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Thu Oct 16 18:00:14 2014 UTClccn-nr000043780.47Soliloquy for oboe and orchestra /0.941.00conducted by Oliver Daniel,49064028nr 000043785161316np-daniel, oliverDaniel, Olivernp-ott, donald jOtt, Donald J.lccn-n84005866American Symphony Orchestra (New York, N.Y.)lccn-n80057145Chasins, Abram1903-1987lccn-n00077723All-American Youth Orchestralccn-n89671617Samaroff Stokowski, Olga1882-1948np-chabrow, fayeChabrow, Fayenp-thorbecke, sonya stokowskiThorbecke, Sonya Stokowskilccn-n2002066643Montgomery, Mary Binneylccn-n80125008Philadelphia OrchestraBender, Natalie MyraManuscriptsBender, Natalie MyraChasins, Abram,American Symphony Orchestra (New York, N.Y.)Samaroff Stokowski, Olga,Philadelphia OrchestraVanderbilt, Gloria,All-American Youth OrchestraMusicSuites (Orchestra)--ScoresSymphonies (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix)Suites (Orchestra)--Scores and partsSymphonies (Sibelius, Jean)Khachaturi︠a︡n, Aram,Ormandy, Eugene,Montgomery, Mary BinneyCarles, Arthur B.,Jewish refugeesBender, Oscar CFrance--VenceNational Philharmonic Orchestra (Great Britain)Jews--RelocationCowell, Henry,Graham, MarthaRCA RecordsLa Guardia, Fiorello H.--(Fiorello Henry),Jewish Agency for Israel.--Youth Aliyah DepartmentMiddle East--PalestineSeroff, Victor,Vesna svi︠a︡shchennai︠a︡ (Stravinsky, Igor)World War (1939-1945)Serebrier, José,Curtis Institute of MusicJohnson, TedRefugeesLeopold Stokowski SocietyUnited StatesActressesZionismExhibitionsCarnaval des animaux (Saint-Saëns, Camille)New York City SymphonyHerrmann, Bernard,Emigration and immigrationGarbo, Greta,London Symphony OrchestraNew York World's FairNew York (State)19761977197819791980198137353711ocn155861794mix19801.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Donald J. OttBender reads a letter written by her and Faye Chabrow to Stokowski in 1944 concerning Mayor LaGuardia's antagonistic attitude toward the New York City Symphony and the selection of a new business manager for the New York City Symphony11ocn155862217mix19801.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver Daniel and Donald J. OttBender reads the review of Abram Chasins's biography of Stokowski by Daniel Webster for the Philadelphia Inquirer and comments on inaccuracies in Chasins's book. She also discusses the performance of her piece San Luis Rey by the All-American Youth Orchestra and Manuel Roth's career in Philadelphia and relationship with Stokowski11ocn155861763mix19791.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielIn a conversation whose transcript is labeled "Second Part" because it doesn't cover the first half of the recording, Bender discusses Stokowski's reasons for moving to England, including the age of his boys and all the things other than conducting that he had to do to keep the American Symphony Orchestra going; and how they found Nether Wallop, their house in England11ocn122491524book19761.00Hindin, LiletteCorrespondence with Leopold StokowskiComprises 1 item to Natalie Bender, and 1 leaf [fragment of longer letter]11ocn155861554mix19781.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender explains that Stokowski's papers were lost in the crossing from England; criticizes Paul Robinson's book about Stokowski; and discusses how Stokowski helped in the efforts to get Henry Cowell out of San Quentin. She mentions Paul Hoeffler, Nancy Shear, William Pearson Fischer, and Steve Cohen11ocn155861764mix19791.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender discusses the reluctance of "Mrs. Wheeler" (Mary Binney Montgomery) to be interviewed but arranges a date for an interview; conflict and reconciliation between Stokowski and his brother Jim; and a draft of Oliver Daniel's book that she has read11ocn155861785mix19791.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender discusses Stokowski's relationships with the members of his family; his musical upbringing; Stokowski's heart attack in England in 1971; Stokowski's use of television, records, and movies; the move to England; Stokowski's diet, exercise, and wardrobe; his interest in architecture; his relationship with Greta Garbo; Victor Seroff's planned biography; Abram Chasins's assertion that she and Faye Chabrow isolated Stokowski from others; concerts Stokowski conducted in Europe; financing the American Symphony Orchestra; and how Stokowski lived in his last years in England11ocn155862413mix19811.