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Thu Feb 12 22:15:08 2015 UTClccn-nr000341010.00Ruth & Marina : featuring Ruth Hyde Paine & Michael Paine /0.221.00Ruth Hyde Paine on knowing the Oswalds76156720nr 000341015347268Nikolaevna Prusakova, MarinaOswald, Marinalccn-n79055297Kennedy, John F.(John Fitzgerald)1917-1963lccn-n50049686Oswald, Lee Harveylccn-n97841870McMillan, Priscilla Johnson1928-autlccn-n2001037244Paine, Ruthautlccn-n82162268Mallon, Thomas1951-autviaf-289117637Barker, Eddielccn-no98130098Diamond, Vernlccn-n82221065CBS Newslccn-no2005018584Gorsuch, Joelccn-n81032937Rather, DanPorter, Marina OswaldBiographyDramaInterviewsSourcesArchivesHistoryDiariesAssassinationUnited StatesFriendshipTexas--IrvingOswald, Lee HarveyKennedy, John F.--(John Fitzgerald),Porter, Marina OswaldTexas--DallasPaine, RuthPresidents--AssassinationConnally, John Bowden,Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (United States. Warren Commission)Television broadcasting of newsRuby, JackAssassination--InvestigationCriminal justice, Administration ofConspiracyTexas--Fort WorthPolitical scienceHistoryConservatismAmerican Civil Liberties UnionConspiraciesPerformance art1977198219831991200220032006200820102013201431611324BE842.914782ocn003089050book19770.23McMillan, Priscilla JohnsonMarina and LeeBiography"Marina and Lee is a ... detailed portrait of a man who was driven to kill and a woman who was determined to survive."13989ocn047101042book20020.21Mallon, ThomasMrs. Paine's garage and the murder of John F. KennedyBiographyA portrait of a woman who became entangled in the history-making events of November 22, 1963 profiles Ruth Hyde Paine, an ordinary Quaker housewife in suburban Dallas who had befriended Lee Harvey Oswald and his Russian wife, Marina+-+82667902852622ocn825046964book20130.14McMillan, Priscilla JohnsonMarina and Lee : the tormented love and fatal obsession behind Lee Harvey Oswald's assassination of John F. KennedyBiographyThe inside story of Lee Harvey Oswald's path to killing John. F. Kennedy. Reissued to mark the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, Marina and Lee is an indispensable account of one of America's most traumatic events, and a classic work of narrative history. In her meticulous, at times even moment by moment, account of Oswald's progress toward the assassination, Priscilla Johnson McMillan takes us inside Oswald's fevered mind and his manic marriage. When Marina, only a few weeks after giving birth to their second child, hears of Kennedy's death and discovers that Lee's rifle is missing from the garage where it was stored, she knows that her husband has killed the President. McMillan came to the story with a unique knowledge of the two main characters. In the 1950s she had worked for Kennedy and had known him well for a time. Later, working in Moscow as a journalist, she interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald during his attempt to defect to the Soviet Union. When she heard his name again on November 22, 1963, she said, "My God! I know that boy!" Marina and Lee was written with the complete and exclusive cooperation of Oswald's Russian-born wife, Marina Prusakova, whom McMillan debriefed for seven months in the immediate aftermath of the President's assassination and her husband's nationally televised execution at the hands of Jack Ruby. The truth is far more compelling, and unsettling, than the most imaginative conspiracy theory. Marina and Lee is a human drama that is outrageous, heartbreaking, tragic, fascinating. . . and real82ocn640028858visu20080.60CBS News extra November 22nd [and] the Warren ReportInterviewsThis is the original CBS news special, presented on the day of publication of the Warren Commission Report in 1964, which attempted to explain the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather present interviews with people who knew or encountered his accused killer Lee Harvey Oswald, people who witnessed the assassination, people who witnessed the killing of police officer J.D. Tippit shortly afterward, Oswald's arrest and detention, and the shooting of Oswald by Jack Ruby two days later. Many of the witnesses are interviewed at the sites where the events occurred. News film and video clips from the weekend of the assassination are included. Interviewees include Governor John Connally, Marina Oswald, Mrs. Paine- friend of the Oswalds, R.S. Truly- Oswald's boss, Wesley Frazier- Oswald's fellow worker, Officer Baker who confronted Oswald in the school book depository, Howard Brennan who saw Oswald in the window, the bus driver and the taxi driver that picked up Oswald after the murder, Mrs. Roberts the boarding house maid where Oswald stayed, John Brewer- the shoe salesman who saw Oswald roaming the streets and identified him in the theater, Officer McDonald who made the arrest of Oswald in the theater, and many more. Hear actual Dallas police radio recordings and see Oswald's actual route retraced. Includes rare footage of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the Kennedy assassination71ocn864451782visu20130.19Fatal deception Mrs. Lee Harvey OswaldDrama"The story of the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of shooting President Kennedy. Via flashbacks, the story traces the woman's life from her days in Russia, the turmoil following the assassination, raising her family, and coming to grips with the fact that she too may have been a pawn in a grand conspiracy" --IMDb11ocn869371022book20100.47Olds, Gregory LeeA Dallas diary : 1960-64Diaries11ocn168436392book19820.47Padgett, Joseph TOf assassin's bullets, a bayonet, and Christmas dinner, January 1964Biography11ocn078742891visu19910.47Marina & LeeDramaA central figure (Marina) wanders alone through a desert of plastic