary Muslims around the world?664ocn057510012visu20040.53Loews Miami Beach Hotel"As the CEO of the luxury Loews Hotels chain, Jonathan Tisch knows status. So do his employees, who uphold the corporation's reputation every day of the year ... Watch John get retrained by his workers, most of whom earn their living on the ground floor at his famed Loews Miami Beach Hotel. From bellman to line cook, from room service to pool concierge, from front desk to housekeeping, he faces a barrage of challenges that require more stamina than status. Managers observe Jon's on-the-job performance, critiquing each physical mishap and verbal slip - and there are many"--Container584ocn057618740visu20040.47Estée Lauder"This video follows Dan Brestele, group president of the Estée Lauder Companies, as he leave the corner office to take on some of the very un-CEO-like challenges that keep the cosmetics industry running--like handcrafting and packaging lipstick, preparing for duty as a retail makeup artist, and struggling through beauty boot camp, where he must learn all about mascara and foundation. After watching this program your students will understand that behind the glamorous face of Estée Lauder are a lot of skiiled employees whose everyday attention to detail is key to keeping the brand popular."--Container543ocn057508410visu20040.53Song Airlines"John Selvaggio has spent 35 years rising through the ranks to become president of Delta's low-cost carrier Song. Will he be able to cope as he rolls up his sleeves and volunteers to work, once again, on the front line? This video tracks John's trials as a gate agent, flight attendant, baggage handler, and remover of lavatory waste. Exposed to the daily struggles faced by employees on the customer side of the airline industry, he develops a deeper understanding of the teamwork, dedication, and sheer talent of his staff"--Container381ocn054024573visu20030.08Israel & PalestineHistoryRoots of conflict : About the instability plaguing the Middle East, including the history, politics and social issues behind the conflict. This segment looks at the roots of conflict in the Middle East, noting the parallels between past and present, and the role America has played in the peace process and the challenges of negotiation. Includes interviews with renowned historians, key historical figures, and archival footage301ocn050255819visu20020.63Behind the hatredHistoryWith violence and instability plaguing the Middle East, hope for peace is hard to find. The sources of violence have become harder to predict and control, claiming more and more Israeli and Palestinian lives. Behind the Hatred looks into current events and beyond with three one-hour specials, co-produced with BBC News, New York Times Television and NBC News. This program offers perspectives on the history, politics and social issues behind the conflict, including suicide bombings231ocn054762948visu20030.28Nuclear nightmare understanding North KoreaGo behind the headlines to discover the origins of the tense relationship between the United States and North Korea. If North Korea, as it promises, goes into nuclear production mode, it would create a destabilizing offensive nuclear capability that could touch off a regional arms race or even nuclear war222ocn055530331visu20030.35Terror's childrenSharmeen Obaid, 2002 Smith College graduate, returns to Karachi, Pakistan to examine the lives of refugee children from Afghanistan. She interviews young garbage pickers, rug weavers, and students in religious schools, and observes their return to Afghanistan211ocn060526882visu20040.66The Battle for soulsHistoryChurch historyExamines the spread of Christianity in the developing world. Focuses on the conflict between Islam and Christianity in Nigeria, and the work of Christian missionaries in Nigeria182ocn053238383visu20030.53Rebuilding ground zero engineering the future World Trade CenterWhat's to be done with the site on which the World Trade Center once stood? New York city planners, architects and community leaders struggled to devise a structure that paid homage to the thousands of lives lost and a land-use solution that satisfied all interests. Studio Daniel Libeskind has won the worldwide architectural design competition to develop the site. Work can begin in earnest to rebuild the World Trade Center, as well as a wide swath of downtown Manhattan171ocn798041535visu20120.13Anthony Bourdain: a cook's tour. in search of the perfect mealTony has a spontaneous adventure in Bangkok where he tries foods such as deep fried frog skins and pla rah, a fish paste that has fermented for three months. Other episodes include Eating on the Mekong (Vietnam) and Wild delicacies (Cambodia)Fri Mar 21 15:09:26 EDT 2014batch16516