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Fri Mar 21 17:14:50 2014 UTClccn-no990743480.00Miramax Films presents a Double A Films production, Ethan Hawke, Hamlet /0.170.25Hamlet85764323Julia_Stilesno 9907434818199185081506O'Hara Stiles, Julia, 1981-Stiles, Julia O'Hara.Stiles, Julia O'Hara 1981-Stiles, Julie, 1981-lccn-n50062415Universal Pictures (Firm)lccn-n97102927Damon, Mattfmoprfactfast-837149Bourne, Jason (Fictitious character)lccn-no00005095Potente, Franka1974-fmoactlccn-n85185206Cox, Brian1946-actlccn-no2009020278Powell, John1963-cmplccn-n2008007150Ludlum Entertainment (Firm)lccn-n85151546Marshall, Frankprolccn-n2008007149Sandberg, Paul L.prolccn-n79147847Ludlum, Robert1927-2001antStiles, Julia1981-DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryJuvenile worksFilm and video adaptationsThrillers (Motion pictures)FictionTelevision adaptationsMotion picturesMan-woman relationshipsBourne, Jason (Fictitious character)AssassinsEspionageUnited StatesLudlum, Robert,Women college studentsEngland--LondonShakespeare, William,SecrecyReporters and reportingMemory disordersPrincesDenmarkWidowsDivorced menWellesley CollegeDepression, MentalWomen college teachersDenial (Psychology)FeminismUnited States.--Central Intelligence AgencyUndercover operationsIntelligence officersBallroom dancing--CompetitionsMorocco--TangierHigh school studentsDating (Social customs)WisconsinTeenagersHamlet (Legendary character)VigilantesSerial murderersMorgan, Dexter (Fictitious character)BasketballHip-hopFlorida--MiamiForensic scientistsCriminal investigationPsychopathsBallet dancingSerial murdersCriminalsFathers and sonsDanceActingTheater--Production and directionMotion picture industryParent and childGood and evil1981199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201426811196570791.4372PN1997.2ocn053997059ocn830881770ocn056401976ocn042624432ocn741692687ocn168630151ocn048965976ocn864447357ocn042631534ocn477413372ocn753648098ocn781467003ocn780843527ocn780810540ocn555555139ocn780810836ocn753846608ocn781074859ocn780989501ocn781208910ocn742840037ocn742807081ocn742921154ocn781159121ocn781159148303920ocn056401976visu20040.17Greengrass, PaulThe Bourne supremacyDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsJason Bourne has abandoned his life as a CIA assassin and has been traveling beneath the agency's radar. He has been able to reconnect with Marie, the woman he loves. But Bourne is still haunted by vivid dreams and troubling memories of his days as a killer, and he's not certain how much really happened and how much is a product of his imagination. When Bourne is led out of hiding by circumstances beyond his control, he must reconcile his past and present as he struggles to keep Marie out of harm's way and foil an international incident with dangerous consequences+-+3998552696281831ocn168630200visu20070.18Greengrass, PaulThe Bourne ultimatumDramaFilm adaptationsThrillers (Motion pictures)Once again, Jason Bourne emerges from hiding and into chaos. His return this time prompted inadvertently by London-based reporter Simon Ross. Ross's writing is unveiling Operation Blackbriar--an upgrade to Project Treadstone--in a series of newspaper columns which have woken, and profoundly disturbed, Bourne's former masters. Bourne must uncover and eradicate the sources of their paranoia, before they eradicate him. Clawing his way out of madness, Jason Bourne has regained his conscience even though he has lost most of his mind227932ocn053997059visu20030.18Newell, MikeMona Lisa smileHistoryFictionDrama"A Dead Poets Society for girls, substituting Roberts' luminosity for Robin Williams' mania."--Houston Chronicle+-+4830549596215336ocn042624432visu19990.19Junger, Gil10 things I hate about youFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsOn the 1st day at his new school, Cameron falls for Bianca. But Bianca is forbidden to date until her ill-tempered older sister Kat goes out too. So Cameron singles out someone who could be a match for Kat176449ocn047354685visu20000.17Carter, ThomasSave the last danceDramaWhen her mother suddenly dies, Sara must abandon her plans to become a ballerina and join her estranged father on Chicago's gritty South side. She feels out of place until she is befriended by a black classmate and her handsome brother, Derek. Sara and Derek's shared love for dance leads to romance-- and opposition from their families and friends+-+713772069617291ocn830881770visu20130.20Russell, David OSilver linings playbookFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe story of a man who has lost everything, his house, his job, his wife, and how he creates his own silver linings from the bonds he forms with his family and friends156915ocn055482623visu20040.14Coolidge, MarthaThe prince & meFictionDramaMotion picturesStudente Paige wordt verliefd op de eigenwijze en verwende Eddy, maar ze weet niet dat hij een Deense prins is die incognito in de VS studeert143117ocn046795076visu19990.25Almereyda, MichaelHamletDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's epic story of passion, betrayal and revenge. The president of the Denmark Corporation is dead, and already his wife is remarried to the man suspected of his murder. No one is more troubled by this than her son, Hamlet. Now, after this hostile takeover, trust is impossible, passion is on the rise and vengeance is in the air+-+18207333253249391ocn741692687visu20110.18DexterFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsTelevision adaptationsIn season five, Dexter goes from happily married husband to guilt-ridden single dad. How will it affect his ability to maintain an average-guy facade while satisfying his need to kill?88313ocn070789223visu20060.15Moore, JohnThe omenDramaRobert