flowers in search of her dead lover, Lee Harvy Oswald. Marina's journey functions as a frame around material enacted by four other performers and drawn from many other fictional worlds, stories and performance modes. In the piece, there are physics lectures, hysterial gun-women from late-night TV, opera singers, kung fu fights and show-trial confessions11ocn070756886visu20021.00Thomas Mallon, author, Mrs. Paine's garage and the murder of John F. KennedyBiographyMr. Mallon reads from and discusses his book, Mrs. Paine's garage and the murder of John F. Kennedy, which tells the true story of Ruth Hyde Paine, friend and neighbor of JFK's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and his family. The Oswalds even lived in Paine's suburban Dallas garage for a time in 1963. She became so close to the Oswalds that she was one of the Warren Commission's most important witnesses. Having extensively interviewed Mrs. Paine 40 years after the events, Mallon called his book a bystander's approach to the assassination of John F. Kennedy11ocn885194700visu20131.00Ruth Hyde Paine on knowing the OswaldsBiography"Ruth Hyde Paine talked about her friendship with Marina Oswald and her innocent involvement with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. She had befriended the Oswalds, who stayed in her home the night before the assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly hid his rifle in the Paine garage. Ms. Paine became one of the Warren Commissions [sic] primary witnesses and provided its most extensive testimony, but had rarely spoken of the events since then. As the 50th anniversary of the November 23, 1963, assassination approached, this event The JFK Assassination: My Window on the Oswalds, was held by the Sonoma Valley Historical Society at the Sonoma Valley Womens [sic] Club"--Program description11ocn889011224visu2014Paine, RuthRuth & Marina : featuring Ruth Hyde Paine & Michael PaineHistoryOn Nov. 22, 1963, the quiet lives of two women collided violently with history. In a simple tract house on a suburban street in Irving, Texas, Quaker housewife Ruth Hyde Paine thought she was befriending a woman in need. But when Marina Oswald moved in with Ruth so did a presidential assassin. For the first time in 50 years, Ruth visits her old house and talks about friendship with Marina, Lee Harvey Oswald's suspicious behavior, the Oswald's tumultuous marriage, the murder weapon that Oswald hid in her garage and her inability to prevent one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. [back cover]11ocn062272262book19830.47Turning point : the assassination of JFK11ocn861018765book20060.47John F. Kennedy assassination Dallas police filesArchivesSources"11,334 pages of Dallas Police Department files, related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby, archived on CD-ROM. Copies of material transferred from the Dallas Police Department to the Dallas Municipal Archives, from major items to minutia. The documents include homicide reports, affidavits, witness statements, newspaper clippings and correspondence. Among the many items of interest are: A Homicide Report, by C. N. Dhority. Official procedural form documenting the assassination as a homicide. Formal arrest warrant charging Lee Harvey Oswald with the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Report on the interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald, with handwritten notes and corrections. Report concerning witnesses to the shooting of Officer J.D. Tippit. FBI laboratory report concerning firearms, fingerprints, bullets and other evidence taken from the Dallas Police Department. Jailer's Release Form, forms documenting the transfer of Oswald for processing. Handwritten notes by Lee Harvey Oswald describing various activities. Affidavit In Any Fact handwritten, by Seymour Weitzman, concerning the initial search of the Texas School Book Depository, noting finding a rifle in the corner of the sixth floor. Statements from employees of the Texas School Book Depository. Statement handwritten by Buell Wesley Frazier, a statement concerning his relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald. Also mentions Oswald carrying a large object wrapped in a blanket, identified as curtain rods. Notes found in Jack Ruby's apartment. CSS Form (Crime Scene Section) concerning photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald with a rifle. Letters from the public claiming to have information regarding the assassination. Affidavit In Any Fact, by Marina Oswald, statement from the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald. Affidavit In Any Fact, by Lee E. Bowers, regarding unusual activity in the railroad yard prior to the assassination. Statements from friends of Marina Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald. Forensics reports for President John Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald. Telegrams from the public to Jack Ruby, congratulating him on the killing Lee Harvey Oswald. Dallas Police Department Criminal Intelligence reports. Report to Melvin Belli, concerning physical and psychological evaluation of Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby's rap sheet. Copies of photocopies of Dallas Police Department photographs. Polygraph examination reports. Combined summary of the murders of President Kennedy, Tippit, and Oswald. Personnel file for Dallas Police Officer on J. D. Tippit. Reports to Captain W. F. Dyson concerning Jim Garrison's investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy. A 1974 police report concerning money missing at a Seven-Eleven store, where Marina Oswald Porter was working. Jack Ruby's phone bill. School report cards for Lee Harvey Oswald." -- Feb 13 10:41:48 EST 2015batch15541