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender discusses Stokowski's heart attack11ocn155861457mix19771.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender and Daniel discuss how the book is coming along and what was Stokowski's final public performance. She mentions Abram Chasins and Arthur Judson11ocn155861550mix19781.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender discusses a letter that she has received from Abram Chasins attempting to persuade her to speak with him for his biography of Stokowski. She mentions Fay Chabrow, Stewart Warkow, Evangeline Johnson (Merrill), Roger Merrill, Luba, Sadja, Sonya, Gloria Vanderbilt, Nancy Shear, Jo Lyons, Steve Cohen, and Dick Leach11ocn155862227mix19791.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender discusses performances by Stokowski and the American Symphony Orchestra in connection with the killings of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the protesters at Kent State University; and Stokowski's desire to get away from New York and the American Symphony Orchestra and move to England11ocn155861346mix19781.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielNatalie Bender discusses her purchase of a home; the possibility of meeting with Daniel; and discusses the progress of Daniel's book with Don Ott. They mention Stokowski's daughter Sadja, Lilette Hindin, Kurt Leimer, and others11ocn155861461mix19771.00Daniel, Oliverdictated by Oliver DanielLetters, some to unidentified correspondents, mostly dictated following Daniel's return from Stokowski's funeral in England11ocn155861683mix19791.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender discusses Nether Wallop, Stokowski's house in England; Stokowski's Baldwin piano, which became hers; life with Stokowski in England and France; the one-handed clock in his New York apartment; trips with Stokowski to Greece and Prague; Stokowski's departure from Houston; and the youth concerts in Philadelphia. She mentions Ted Johnson, Stan Stokowski, Chris Stokowski, Luba Stokowski, Stewart Warkow, Faye Chabrow, and Joyce Bright11ocn155861791mix19801.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielBender discusses Stokowski's last concert at Vence, the Leopold Stokowski prize for young conductors given by Madame Villa Lobos, Stokowski's winning of the Villa Lobos medal, Stokowski's funding of "the second tour" of the All-American Youth Orchestra and the performances on tour of Bender's piece San Luis Rey. She mentions Carol Truax, Sol Schoenbach, Manny Roth, and Henry and Sidney Cowell11ocn155862005mix19771.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Oliver DanielAfter giving condolences to Stokowski's daughter Sadja (then Sadja Goldsmith), who answers the telephone, Oliver Daniel discusses arrangements for Stokowski's funeral with Natalie Bender11ocn155862121mix19791.00Montgomery, Mary Binneyconducted by Oliver DanielMontgomery discusses the artist Arthur Carles; her dance training with Anita Zahn; Martha Graham's performance of the Rite of Spring; Montgomery's own choreography of the Rite of Spring; her childhood memories of going to the Philadelphia Orchestra; her experiences as a student at the Curtis Institute in its very early days and Stokowski's involvement there; Evangeline Johnson's relationship with Philadelphia; Stokowski's encouragement of creativity; and Montgomery's performance of the first piano part of Carnival of the Animals for a recording with Stokowski11ocn042886678score0.47Bender, Natalie MyraSoliloquy for oboe and orchestraManuscripts11ocn042886609score0.47Bender, Natalie MyraChildren's suiteManuscripts11ocn155861690mix19791.00Bender, Natalie Myraconducted by Donald J. OttAfter exchanging greetings with Daniel, Bender discusses discount seats for regular Philadelphia Orchestra concerts; the Stokowski Society; and commemorations for Stokowski's 100th birthday in 1982 with Ott. She mentions Mary Binney Montgomery, Helene Hanff, Edward (Ted) Johnson, and David Linton11ocn155861760mix19791.00Bornstein, Charles Zacharyconducted by Oliver DanielIn a preliminary discussion about how to structure an interview, Bornstein discusses how Natalie Bender and Jack Baumgarten interfered in his close relationship with Stokowski, explains how Stokowski analyzed scores, & expresses his admiration for Stokowski11ocn070966161mix1.00Bender, Rose IRecords and correspondenceExhibition catalogsPapers record the Zionist activities of Bender, national fundraising chairman of