and Katherine Thorn are as loving of parents as any young boy could ask for, but as fate would have it, their new son Damien is far from the typical child. As the mysterious boy's growth begins to share frightening parallels with the Biblical passages detailing the rise of the Antichrist, and the lives of all who seek to reveal his true nature are cut gruesomely short, Robert and Katherine are forced to face the horrifying prospect that their child has been sent from Satan to hasten the fall of modern civilization, and that there is little they can do to curb his prophesied path of ultimate destruction8808ocn046919158visu20010.19State and MainDramaIn order to save money on production costs, a movie production crew moves into a small town in Vermont. The crew soon discovers that their much needed "prop" has burned down, the star can't keep his pants zipped, the starlet won't take off her top and the locals want a piece of the action8431ocn047255218book20020.07Friedman, LiseBreak a leg! : the kids' book of acting and stagecraftJuvenile worksA comprehensive manual for acting and theater, discussing improvisation, voice projection, breathing exercises, script analysis, and technical aspects of theater production+-+235776612565611ocn051859485visu20020.13A guy thingDramaPaul is a regular guy who is engaged to marry Karen. Shortly before the wedding, Paul's friends throw him a bachelor party. Paul strikes up a conversation with one of the dancers, Becky, and the next morning he wakes up with a massive hangover and Becky in bed next to him. Karen comes over and Paul attempts to explain some incriminating evidence with a few white lies, but this messy situation gets messier when Paul runs into Becky at a pre-wedding family get-together -- and discovers she's Karen's cousin65215ocn048965973visu20010.20"O"DramaFilm adaptationsA provacative tale of jealousy, seduction and betrayal. A controversial modern-day version of Shakespeare's classic "Othello". "O" is the schools' best basketball player and NBA hopeful. He is adored by all including his coach and a beautiful classmate. "O" has a troubled friend, who is the coaches' son and he is deeply resentful of his fathers preference to "O" on and off the court. The seeds of mistrust are sown and it sets into motion a disturbing chain of events+-+09892633063246043ocn048965976visu20010.23"O"DramaFilm adaptationsA modern-day version of Shakespeare's classic "Othello". "O" is the school's best basketball player and an NBA hopeful. He is adored by all including his coach and a beautiful classmate. "O" has a troubled friend--the coach's son--who is deeply resentful of his father's preference to "O" on and off the court. The seeds of mistrust are sown and it sets into motion a disturbing chain of events+-+38892633063245455ocn864447357visu20130.14Bana, EricClosed circuitDramaOne morning, a busy London market is decimated by an explosion. In the manhunt that follows, only one member of the suspected terrorist cell survives: Farroukh Erdogan, who is arrested and jailed. Martin and Claudia are lawyers and ex-lovers who find themselves bound together again and put at risk after they join the defense team for an international terrorist's trial39914ocn044572303visu20000.14Down to youDramaTwo college students in New York City begin a romantic journey where true love often competes with the temptation to stray from commitment3787ocn050304471visu20010.17The business of strangersFictionDramaThrillers (Motion pictures)Julia, is an archetypal middle-aged, hard-driving female executive. Although she's just been made CEO of her company, Julia is plagued by insecurity and doubt. All this makes her the perfect target for Paula, a cocky, tattooed young assistant she fires, then they end up together when they are both stranded at the same airport. Paula plays major head games with the older woman, honing in on her vulnerabilities with uncanny precision as she goads Julia into helping her take violent revenge on the smarmy headhunter she claims date-raped her college friend37315ocn054902392visu20010.14MiramaxCarolinaDramaCarolina, who is named after the state for which she was born in, tries to escape from her wildly eccentric family in search of a life of love and normalcy. Her sisters, Georgia and Maine, live with her grandma in a rather unconventional fashion. Her neighbor, Albert, writes romance novels for a living and writes a book "for Carolina". Carolina, herself, has a job as the producer of a television show, but loses her job when her hysterical sister calls because grandma has locked herself in a dressing room at the local mall3565ocn843125950visu20120.15It's a disasterFictionDramaA group of close friends meet for their monthly 'couples brunch'. What starts as a typical gathering turns into an impromptu therapy session of airing out domestic grievances. Compounding the awkward situation is a sudden, mysterious attack on the city. Trapped in the house and unsure of their fates, these seemingly normal adults become increasingly unhinged to hilarious, surprising, and revealing results571ocn049277150book20030.06Bankston, JohnJulia StilesJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of a young actress from New York and some of the controversial roles she has played+-+2586069306211ocn056588547book20030.06Biography today : profiles of people of interest to young readersJuvenile worksBiographyContains alphabetically arranged biographical sketches of well-known celebrities+-+353153532531ocn077723537book19990.1010 things I hate about youPhotographs11ocn082285321book2000Miramax Films presents a Double A Films production, Ethan Hawke, HamletPhotographsFilm adaptations+-+4830549596+-+4830549596Fri Mar 21 15:36:16 EDT 2014batch27915