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SterlingMCEG SterlingcontainsVIAFID/158507350Orion Pictureslccn-n84002480Jones, James Earllccn-n85093613Duvall, Robertlccn-no2009119561Haas, Lukas1976-lccn-n79017435Masterson, Peterlccn-no98037755MGM Home Entertainment Inclccn-no96042309Melnick, Peter Rodgerslccn-n84005993Foote, Hortonlccn-n84006931Travolta, John1954-lccn-no2002053601Kitay, Davidlccn-n88294789Heckerling, AmyMCEG Sterling IncorporatedDramaFilm adaptationsHumorFictionFamiliesUnited StatesEvangelistsEvangelistic workMiddle WestAvariceLewis, Sinclair,InfantsFilm adaptationsReligionMotion picturesSistersDogsMarriageSex Pistols (Musical group)Punk rock musicMusic--PerformanceRock groupsUnskilled laborOrphansGreat BritainSingle mothersParentingWorking mothersMan-woman relationshipsReligion in motion picturesSocial workersDrug trafficGangsMaryland--BaltimoreHomicide investigationSocial problems in motion picturesSex in motion picturesSpiesDetectivesHomicidePoliceTelevision cop showsCrimeStroud, Robert,Film sequelsCaliforniaUnited States Penitentiary, Alcatraz Island, CaliforniaPrisonsHumorous playsProstitutesSimon, David,McLaren, Malcolm,Punk rock musiciansBrain death in children19921995199619971999200020012002200320042005201020123151419791.4372PN19971601ocn057410977visu20050.16ConvictsDramaThe story of young orphan, Horace Robedaux, who ends up working as a laborer on a sugar plantation and befriends the prisoners who work the fields+-+6521137425324571ocn308827864visu19970.14Heckerling, AmyLook who's talkingHumorFictionDramaMollie (Kirstie Alley) is a single working mom who's out to find the perfect father for her child. Her baby, Mikey, prefers James (John Travolta), a cab driver turned babysitter who Mollie won't even consider. It's going to take all the tricks a baby can think of to bring them together before it's too late344ocn027270361visu19920.14Chains of goldDrama"A hard-hitting story that echoes today's headlines, Chains of gold is the story of a teen who has made a big mistake, and the one man willing to risk everything to keep that mistake from being fatal. Social worker Scott Barnes befriends 13 year old Tommy Burke, who's involved with a crack-dealing gang yet wants to quit--but the gang has other ideas-- they kill anyone who tries to leave. When the police offer no help, Scott launches a desperate attempt to rescue the boy. With the help of [an] ex-girlfriend, he infiltrates the inner circle of the gang. Now that he's on the inside, he must put his life on the line to get Tommy out."--Container341ocn040874430visu19920.28Sex Pistols (Musical group)The great rock 'n' roll swindleDramaThe bizarre and hilarious fictional documentary charting the rise and fall of punk's most notorious band. The film presents the band's success as an elaborate scam perpetrated by its calculating manager, Malcolm McLaren, to make 'a million pounds.' Features over seventeen classic performances83ocn813326482visu19990.10Boris and Natasha the movieDramaThe live-action version of animator Jay Ward's most famous no-goodnicks and Rocky and Bullwinkles foes, Boris and Natasha61ocn426066528visu20040.17Homicide, life on the streetDramaDepicts the life and work of homicide detectives in Baltimore, Maryland61ocn226255550visu20030.19Homicide--life on the streetDramaA homicide investigation unit probes violent crimes in the city of Baltimore41ocn809208021visu20100.22Brooks, RichardElmer GantryDramaFilm adaptationsElmer Gantry: One man's fervent pursuit of wealth and power leads him to religion for profit in the evangelist tents of the 1920's Midwestern Corn Belt11ocn047163739visu19951.00Homicide life on the streetDramaFilm adaptations"Bayliss and Pembleton are called to investigate the shooting of ten year old Patrick Garbarek, but are dismayed to find the boy is still on life support, clinging to life. [They are u]neasy about a case where the victim is still alive but braindead ... Patrick's parents struggle in limbo with this nightmare, not yet wanting to mourn for their son, but knowing he cannot be saved ... the decision to end Patrick's life transcends his death as we see his organs used for transplants that wind up saving another boy's life."--Excerpts from 1995 Peabody Awards entry form11ocn040759795visu19961.00Homicide life on the streetDramaFilm adaptations"Detectives Lewis and Kellerman are called to investigate the murder of a drug dealer at a housing project policed by a government funded Muslim Group. When suspicions turn to the Muslims, Lewis and Kellerman are at odds as how to handle the politics of the case; Kellerman openly condemns the Muslims' methods of security as militant and prejudiced, while Lewis sympathizes with their efforts to help their fellow African Americans ... An unflinching look at the politics of policing in the inner-city"--Excerpts from the 1996 Peabody Awards entry form11ocn047067936visu19951.00Homicide life on the streetDramaFilm adaptations"The arrest of Detective Tim Bayliss' cousin for murder causes a rift between Bayliss and Pembleton, when Pembleton's questioning of his cousin yields a possible motive of racial prejudice. Although Tim's cousin maintains the shooting was justifiable, his recounting of the incident differs wildly in perception from his wife's version and from an eye witness. The minor details of each story show, in flashback, how even subtle racial prejudice can be as deadly as overt racial hatred."--Excerpt from 1995 Peabody Awards entry form11ocn040842060visu19961.00Homicide life on the streetDramaFilm adaptations"The second part of a storyline [begun on Law & order per soundtrack] which began with a racially motivated subway bombing in Harlem, New York City. Bayliss and Pembleton feel that there may be a connection between the subway bombing and the bombing of an African American Church in Baltimore five years prior. Their investigation, with the help of the police department in New York, soon leads them to Alexander Rausch, a white supremacist with a military background."--Excerpt from 1996 Peabody Awards entry form11ocn047068009visu19951.00Homicide : life on the streetDramaFilm adaptations"When Detectives Pembleton and Bayliss investigate the shooting of a thirteen year old boy, they are shocked to learn that the killer is a remorseless fourteen year old. The tragedy is compounded when we also learn that the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. At Police Headquarters, the mothers of both victim and shooter meet and unknowingly support each other until they learn of their respective roles in this senseless crime. An unflinching look at youth violence and [its] far reaching effects."--excerpt from 1995 Peabody Awards entry form11ocn058838979visu20010.47Convicts Wu yan sui yueA homeless orphan finds himself employed as a common laborer on a mythical sugar plantation with a violently unpredictable owner. The orphan befriends the convicts who work in the fields and gets some surprising answers to the big questions of life+-+6521137425324+-+6521137425324Fri Mar 21 15:37:37 EDT 2014batch12474