Hadassah11ocn155861439mix19771.00Daniel, OliverDaniel describes Stokowski's funeral, people who attended, and conversations with Stokowski's British sister-in-law; Natalie Bender; and William P. Baddeley, rector of St. James Church, where Stokowski was organist before moving to the United States. Mentions Edward Heath, Jack Baumgarten, Ted Johnson, Stuart Knussen, Skip Muller, and Timothy Bond11ocn155861775mix19791.00Thorbecke, Sonya Stokowskiconducted by Oliver DanielThorbecke discusses the possibility of finding photographs for the book; the authenticity of a telegram from Olga Samaroff quoted in Abram Chasins's biography of Stokowski; Stokowski's relationship with his young admirers and Natalie Bender's current status; Stokowski's relationship with his family; and Gloria Vanderbilt. She mentions John B. Thayer, Jr. and her half-brothers Stan and Chris11ocn155861745mix19781.00Fischer, William Pearsonconducted by Oliver DanielFischer discusses how he first got involved with Stokowski and brought him back to Philadelphia for his 50th anniversary season; Stokowski's physical condition toward the end of his life, particularly hypoglycemia, and Natalie Bender's care of him; the conflict with José Serebrier, one of Stokowski's associate conductors with the American Symphony Orchestra; and David Kendig, a fanatical follower of Stokowski11ocn155862010mix19761.00Mohr, Richardconducted by Oliver DanielMohr discusses recording with Stokowski; interactions with Stokowski and Natalie Bender and Jack Baumgarten; Stokowski's family in London; and his participation in a seance with Gloria Vanderbilt after dinner with her and Stokowski. He mentions Wendy Hanson, Richard and Charlotte Gilbert, and Philip Hart11ocn155862118mix19771.00Knussen, Stewartconducted by Oliver DanielKnussen discusses playing under Stokowski in the London Symphony Orchestra; memories of hearing his recordings; Stokowski's seating arrangement for orchestras; Natalie Bender and Faye Chabrow11ocn155861529mix19771.00Myers, Paulconducted by Oliver DanielMyers discusses the recordings that Stokowski made with CBS at the end of his career, his relationship with the National Philharmonic Orchestra with whom he made the recordings, his last recording of Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony and Bizet's Symphony in C, the production of a 60 Minutes special about Stokowski conducting Sibelius' Symphony No. 1, his late relationship with Natalie Bender, and his interest in the technical aspects of recordings. He mentions Pierre Monteux, Henry Pleasants, Marty Wargo, Jack Baumgarten, Wendy Hanson, Barbara King, Buddy Graham, Antony Hodgson, Bob Auger, and Dick Mohr11ocn155862439mix19771.00Ott, Donald JNotes about interview with Tony D'AmatoOtt's recollections of comments about Stokowski by Tony D'Amato, producer of Decca/London's Phase Four recordings, before and after D'Amato's taped interview with Oliver Daniel. Ott mentions D'Amato's discussion of Stokowski's late recordings, Natalie Bender, Ted Johnson, and Stokowski's failure to recognize people in his last years11ocn155861574mix19781.00Thorbecke, Sonya Stokowskiconducted by Oliver DanielThorbecke declines to meet with Daniel in New York and asks him to come see her in Sewickley at some point. She speaks of her mother's fondness for Fritz Reiner and his wife; gives permission for Daniel to quote from her mother's book; and discusses Natalie Bender and the loss of materials returning to the U.S. from England after Stokowski's death11ocn063585263score0.47Bender, Natalie MyraChildren's suiteManuscripts11ocn155861742mix19791.00Hanson, Wendyconducted by Oliver Daniel11ocn155861541mix19771.00Yardumian, Richardconducted by Oliver Daniel11ocn063585267score0.47Bender, Natalie MyraSoliloquy for oboe and orchestraManuscripts11ocn155861538mix19771.00Baumgarten, Jackconducted by Oliver DanielBaumgarten discusses the disposition of Stokowski's memorabilia, papers, and final recordings following his death, and speculates that Natalie Bender has many of Stokowski's personal papers11ocn155861482mix19781.00Hanff, Heleneconducted by Oliver DanielHanff discusses her experience as a high school and college student in Philadelphia during the time of Stokowski's youth concerts and explains how Natasha and Feodora became part of Stokowski's inner circle. She mentions Evangeline Johnson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Greta Garbo, Wendy Hanson, and SonyaThu Oct 16 15:17:01 EDT 2014batch21014